The Truth About What Happens At The Olympic Village

The Truth About What Happens At The Olympic Village

To the casual spectator, the Olympic Village
is a mysterious place, an international melting pot…with a reputation for hedonism. To paraphrase a familiar saying: “What happens
in the village, stays in the village”—for the most part. Here’s the truth about what happens at the
Olympic Village. Chaos Reigns Olympians live highly-regimented lives as
they prepare to compete on the international stage, separated from their families, subjected
to full-time training schedules, and are frequently underpaid. So it’s rare that competitors actually get
the chance to cut loose and just do what they want. An American target shooter named Josh Lakatos
was reportedly midway through the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney when he was told to lock up
the three-story compound that his team had leased. Instead, according to ESPN, Lakatos reportedly
launched what can only be described as an epic party-slash-sexual playground in some
stranger’s mansion. So let’s take a moment to salute an American
hero. Lakatos may not have medaled that year, but
we would argue that he still won gold in our hearts. Getting Busy You want to know the truth about the Olympic
Village? “Hey everybody! We’re all gonna get laid!” This is not exaggeration: just ask U.S. women’s
soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo, who told ESPN, “I’ve seen people having sex right out in
the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are
getting down and dirty. There’s a lot of sex going on.” Asked to estimate how many athletes would
be focusing on amorous activities in the Village after dark, U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte said, “I’d say it’s 70 percent to 75 percent of
Olympians. Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta
do.” The Human Zoo The Olympic Village is a zoo of human celebration,
with all kinds of physiques on display. There’s something and someone for every taste
and type. BMX biker Jill Kintner said she has a fondness
for the male gymnasts, saying, “They’re like lovable little Ewoks.” But it’s the swim team that seems to be the
real serious draw. Artistic gymnast Alicia Sacramone, whose team
shared some facilities with swimmers and water polo competitors at the Beijing Games in 2008,
says the top physiques in the village are no contest: “As far as best bodies, it’s swimmers and
water polo players, because that’s an insane workout.” Wrap It Up Since the Olympic Village is fairly secretive,
all we have to go on to confirm or deny the existence of an Olympic sextathalon is the
physical evidence being shipped in. Praise be to the thousands of condoms being
shipped in, keeping our athletes STD-free. No one wants to get in the pool with gonorrhea. According to Slate, 100,000 condoms were shipped
to Vancouver for the Winter Games in 2010, and 150,000 arrived in London for the Summer
Games of 2012. Approximately 450,000 were shipped to Rio. At this rate, Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics will
need an entire village just to store condoms. If All Else Fails… Find Eric, the guy with the kangaroo pouch
packed with condoms. While the IOC and the world’s health organizations
do an admirable job making condoms widely available, there’s nothing wrong with having
a backup plan. Eric works for Rio, and all of mankind. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know if you’d
want to stay at the Olympic Village…

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  1. I don't think Japans 2020 Olympics will as big of a sex fest as Rio or London as the athletes are mostly having sex with the locals that they meet in nightclubs etc. Both Rio and London are melting pots with hot women from all over the world. Japan, not so much. I witnessed what went on at London 2012 for myself. While not the most rock an roll thing i've ever experienced, there were quite a few shenanigans going on.

  2. The village sounds even more disgusting than I thought. I'm all for sex, but there, in that environment, in that country, with those people……….

  3. Not news .. this is a well known fact and not really unusual considering these athletes are fit, strong and healthy young humans.

  4. I could totally see that. A bunch of fit and toned athletes from all over the world, away from home and need to let off steam… why not?

  5. The Brazilian did embarrass the country with all the thief though. The government is also at blame with all the thief and condition of the hotel, ect…

  6. Millions upon millions of dollars spent just to hold the Olympics. Ban it and put the money into good use like building basic infrastructure such as clean drinking water in impoverished countries

  7. What if I frantically go down on a chick's pussy (some ass maybe involved) that's had some steroids, will I test positive?

  8. Hillary Clinton said that it takes a village to raise a child. An Olympic village begets lots of children, but the babies should not be not be raised in an Olympic village. Wrong village: too much irresponsibility. They should be raised in an African village, as Hillary recommended.

  9. It does make sense, it is a pagan festival to commemorate the Greek polytheism, the whole torch-carrying symbolism is deeply pagan. What else to complement a pagan event than hedonism?

  10. Don't believe anything Lochte says. Those statistics are probably WAYYY WRONG like his made up story at Rio lol

  11. My wife has competed in two Games, Sydney and Beijing, and her sole focus was on her competitions. She had her 'game face' on the whole time and it was crystal clear that she was not there on vacation, she was there to do the best she could. I know that in her case along with many other athletes, the hedonistic aspects described in this video did not apply.

  12. Do we as the general public really NEED know this type of information as being news worthy, or is this just sordid trashy gossip to randomly put out there foe sh#ts and giggles??? Kinda like ALL the Kartrashian media BS shoved in our faces constantly??
    Soooo very tacky. We are living in dark times.

  13. 1:17 Come on Hope. You damn near took pics of your birth canal and sent them to someone. You know good and well you were one of the Olympian Doorknobs.

  14. the Olympic staff are not immune as there is plenty of hooking up going on as well,if your in any type of relationship with a USOC staff or athlete its a dirty dirty world in this game….

  15. F*** YES I'd love to be there getting it on with some of the most fit Olympic Athletes in the world and you get your pick of nationality!!! What's not to like there!?!?!?!?!?

  16. that's stupid, if u believe that your stupid too. ppl are there focusing on competition, not focusing or thinking about sex

  17. Thousands of young men and women, iin the prime of life, in perfect health, in superb condition – fornication on a large scale is the natural consequence. I think of it as a reward for the years of effort and deprivation all athletes of this caliber must face to achieve this level of excellence.

  18. ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably there are lots of gays, lesbians and bisexuals rolling in the bushes too, Hustler can pick lots of ideas from there. lmfao

  19. these damn stupid mamals they werent supposed interbreed cross disziplined they were supposedf to further develop their diszipline breed line stupid idiots this is why the olympic village is useless for further increasing olympic records, how are u supposed to breed faster running people if runners have sex with weightlifters there??? there needs to be strict segregation enforced

  20. 1:29 cough cough bullshit cough cough
    Btw with the condom thing they'd have to be at it like rabbits to even use 2,000 of those

  21. I personally think this is far fetched… Think about it, people work hard to win gold medals and need to be in a very disciplined environment and probably desire that discipline themselves if they fancy themselves a change to win a medal.. So why would they distract themselves by trying to get it on? Also, most of these atheletes share rooms so considering this it would be difficalt to find a place to go esp at the beginning… And how inconsiderate would it be if you're trying to sleep before an event and your roommate sleeping next to you is engaged in passion? Really? I'm sure it happends… Lots of young fit people from all over the world…it happends in any environment…its nature…But I think the way it's portrayed is a load of BS, because they know the average member of public will never know.. So they can say what they want! I lived too long to believe this stuff! And been proven right time and time again.. It's similar to how people portray their lives to be amazing on fb and Instagram but the reality is far from it… If I was an athelete I'd actually abstain from this so I could sleep, train, focus and get my results.. and if I did meet somone foregien and exotic I've only got to wait a couple of weeks till after the games!

  22. In order the make it to the Olympics you must have incredible will power, high self esteem and self respect to be so disciplined. I like to think that the majority of the athletics have high moral standards. There will always be a rude crude jerk jock such as the Ryan Lochte types, but I want to believe that at least the women athletics are much smarter and have far more self respect for themselves.

  23. guess they do not love they life to be stupid and set up there and fuck a person raw dumb ass fools now i see what is gonna get the humans sent to hell this lust fucking animals

  24. I honestly used to think some of the ladies were sexed out during the their events. They looked so satisfied and hungry.

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