The Truth About Wrestling – Seven Bucks March Q&A

The Truth About Wrestling – Seven Bucks March Q&A

All right, guys, once again, one
of my favorite things to do it. Is the world
famous/infamous Rock Q&A’s. Enjoy. [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you consider your
penis your oldest son? [LAUGHING] What the [BLEEP] kind
of question is that? You’re stupid. Hey, Rock. I’m 14. I love you and your wrestling
and your movies, especially “Moana.” Thank you very much. I appreciate that. My question– out of
everyone you’ve worked with, who is your favorite one you’ve
worked with in the wrestling industry– OK– and your favorite one who
you’ve worked with in acting. All right, so
you’re 14 years old. You love “Moana.” Thank you very much
for loving “Moana.” I appreciate that. I have worked with the greatest
of the greats in wrestling, and I love all these guys. There’s two guys
in pro wrestling in terms of wrestlers. One would have to be Triple H. [CROWD CHEERING] And the other one would have
to be Stone Cold Steve Austin. [CROWD CHEERING] Both guys I love, both
guys I respect, I admire. We’re great friends
still to this day. Always remember that
all those matches that you loved in the past,
the matches that I won– 1, 2, 3. [CROWD CHEERING] –it was very real. I legitimately beat
those individuals I beat everybody when I won. 1, 2, 3– it’s real. The matches that I lost– [INAUDIBLE] [CROWD CHEERING] –everything in
that match was fake. There’s no way that
I could ever lose, so that’s when you
know it’s fake as hell. It’s a bunch of bullshit. Of all the actors I’ve worked
with, Academy Award winners– Where’s the tooth? It’s a long and
delightful story. –comedy actors– (GROANING) Oh. Oh, god. That was so close, Jet. –action actors– [GLASS BREAKING] Goddamn IT guys. –I would have to say the one
I loved working with the most is– what’s the guy– oh,
the man in the mirror. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ow. Scorchin’. What if your oldest
daughter told you she was dating someone
at this very moment? If she came to me,
if Simone came to me and was like, listen,
Dad, I’m dating someone. I was like, oh cool, all
right, well, bring him in. And he comes in, and I’m
like, hello, what’s your name? And he’s hey, my name– [WHIP CRACKING] –ooh! Right there. What that is– that’s the
throat that I’m grabbing. That means I’m choking
the life out of this boy. Then it just goes
down, down, down, down. Simone’s not in
the room right now because she was escorted out. Yeah. Down, down, down. And that just stops down there. Guys what’s that thing
when– oh, gurgling. [GURGLING] That happens because you’re
fighting for your life. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Then there’s more– [GURGLING] Oh, you just stay down there. And that’s how I would react. Great. What is your favorite thing
about you and Superwoman, AKA Lilly Singh? My favorite thing
about me and Superwoman really is just the
vibe that we have and the connection that we have. She’s just such a cool chick. I love her. I adore that girl. She loves me. – I am a huge fan of the Rock
since I was a little girl. – No, I’m only kidding. The best part about
Lilly is she desires me. – I know everything about him. – I’m only kidding. The best part about Lilly
is that she does everything she possibly can do
to inspire her fans, and that is such
an awesome thing. That’s my girl. What up, dawg? That’s just DJ Lilly
jive that we do. All right guys, I hope you
enjoyed it as much as I did. Remember to leave
your questions below. To all the ones who were
asking, like really, really funny and kind of
inappropriate questions, what’s that term, guys? Oh, go [BLEEP] yourself. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Oh and rock love u so munch uh love all your vidos you are so funny god i love you and laughed so bad when u said that all the times you've loset that it was fake which is true causeTHE ROCK NEVER LOSES oh and i love you so munch and Samoaaaaaa and i especially love the movie moana and the toothfairy and yea ima go watch more wwe like Ronda rousey i love her especially when she was in ufc but rock what and how do you feel about that hair u had at your first match? Oh and pls respond youtubers never respond to me dont mind if u dont cause THE ROCK IS COOKING

  2. Bueno alomejor os importa poco pero me jode tiene que dejar de ver nuestros vídeos espero que poder hacerlo más alante

  3. Hey wats sup DJ Big Fan why don't u do some more Stuff with WWE wrestling and WWE Films Like just show up 1 time on the movie set of The Newest Marine movie And The Rock Kick The Shit Out Of The Awesome 1 the miz

  4. Feel like your classic "it doesn't matter what your name is" would have been the cherry on top as your choking out your daughters hypothetical boyfriend

  5. The rock talking about choking a boy to death with a big smile on his face is very unsettling lol…

  6. I have to Admit Triple H is definitely The Rock's most intense Rival! The year 2000 was completely their year!
    Stone Cold just wrestled 3 WrestleMania's as a top guy vs top guy Match!

  7. I'm so glad The Rock Acknowledged Triple H as his Rival! The Guys honestly had an extremely Underrated Rivalry!
    Stone Cold was Unsurprisingly Mentioned!

  8. Mr Johnson I have to say you are one of my many favorite actors/wrestler. My question is if you were to run for president and win, what would be somethings you'd do to improve the USA?

  9. Rock to her daughter's bf: what is ur name?
    Bf: my name…

    honestly I was expecting it??

  10. Thought for sure he was gonna say "it doesnt matter what your name is" but instead he just undertaker chokes them lol

  11. I love you Rock…
    You r only one superhero of me and my father…I hardly love your old tattoo… always my father told me….look the rock he same like her fathe,,,,try to be a man like rock…..but my father die 3year ago…and now I follow you only you…

  12. Rock to daughter’s date: You show up here and you don’t even have enough class to introduce yourself to the GREAT ONE? Or Who is this rudy poo?

  13. Wood? Dwayne Johnson be supportive of mental illness mental health programs over Medicaid That a crime people who have mental illness exploit erratic complicit? provisional programs they are wonder why celebrities lose there job remember they are complicit rehabs to alcoholics to the samething blame? therapies for not properly treating you big lawsuit ?

  14. Sweet guy:Hello sir I am your daughters date
    The rock: How dare you lil jabroni come in the rocks house and not even have the class to introduce yourself what is your name?
    Sweet guy:My nam——-

  15. Been a huge fan of you ever since early wrestling. Love all your Films your a great person and actor I hope you will see my comment 🙂

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