The Undertaker’s most shocking returns: WWE Playlist

The Undertaker’s most shocking returns: WWE Playlist

[MUSIC] Paul Bearer,
commanding the spirit of the Undertaker! And, my goodness.>>My gosh. [MUSIC]>>He’s moving now, Jerry The King Lawler.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now that’s, now that’s the Undertaker.>>I’ve said it before McMahann, but
I really didn’t believe it, but, there are two Undertakers. [MUSIC]>>The Undertaker has returned, the Undertaker is here, at Summer Slam [MUSIC]>>And,
look at the look on Ted DiBiase’s face. He cannot believe what he is seeing. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
>>His opponent.>>Paul Bearer frightened,
as well he should.>>[INAUDIBLE] The Undertaker.>>He is the phenom of
the World Wrestling Federation ladies and gentlemen, he is the one, he is the only, he is the Undertaker and look at that, he’s descending from above!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Unbelievable. [MUSIC]>>The Undertaker, [MUSIC] Sending chills up and down the spine of, certainly Paul Bearer, mankind,
if not this capacity crowd. Paul Bearer went into the cage just to get away from the undertaker, Paul Bearer locked
himself inside the cage. [MUSIC] My gosh. [MUSIC] Payne was wrong, JR, he’s not dead.>>My God, what an experience, sitting
here in the Garden at WrestleMania XX, and just experiencing the arrival,
the return of a dead man. And Kane is obviously beside himself,
this is not what Kane wanted to see.>>No, The dead man lives, he lives JR. [MUSIC] has got him here. He’s got it. He got it. Kurt Angle.>>His face hit that turnbuckle.>>Kurt Angle.>>Here is your winner and still World Heavyweight Champion,
Kurt Angle.>>Kurt Angle retains the World, what? My. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Wait a minute.
The hell! Paul, what the hell is this!>>I believe hell has opened.>>Wait a moment, what! It can’t be!>>It is. It is.>>The last time The Undertaker was here.>>Wait a minute, what is that hat
with a cell at Armageddon, and it’s the Undertaker. What the hell is going on here?>>The phenom is here.>>But why?>>I have no idea.>>[CROSSTALK] [MUSIC]>>Make no mistake about it.>>[MUSIC]>>Undertaker indeed wants the world heavyweight championship. [MUSIC] [LAUGH]
[SOUND] What the hell’s going on? [MUSIC]>>[NOISE]>>[MUSIC]. [SOUND]. [APPLAUSE]. [SOUND]. [MUSIC] The 400 Pound world’s stronger man is
looking into the eyes of the Undertaker, the man who four months ago, Mark Henry
preyed on when he was vulnerable. Not only destroying the man, John,
but costing the championship and we watch the soul of the Undertaker
leave the arena that night at the hands of that man Mark Henry.>>Mark Henry didn’t just prey on him. I don’t care if the Undertaker
was vulnerable. Mark Henry made a statement,
he said he was going to make an impact and no one could do a damn thing about it. We’re about to find out if somebody can.>>[NOISE] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>And this is Paul, from Death Valley. Weighing 299 pounds, The Undertaker.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Without a doubt, ladies and gentlemen,
The Undertaker is the yard stick to which every WWE superstar,
past or present is measured. [MUSIC]
>>CM Punk, clutching the Championship. [MUSIC] Ending dominantly. [MUSIC]>>Wow. What? [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Undertaker, The Undertaker.>>The dead man has risen again.>>(APPLAUSE)
>>’The demon of death valley, somehow, someway has returned to cut short the celebration of a new
World Heavyweight Champion.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Whoa.>>The Undertaker.>>The Dead Man is back.>>What the Hell.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So Johnny, at this time, it truly warms my heart. To let you know,
that I wish you well in all. [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[NOISE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Gauge is fixed on that WrestleMania sign. He may not be the WWE Champion anymore,
but he can be the man. Who takes the streak away from the Undertaker at WrestleMania. [SOUND]
>>What?>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] Well, to use an old expression. [MUSIC] Be careful what you wish for. [MUSIC] Legendary. Awe inspiring. [MUSIC] Could it be CM Punk who
in fact ends the greatest streak in sports entertainment history?>>You will give Brock Lesnar
history to conquer, or speak the name Brock Lesnar and Wrestlemania together no more. [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND]>>My God!>>Undertaker. Chokeslam to Lesnar.>>And now going for the F5 and
looking to put Seth Rollins away.>>I think we’re about
to see a new WWE world. World Heavyweight champion, this is it.>>My, Lesnar to win the championship,
cover. [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>My God.>>What?>>The dead man has risen. Undertaker’s here.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s bone chilling.>>My god. [NOISE] [APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE] [NOISE]>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>[NOISE] [SOUND] [NOISE]>>[SOUND] [MUSIC] The Dead Man has risen.>>You know, we’ve used words
tonight like shocking, surprising. Seeing moments that we never
thought we would see, so I for one will not underestimate which
Undertaker we are going to see. [SOUND] [MUSIC] One of the most destructive forces in the
history of sports entertainment, a legend. The Phenom, the Dead Man.>>Not one of the most, he is the most
destructive force in the history of WWE. And for years,
SmackDown was the Undertaker’s yard.>>I’ve got three words for DX. Rest in peace.>>Every superstar wants to
make their name on Elias. I get it, you’re a fan, but mark my words, the next one to interrupt
me is a dead man.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>My God.>>[SOUND] Could Elias see the future?>>This can’t be happening. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [NOISE]>>Not smart.>>Elias just should have kept walking.>>[NOISE]>>Choke slam straight to hell from the Phenom.>>[NOISE] No way
the Undertaker is done yet.>>He just went from the golden
shovel to digging the grave.>>Elias, said that anyone who
interrupts me is gonna have hell to pay. I don’t think that applies
to the devil himself. I am pretty sure Elias said he would be
a dead man and in fact, he was right.>>It is about to happen. Undertaker. Tombstone piledriver.>>One, two, three!>>Look at Drew holding Roman down. Shane goes for the top rope looking for
the coast to coast here! [SOUND]
>>Wait a minute.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wait just a minute.>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>Are you kidding me?! Undertaker is here, the Phenom is here! The Phenom with a choke slam to
Shane McMahon and a boot to McIntyre. The Undertaker, the Dead Man is risen.>>With deadly strikes, the dead man!>>The Phenom unloading on McIntyre. The Undertaker is here on Raw. What a moment! Now Terrence turns his
attention to Shane and the history of these two men as
he sends Shane over the top rope. It is deafening here. Shane and McIntyre,
They look like they’ve seen a ghost. Just encountered the reaper.>>[SOUND] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] Nobody, not even
Roman Reigns expected this. [MUSIC] Talk about an unlikely savior. [MUSIC]

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  1. Why didn't they show the part when he reunited with his brother Kane on the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw or when they were fighting the Wyatt family

  2. The Undertaker, the rock,stone cold Austin,the rock,Jeff Hardy,hulk hogan,Rey Mysterio, long hair triple H and the rated r super star Edge my favorite WWE superstars miss them so much ????

  3. Taker may not have had the loudest pops like stone cold the charisma of the rock or popularity like hogan but he had everything they did to a point and more has never grown stale never disappeared for years has been going the longest and is considered the yardstick to strive for. Someone needs to get him the fountain of youth and start another 30 year career all over again

  4. SEPTEMBER 10, 2019. Taker Returns to Smackdown, live from Madison Square Garden. Drew McIntyre is about to….REST….IN….PEACE…. TAKER vs DREW for SURVIVOR SERIES 2019. Book it!

  5. "All that glitters is not gold." ''not allowed demons'' ''the dead , arrival from hell '' I love the dead man And when he comes my way I'll do my best to make him …… ( because no pays taxes)

  6. See from 2015.. undertaker seem struggle to lift lesnar, he already at half of his power.. wwe please let the legend rest or just 1 last fight, just one.

  7. the crowd was dead silence for seconds for the Taker vs Cena fight and when the Gong went off they were cheering hard

  8. I wish we were able to use the Undertaker's past jackets in the WWE games. WWE 2K14 did us that favor, but they haven't been seen since 🙁

  9. Vince better b the ones who inducts him into the hof he's been the most loyal out of any other star in the history of wwe no1 comes even close to be loyal 1 vince as taker

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