The Ugandan Snowboarder Gunning for the Olympics

The Ugandan Snowboarder Gunning for the Olympics

I did not start out snowboarding to be an Olympian or to be a pro to be known as a black snowboarder that was snowboarding because outside of like everything else like I was happening around me it seemed very true it seemed that this was the place I should be I’m snowboarding to be able to walk down the street and have like a black kid from projects or like a kid from like after good I want a snowboard like you I want to come to not like you how did you do it can you teach me how do you 100% while I go to all Olympics well he grew up in the slums he never saw snow until he was 12 years old yet this young man from Uganda is training for the Winter Olympic Games believe it or not now of course it’s very common to see Africans in Summer Olympic Games but not on the ski slopes they’re in the Winter Games the reason of course these countries don’t have snow so he would be a first for the country of Uganda I was raised by my father and my grandparents grew up with seven siblings no I shared a room with four kids small for a camera yeah so this used to be like on this side so he used to be at the bottom right oh yeah what was it a long bus and then I used to be on the mirror there my oldest brother used to build the top damn it’s been a long time since a bigger very long time this is where I grew up I grew up in a poor famiiy I had no father I’ve never seen my father smile honor who’s some type of warrior I guess I decided to work hard so that I could gather all my children and stay with them I’m proud of that I’m proud of that my mom left me when I was two so maybe it was beaten to me but my competitive nature studied just not trying to disappoint I feel so great that this boy has joined a sport which really Africans they cannot join but I may welcome it because he can come and help the nation of Uganda going from Uganda here snowboarding how do how do the prospects look for 2018 I just have to basically take a few kinks out and welcome my tricks and just get the government to really agree and be proud of just sending somebody from Uganda but the hopes are we still have some time I ain’t hopes are looking pretty good does this journey just been like the winter in America is not a place that I thought existed in the world I felt out of place it’s told by my mother you go outside you get cold you could die from the cold you can get all this diseases you I started to snowboard that gave me you know six to eight hours out of the day out of the house cut me out of trouble let’s spent the time trying to focus how do I take this board down now you took away my brain having to think if I go back at home today my mom’s gonna beat me or she’s going young like I could not think about that because I was busy being cold and I had to make it down I looked at the last Olympic Coast I know what those jumps look like honestly I’ll be lying if I told you I’m not scared when I was growing up I had this old view of the world the way I viewed the world was I came in this world by myself I’m gonna live this world by myself so it’s me against the world there was a big key in like seeing an idea in a different light without feel supported without Phil’s confidence it really changes my confidence Oberlin I met when we were 13 years old he had just moved from Uganda to the state Roland didn’t really have any supervision at home he joined an after-school program that would take kids skiing and snowboarding that myself and my brothers were part of the better brolin became at snowboarding the more competitions he did translated into the more attention he received not only being a black snowboarder but being an African snowboarder and then Brolin and I decided to go to college together in Salt Lake City so we could continue our path of snowboarding this idea materialized to create a film documenting Brolin’s life with these simultaneous paths of studying medicine and attempting to to make history as snowboarding in the Olympics two years in the making a documentary filmed it’s called far from home it’s the story of rolling the wedge a it’s weird adding placeless you know I didn’t do anything to choose a life that was given I just lived in and I was happened to be that this documentary did you ever have any idea that this would be something that would be possible that this type of story could happen I did not think would be this big to come like such a good story to spy others this frenzy of premiering our first film and all the excitement around that actually took a lot of time away from Brolin on snow every time I step on a snowboard I’m like holy how far am i from an Olympics how far am i from this trick what tricks might happen and that is not good for me to think about all those things won’t try to snowboard I’m shooting for it but I can’t get around myself that like oh I’m going to Olympics but let me just go out there and fool around if I’m going to go to Olympics to where I am right now my skill level it is a hundred percent a job we got to a point where you know kind of that roller coaster stop now we’re like is broing really an Olympic level snowboarder no he’s not at all right now so that’s the reason you know we went up to mountain Hood Mount Hood is really the epicenter of summer snowboarding the most prominent faces in the ski and snowboard community flock to Mount Hood and then you got all the snowboard and ski camps up there which builds some of the best parks that are offered in the summer summer’s gonna be really the start of snowboarding year-round it’s electric solar piss Olympics yeah that’s a good question I mean what about all the different riders that I’ve coached you know kind of gives them that Olympic quality it’s a different thing I think for all of them but basically it’s an overabundance of something which is talent and drive yeah and and and guts to me because in my level snowboarding or free skiing it’s I mean you got to have balls of steel to do the stuff that’s going down now there is a really long way to go and it would be easy just to say this is too hard we just should have stopped now we’re wasting our time this thing that I’ve seen with Jack is is willing to not give up that is the beauty about Jack he’s like he’s kind and he’s really patient the way I see it as that is like I believe in the stream just as much as brillouin does you got to be realistic at a point and at this point triples and insane rail tech is what’s winning major competitions being able to achieve that even goes extremely hard for the next year and a half I mean just being a coach and going through experience like it takes a substantial amount of time and extent a substantial amount of risk even to be able to achieve such high levels of performance think that I really wanted to is Health Berlin lock in to that that tiny little tweak that nobody knows quite what it is but just a little change of something and then it’s like you got it I see it all the time a kid that can do threes fives and four sevens and then they something happens like the water and the sunshine comes out and they grow like a weed it can happen in two years I think if he illuminates our sport in a life changing type of way that we can grow from this sport and become better people that’s what’s really going to gain the financial support to bring maybe you know inner-city kids the opportunity to go out and shred and maybe those are the kids that don’t end up behind bars in the future or end up really thinking man I want to go to college at a place where I can shred because I’ve fallen in love with it that’s what I see as an opportunity with the it’s not me gonna it’s it’s Timberland really going Olympics I want to do for my country my nation I feel like the pressure gets less and less as I think about it oh this is not a selfish act this is not Braun trying to go Olympics I can become an Olympian but this is growing really bettering his family and bettering his people

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  1. THIS guy will NEVER make it, my 11 year old nephew boards better and can grind rails better than this "Olympic hopeful."

  2. he just does not look like he has that natural balance riders have. he looks awkward and uncomfortable on his board. best of luck dude, I'd more be shooting for a sponcer first then the Olympics.

  3. Is it me or the black people of the world only dominate running and strength related sports but not athletic sports

  4. Wear ice hockey pads training imo…
    would help your confidence 100x to help get your technique down!

  5. Man that guy on the news clip is uninformed as fuck! Apparently there's no snow in Africa…nobody knows what the white shit is that is covering the tops of the mountain ranges like the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda, Mount Kenya in Kenya and basically every other mountainous region of Africa! Nope, no snow in Africa just some unexplained white stuff that looks a lot like snow but definitely isn't snow…

  6. The school in the video is my elementary school. I met brolin last year, he is an amazing guy. Best of luck in the olympics

  7. What the fuck is this? The kid is not able to go to the Olympics are you people insane? He's a good snowboarder for a casual rider but he's not a top snowboarder in the world and he's nowhere near getting there.

    And before you people say I'm the one being a dick anybody who thinks snowboarding is so easy that some kid from Uganda can just pick it up and go to the Olympics is insulting to the art and sport of snowboarding. It's fucking hard and takes a very long time to master.

    This is like making a documentary on some 20 year old kid from Italy who still has to work on his jump shot and saying he's going to go to the NBA. It's ridiculous. This kid need is to focus on just having fun on the mountain. That's how you get good at boarding not prenteding to train for the Olympics and treating it "like a job" before you're even fully comfortable on your board.

  8. shot of triple cork 1440 is a white dude lmao. also, im a black snowboarder. the best he's got is what looks like a 7 lmfao… girls can do that. no offence to him, but this video was made 2 years ago…

    He also mentions being "cold" – which is the biggest reason you don't see more black men snowboarding.

  9. Ive played enougg vr chat to know when i hear the a real authentic ugandan accent . And this man is a full blowm faker.

  10. @SnoopDogg
    FRUM ? BLACK * ICE ,
    US Ski & Snowboard teams skip the Olympic village dining halls as they’ve travelled with dietitians & chefs #sportsnutrition #olympics

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