The U.S. Team’s New Goal Celebration • Hulu • Commercial

The U.S. Team’s New Goal Celebration • Hulu • Commercial

– [COACH]: Tobin, find her. – [COACH]: Nice one Mallory. – [MIA HAMM]: What’s this? – [COACH 2]: Oh, it’s their
new goal celebration. – [COACH]: They’re calling it the
“Hulu Has Live Sports.” – [COACH]: You got your standard issue couch, – [COACH]: Megan is the ottoman, and they
are supposed to be the TV. – [COACH]: Nice flat screen ladies. – [MIA HAMM]: And how much is Hulu
paying them for this? – [TEAM] Hulu has live sports! – [TOBIN HEATH]: Boom!

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  2. Enough with this team. I can't help praying for a fast spreading yeast infection to knock back some of their team spirit.

  3. I take a knee to protest against the women's soccer team this year. Nothing like having a hateful team captain.

  4. Um no thanks I'll pass. If I want to watch true elite soccer this summer I will be watching the men's competitions of Copa America and Gold Cup. Even the FIFA U-20 Men's World Cup has much higher quality than this women's world cup full of amateur and inferior athletes.

  5. Hulu A1 for trolling the world with this one. Let the "over" celebrations continue.

    If ya'll don't get the joke I feel sad for you.

  6. ..las aulas..pizarras..pupitres.. ese trayecto..escolar.. nutren tus conocimientos..afinan tus capacidades.. peroo hay cosas en la vida que solo PROBANDO se aprenden !

  7. This is not involving the video but I’m going though so things to night and wolf you rather call to say with your cousin or find somewhere else to live

  8. No thank you. I will not support advertizers on YouTube as long as they support YouTube's censorship of mainstream conservative values. Please do not appear on my computer again. You seem to think that it is a positive thing to support censorship. I am giving you a thumbs down.

  9. Would please stop abusing me? Did you put a virus on my computer? Was I not courteous enough after your abuse? Go away. Do you really think i would do business with you and youtube? What message are you trying to send me? Leave my computer alone.

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