The Tokyo 2020 Journey Begins | All Around Episode 1

The Tokyo 2020 Journey Begins | All Around Episode 1

For every athlete, the main
goal is the Olympics. Even just taking part,
because it’s so important. This is for the European Games. We had to shorten the trousers
because they were too long! Congratulations
on the Olympics! Congratulations to you, too! I’ve been invited to carry
some torch ahead of the European Games. It seems
this is not a good gymnast! I think my form is average
at the moment and that I can do more. In a few days, the European
Games will start in Minsk. It’s very symbolic that today,
on Olympic Day, we’re here to give our athletes
a send-off. Russian gymnast, Olympic
and world silver medalist, I live in Beijing. I was fifteen when I joined
the national team. It’s been almost two years
since I last saw my family. Especially at the very
beginning, when I first joined the team, I missed them every night. -Feifei!
-Lele, give me a hug! Ah, my baby! Here’s your sister. Why are you shy to see
your sister? -You’ve got taller, baby.
-Yes. You seem to have lost weight. Long time no see, long time
no see! Come on,
hold your sister’s hand. When I say, “One, two, three,”
you say, “Come on!” -Okay, one, two, three.
-Come on! Good! In training,
I did a bad somersault and hurt my ankle. Good. Stretch your arms. Amazing! I feel really bad
when I see others improving quickly,
while I can’t do anything. The World Championships in
October are approaching. Then the Olympics start in
July next year. There is pressure,
it will be very difficult. A part of me even wanted
to give up, but it’s normal to think
this way. Can you put your own shoes on? No. Okay, let me teach you.
Sit down. We’re going to
my brother’s school, right? I feel excited. Hello! Have a hug. You’ve become strong, brother. You’ve got taller. I’m getting taller too, and Feifei’s growing a little
slower. -Welcome home, Lele!
-I’m back. Leaving home is a sacrifice that I had to make… because as an athlete,
my goal is to fight to be World Champion and
Olympic Champion. No more time, hurry up,
they’re waiting outside. -Do you have everything?
-Yes. I have it all. Have a hug. Come on. Give me a hug! She doesn’t want you to go. Come to gymnastics with me
then. -Bye bye.
-Fight! Focus on the Olympics! I prefer it when there’s a big
crowd, a lot of noise. Angelina Melnikova! It doesn’t disrupt me at all,
rather it cheers me up. All-around is more
important for me, because it’s
my main discipline. My body is ready to perform. Angelina Melnikova. On the bars you managed to
correct your mistake quickly? Oh! I don’t know how I
managed that. I just about grabbed it
with my right hand. It was the same on the beam.
It was a new element. I was nervous
before the last apparatus because I knew what score I
needed to get. I tried my best. I’m happy and a bit tired. Angelina Melnikova! I need to have a good rest. Then I think that everything
will be good for tomorrow. I feel proud.
Proud for my country, and grateful to my coaches
and everyone who supports me.

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  1. Las tres son niñas talentosas, un placer verlas competir. Pero la ganadora de all around será Simone, sin lugar a dudas. ?

  2. I simply can't wait to see more of this serie- it is so inspiring and powerful! I wish there was more than just 1 episode per month! It would be very cool if you did it for some other sports as well, like RG, swimming, track and field… And the girls, it's like we have 3 contiments represented; America, Asia and Europe! The only bad thing is that the episodes last only 15'!

  3. Im sorry but gymnastics isnt the hardest sport. No sport is the hardest because they are all different. Its like saying apples are better than bananas because thats what you think. Each sport entails different things and difficulties Saying that and including "end of conversation" is very wrong prejudice and disrespectful to others in other sports. Who work just as hard or even harder.

  4. Morgan Hurd is so ugly, an athlete with glasses, if she lost her glasses, it is difficult to walk because she can't see the road.

  5. Are there subtitles or translations somewhere that I'm missing? I would love to know what the Chinese and Russian gymnasts are saying.

  6. It was sad when Yile's baby sister looked at her as if she was a stranger at first. And at the end of the vid she doesn't want her older sister go then Yile says "k come to gymnastics with me then" and she runs away screaming… Lol i laughed but it was still kinda sad:'(
    Best of luck to all ladies but especially to Chen Yile who sacrificed so much for gymnastics<3

  7. I hope Melnikova can be consistent this time. She sometimes rushes her program, she commits more mistakes. Also hoping Aliya has upgraded bars and floor routine.

  8. I feel attempting to name any sport the hardest ever when you have sports like rugby and football where people literally go onto a field to physically demolish eachother is pretty touch and go. I have zero doubt that gymnastics is equally as hard as collision sports because the amount of brutality your body takes is so immense,….but so do many other sports.

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  10. if you are planning to go to Tokyo to see the games, be aware of radiology contamination issues there. the Japanese authorities say it is ok, but IT IS NOT OK, i watched a documentary that filmed some areas in Tokyo that the radiology level is several times higher than the level allowed. they try to hide it behind, but tell the world what's going on.

  11. I feel so bad for all these girls, Simone is going to clean up the Olympics. The fight for silver will be the gold for them.

  12. I'm so confused. Double-checked my recollection and there was no European Championship all-around in 2018 (team) and de Jesus dos Santos won 2019 all-around. So what competition are they showing Melnikova winning? This is not criticism of her, this is criticism of the narrative of this story-line.

  13. CHINA WILL NOT WIN, but I feel sorry for the athlete who can't see her parents for a long time. I hope China will be democratic country again. God kill the communist regime.

  14. I am so jealous of Whoever is honored to have this job. Imagine traveling the world documenting fantastic gymnastics all while experiencing all the great gymnastics at the same time. Sharing their stories to people who do not know much about them to not only gymnastics fans but the whole community. I would love to do this one day

  15. va a estar muy cerrado, para empezar la que va a ganar el oro en All Around, es Simone Biles pero plara y bronce estará muy peleado

  16. “Fefe” I cried so hard…

    Chinese, Russian, American, French it doesn’t matter emotions are universal.

    The stereotype about the Chinese program is surreal. Lots of glass shattering in my head. Never thought I’d be one of those.

  17. By todays standards… focused on acrobatics, Biles should have no problems winning, maybe all the medals, unless she suffers an injury. Good luck to the rest!

  18. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS ?You can do it. Just believe in yourself. So Proud to all the incredible talented athletes around the world. GOODLUCK.

  19. No disrespect to the amazing athletes featured in this video, but any “all around” conversation that does not include Simone Biles cannot be taken seriously. Fact is, none of these girls will get all around gold and at least 1 of them won’t even medal in the all around.

  20. What? China has snatched Liang Chow — Shawn Johnson's former coach —- from his Iowa training center? I know he's from China and was in the Chinese national team before he got injured too seriously to do Olympics…. but he's been an American for over 2 decades now…

    How interesting the Chinese women's Gymnastics team snatched him, while the Americans made Russian American Valeri Liukin, the Gold medalist Nastia Liukin's father, the head coach for the American women's Gymnastics……

  21. Dude in china it’s actually pretty common for those girls to leave their families to do gymnastics, but literally no one talks abt it like its a big deal. They understand that they gotta sacrifice to achieve their goals and whatever.

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