The Title IX activist campaign against men’s sports | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The Title IX activist campaign against men’s sports | FACTUAL FEMINIST

This week is the 42nd anniversary of the famous
equity law Title IX. Stay tuned for the story of what happens when bad things happen to
good laws. Coming up next on the Factual Feminist. Title IX was signed into law by President Richard Nixon on June 23, 1972. In 37 momentous words, it outlawed gender discrimination in all publicly
supported educational programs. Before its passage, many of the nation’s leading universities
didn’t accept women, and law schools and medical schools they often used quotas to limit female
enrollment. As for sports, female student athletes were rare—and received precious
little support from college athletic programs. The logic behind Title IX is the same as that
behind all great civil rights legislation: in our democracy, the government may not play
favorites among races or religions or between the sexes. We are all equal before the law–including
in public colleges and universities. Today there are many formidable female athletes,
and the progress of women’s sports should be celebrated. But something went wrong in
the law’s implementation. Because of pressure from women’s groups like the National Women’s
Law Center and the Women’s Sports Foundation, Title IX evolved into a rigid quota regime
that dictates equal participation in sports by both sexes—regardless of interest. Now
women’s groups will deny that Title IX now requires quotas. But it does. Schools are
cutting back on male teams and creating new women’s teams, not because of demand, but
because they are afraid of a federal investigations. The goal in college athletics is called
“proportional representation.” What that means is that if a school has 60 percent female,
then it should have 60 percent female athletes. Look what happened at Howard University in
Washington, DC. Howard’s student body is 67 percent female, but women are only 44 percent of its athletes. In 2007, the Women’s Sports Foundation, a powerful Title IX advocacy
group, gave Howard the grade “F” because of this 23 percent “proportionality gap.” Howard
has already at that time had cut men’s wrestling and baseball and added women’s bowling, but
that just didn’t narrow the gap. Unless it cuts almost half of its current male athletes,
it’s gonna remain under a Title IX cloud and legally vulnerable. Howard’s wrestling coach
Wade Hughes summed up the problem this way: “The impact of Title IX’s proportionality
standard has been disastrous because . . . far more males than females are seeking to take
part in athletics.” No, say the Title IX activists: women are every bit as committed to sports
as men. And they have persuaded courts that if there are fewer women than men on college
varsity teams—the only explanation is discrimination. The factual feminist is concerned because
the evidence that women, taken as a group, are less interested in competitive sports
than men is overwhelming. To give just one example, in 2012, a group of psychologists
carefully analyzed men and women’s propensity for competitive sports by studying for example,
who plays intramural sports? These are recreational games that college students can play just
for the love of the game. Their finding: only one in four (26 %) of intramural participants
are women. They also studied recreational activity in
41 public parks in 4 different states. Lots of women were exercising, but among those
playing competitive team sports, only 10 percent were women. I am aware of no serious research
that finds similar levels of interest between men and women in competitive sports. Let’s
be honest, there is a fallacy in the “proportionality” requirement. Title IX was meant to be an equal
opportunity law, not a rigid quota system. It was meant to open doors for aspiring female
athletes. But because of relentless pressure from activists groups, it ended up slamming
doors to keep men out. Athletic directors have to move heaven and earth to get enough
women on their teams. Meanwhile, Title IX quotas have all but decimated men’s wrestling,
swimming, diving, and gymnastic teams. Now, these sports and others are going extinct
across the college campus, for men. As one wrestling official put it, “Our sport survived
the fall of Rome, only to be conquered by Title IX.” I’m going to end by asking a direct
question to the Women’s Sports Foundation. Your group gave Howard University an F because
its sports profile does not match its enrollments. There are 33% men, 67% women at Howard, yet
women are only 44 percent women of its teams. Nationally, women earn 58 percent of BA degrees.
Why doesn’t the diminishing number of men on the college create a Title IX concern?
The Factual Feminist gives the Women’s Sports Foundation an F for basic fairness and common
sense. Let me know what you think about the current state of Title IX. I am especially
interested in suggestions on how to restore it to its original democratic goals. If you
found this video worthwhile, please subscribe to the series, and follow me on Twitter. And
remember, check your facts not your privilege.

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  1. This week in 1972, Title IX was signed into law by President Nixon. What happens when bad things happen to good laws? The Factual Feminist explains in this week's new episode. 

  2. We couldn't have a Men's Volleyball team at my highschool because of some nebulous notion of keeping the number of sports the same between the sexes. Football for the boys was balanced out by volleyball for the girls. It was pretty lame. We got together with the other schools in the county and made our own unofficial league.

  3. I see two possible solutions.  The one that would be easiest to implement would be to remove ALL extra curricular activities from school.  There is no need to worry at all about proportionality or gender quotas or even safety regulation for University sports if there are not any University sports at all.  The hard line conservative position of school is for book learning and ONLY book learning would solve the issue.

    The second possible solution would be to expand the enforcement of Title IX to require proportionality between general enrollment in the school and the demographics of the nation.

    Equality and sameness have become one thing.  I see no way to fix this.  Proportionallity is a concept that's here to stay.  We can say F**K it and just throw out anything that proportionallity get applied to or we can try to make proportionallity work in favor of gender equality.

  4. This is obscene. Once women were minority feminists pretended equality. Once women become majority they pretend "proportionality". Let's do this way; let's not divvide men and women in sports and let them apply to mixed sexes selections and let's see how many women get enrolled in the teams.
    It is all about equality after all.

  5. This may be a lot to ask but couldn't The Factual Feminist have her own channel? I don't know about anyone else but I'm be more committed to subscribing to a specific channel for her videos rather than the American Enterprise Institute as a whole.

  6. Christina, they've burned your book "The war against boys", did you see it?!
    These new nazi are afraid of fair ideas and real equality… so they had to burn your book… truth is scary for these delusional useless ppl.

  7. Equality of opportunity. Not equality of outcome. 

    I was going to absurdum it with "The kid next to me gets higher grades; I must be getting discriminated against!"

    …and then I remembered Poe's Law….>.<

  8. I went to the University of Florida, a school with a rich men's and women's sports history. However when I was there I was personally curious about possibly becoming a part of their soccer program. I found out that there is only a women's soccer team there. When I asked why they told me Title IX made it impossible for them to have a men's soccer team.

  9. Title IX law is sound, including the OCR's 3-prong interpretation, with one key problem:  the relevant applicant pool is not the undergraduate enrollment–it is the NCAA clearinghouse of potential student athletes (PSAs), which are high school graduating seniors and some community college students.  Although some teams accept walk-ons from the current student body, teams recruit PSAs.  The clearinghouse keeps a separate category for football, and ratio in the non-football clearinghouse is majority male.  This means the residual demand for male sports participation (taking out football) is greater than the total demand for all female sports. 

  10. Laws should be implemented in the spirit of the law rather than literally. That's how the law becomes 'an ass.'

  11. I have been discussing this very issue with people for years but very few want to hear about it.  At the university level, football takes up 85 of the TOTAL scholarships for all men's sports.  Since women don't play football, those numbers are subtracted from other men's sports to make them equal overall.  I'm all for giving women the opportunity to play sports, but the fact remains that revenues from football usually FUND ENTIRE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENTS!  The only other sport that generates revenue on a consistent basis is MEN'S basketball.  ALL women's sports lose money!

    It is not a LAW that allows universities to offer women's sports, it is the MONEY generated by the enormous popularity of football and men's basketball!

    Despite this obvious fact, other men's sports suffer in the name of creating equality.  If a young man does NOT play football, he has about a 40% less chance of attending college on an athletic scholarship than a woman.  

    There are just two NCAA sports that offer scholarships ONLY for men: football and wrestling, and this video explains well how the latter is being decimated.  On the other hand, there are SIX NCAA sports offered exclusively to women: Bowling, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Rowing, Rugby, Sand Volleyball.  Men do not have access to these sports under NCAA guidelines despite the fact that they're all quite popular with men.  (NCAA Rugby for women but not for men? WTF?!)

    (I did not include baseball since it is balanced by its women's equivalent, softball.  Nor did I include Rifle which is actually a co-ed sport and scholarships can be distributed to both men and women on the same team.)

    In "non-revenue" sports that are offered to both men and women, men's teams invariably have fewer scholarships available.  Here are just a few examples:

    Basketball: Women-15, Men-13 (Again, revenue is ignored.)
    Track & Field/Cross-Country: Women-18, Men-12.6
    Gymnastics: Women-12, Men-6.3
    Soccer: Women-14, Men-9.9
    Swimming & Diving: Women-14, Men 9.9
    Tennis: Women-8, Men-4.5
    Volleyball: Women-12, Men-4.5
    Water Polo: Women-8, Men-4.5

    Several men's sports aren't even given enough scholarships to furnish a single starting lineup on the field of play!  This is pure insanity, IMO.  

    It's important to note that these scholarship limits are set by the NCAA, not Title IX, but I have no doubt that the NCAA has done this precisely so they don't get sued by these women's groups that are not the least bit concerned with actual fairness.   

    Again, I have no problem with the scholarship numbers for women's sports and I think it's great that they're being given these opportunities.  But why should other men's sports be effectively punished because of this?  Why shouldn't men have the same scholarship opportunities in a given sport that the women do?  Oh yeah, because men get all those scholarships for football.

    Since, in most cases, revenues from football is the ONLY thing that makes women's sports fiscally possible, football's scholarship numbers should be exempt from this equation.  When women's sports start bringing in millions in TV revenue every year, we can renegotiate then.  Until then, this is nothing but a purely discriminatory practice – AGAINST MEN!  I didn't think that was what Title IX was supposed to be about.  

  12. Did you know that the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept is required to have a certain percentage of women in all units and promotions. What this has meant is physical requirements were dropped in certain specialized units to accommodate women. Women have been promoted who have never arrested anyone or driven a radio car by themselves. Women have promoted to supervisory positions without knowing procedures of arrest or what constitutes legal arrests. I worked as a filing detective and could file one case that had been approved by a female Sgt. This Sgt actually interview for a position as a Graphic Artist where my wife worked. A few years later, she was a Sgt on the Dept.

  13. Good law?!?!?!? You must be joking.

    Just tear it up and throw it in the trash. "Law" is just an opinion with a gun.

    It's far past the time for humans to cease "solving" problems with an ancient technology and progress towards actual, civilized, discourse.

  14. This is not what I expected it to be, and I am very, very, glad to have been wrong about this. Thanks for being an actual equalist and not a radical mouth piece.

  15. Under Title IX, Howard University should be forced to get rid of females in the student body until proportionality is restored.

  16. For fucks sake do you know how many underprivileged inner city kids see sports as one of the most readily attainable (still not easily) ways out of the hood and now thats being removed. And feminist's wonder why more people of color wont join their first world pity party.

  17. Male sports in decline, yet male obesity on the increase? Could this be related?

    For fairness, have all people play sports. Then there is no breach of title 9. If nothing else, it will help people stay fit. Or broken.

  18. i'm so tired of feminist acting like all women want exactly what all men do or have and there are no biological differences between men and women. fact is  women don't like competitive activities , they prefer co-operative activities.

  19. Howard Cosell summed up my feelings about organized sports in his book, "I Never Played the Game."
    " I am writing this book because I am convinced that sports are out of whack in the American society; that the emphasis placed upon sports distorts the real values of life and often produces mass behavior patterns that are downright frightening; and that the frequently touted uplifting benefits of sports have become a murky blur in the morass of hypocrisy and contradiction that I call the Sports Syndrome.”

  20. Is Title lX applicable for school sponsored productions such as the Vagina Monologues? To my knowledge they take place in university facilities yet they brazenly exclude men and children in their so-called" anti-violence" propaganda.

  21. I don't like to hear of more common sense beingviolated. To me the solution for many of these problems is simple and obvious; in any case involving equality of opportunity, action should be taken based solely on evidence of discrimination. This women's sports advocate group should investigate, interview staff and actul women about their experiences and prove exactly how discrimination is happening. And there must be a separate organization for appeals. They simply must have somewhere to state their case, if they have been cutting support from men to make efforts at recruiting women they should be able to say so, and get their rating changed.

  22. Thank you! This is what I was trying to say whenever someone brings up unequal proportions for men and women in areas such as sports. Just because there are more men in an area does not mean women are being discriminated against, it usually means women are disinterested in that activity. People argue that men and women are equal but they forget that they are also different and think different. There is no arguing against the scientific fact that men and women are different. 

  23. Discussions about Title IX sometimes makes my head want to explode. I support and promote women's wrestling and there doesn't seem to be great consensus on what to do to Title IX. I don't like people knocking something without having some thought of an alternate. Many agree it's broken but getting it fixed seems to be problematic. At least in the circles I talk with.

  24. It's a shame to cut the hopes, dreams and aspirations of kids who work hard, make good grades, to someday walk on the mat to represent their favorite college team. 🙁

  25. I ran track. I wasn't good enough for a scholarship Title IX or not, but I knew a lot of males who were.  They usually either compromised on where they went to school or they didn't run track in college.

  26. It would be possible to increase the female participation in sports to align with the percentage of females on campus by including more non-competitive sports activities that are more appealing to women; sport does not necessarily mean competition. However, I think even your title "Men's Sports" is giving off a skewed view of sports being the male preserve.

    I think it is only fair that the percentage of women or men should be fairly represented throughout the campus extra-curricular activities. I once worked at an organization that had a sports and social club but the majority of the events, sports and activities were male-centric even though the majority of workers were female, who spent most of their non-work time looking after home and family rather than engaging in cricket, football, billiards and drinking in the bar. This meant that the subs from female workers were going towards male activities at the women's expense.

    On top of that, there is likely to be a lag where women, who were generally not catered for in the past, will feel more involved and included by seeing other women getting to the top of their game in sports – over the next decade we ought to see more women actively taking up sports where they might have not been encouraged to do so before.

    Finally, the women's sports foundation is not in control of how many women are enrolled onto a campus, they can lobby on behalf of existing women on campus and even raise concerns if there are too few women on campus, so you giving them an "F", for something outside their remit of encouraging women into sports, is non-nonsensical.

  27. College Universities are not Government Institutions and should be able to deny/enroll whoever they choose. Feminism helps no one in modern western civilization.

  28. How would you respond to the argument that the facilitation given by quotas will eventually increase the likelihood of women participating in sports because they are presumably discouraged today given the male predominance. Thanks.

  29. It would seem that the basic idea is that… There are groups with a political agenda trying to force their own personal baggage onto a demographic that isn't even interested in the aspect of sports… I could understand if the baseline in a perfect world is to have equal access to all collegiate persuits open to everyone… However, consider that all institutions run on money, and have the means to offer/ sustain only as many programs as they can pay for. With this in mind in what way does it make sense for the male / female ratio to be different right off the bat? Is it possible that "professional" level sports careers have an impact on this?
    Another curiosity is how are the so called "extremist" feminists able to level lawsuits against college institutions and afford the legal costs to persue their "agenda" would them lacking financial backing reduce their ability to effect legal outcomes? Are some of these groups used to potentially used to generate money for a personal gain to someone? If so… Would that explain why they have to beat a dead horse to continue generating that level of income? Basically can anyone truly trust one who claims their intentions are of a noble persuit? Idk know the answers or pretend to but if a business opens up and makes money that supports a lifestyle would they not do whatever it takes to stay relevant in order to not go away? So the cycle goes on…

  30. I absolutely hate short lists, instead of identifying and tackling systems to boost interest in under represented fields, all they do is use this dirty tactic to exclude legally. In the UK in the 90's, Labour did this with their party members which lead to a man suing them and won for discrimination. When they came into power they passed a law protecting them from type of sexism. This law is still in force today. It pisses me off even more that it makes our voting system corrupt, like we don't even have a democracy because the candidates are chosen for us.

  31. It's funny Howard University where Thomas Sowell scholar, all around cool guy and affirmative action opponent got hit so hard by government violence through affirmative action. I understand that some Americans border on Anarcho capitalism when talking about limiting government intervention, but things like this pushed by radical lobbyists harm the nation as a whole. I'm glad Ms.Sommers carries the fight for truth and equality, as I myself would quite quickly be labeled a white misogynist fascist  (and I assume quite a few others) for opposing these kind of society dismantling initiatives.

  32. One college I applied to has a women's fencing team, but not a men's fencing team, because of Title IX, and that really bummed me out, because I (as a male) wanted to fence on a team. 

  33. I would love to see females play on male teams. Anyone see that female football player, playing defense. She is a completely terrible joke.

  34. Sexual dimorphism exist in every other primate species, to deny that it also exist in humans is ridiculous. We recognize the physical aspect of sexual dimorphism this is why we have all men and all women sports teams. Why do we not recognize the behavioral aspects of sexual dimorphism?

  35. In my school there are three more sports for girls than boys, and all but two sports aren't co-ed because there is a girls' team, after watching this i'm starting to think Title 9 needs to be checked

  36. im an mrm but sports is the worst thing about america and the men who play commit most rapes and athletes are protected from prosecution 

  37. "if there aren't enough women […] then the only explanation is discrimination"

    I've been trying to tell people this about the wage gap myth since I first was exposed to it's cancer. It's the common theme of feminism in the 21st century… Though technically they're right, drama over disparity is indicative of discrimination — and modern feminists are the ones doing it.

  38. I'm confused about why proportional representation is considered a good measure of equal access to sports funding. Can anyone explain how this obviously flawed metric became the standard? There must be other (less ridiculous) metrics. Does anyone know what they are?

  39. I AM SOOO HAPPY someone with such class is bashing the idiocy that is "Check your privilege." It has never been anything more or less than, "If you disagree with my fact-less garbage, you are ignorant and wrong."

  40. People saying that they should have both men and women play in the same team don't understand that some sports favour more to male physicality so it would be unfair.
    Like soccer. Alex Morgan is not going to go up against Ronaldo or Messi in a million years. Ronaldo would cut through a whole all stars women's team physically and skillfully like a hot knife through butter. Male athletes will outrun, outmaneuver, overpower, and outthink female athletes in most sports. There could be women out there who have great genetics to compete against male athletes but such cases are unheard of and rare.
    Basically, we want to see the best female and male athletes. And it's not fair to put them against each other

  41. As an Aussie, seeing this happening in the US is utter insanity.  Check your facts, not you privilege – very important.

  42. I think a bigger issue is that most schools fund their scholastic side from the sports. They shouldn't get any money from the sports. College sports games tickets should not cost money. A strong sports department has no place in a college which is a place of learning not a place of bashing one's brains out. The sports should be no more than a club these schools shouldn't be giving people scholarships to people who can throw a dead pig the best. They should instead take that money and give scholarships to the more B average students so there are other way to get into college besides having a 3.5+ GPA, rich family, or being in student debt for the rest of your life. 

  43. I think it's a matter of finding a way to create a fair system and sell it. If offering Yoga and Pilates leaves room for wrestling and diving, then why should the athletic activity have to be competitive?

  44. Proportionate representation sounds like a rule an 11 year old would invent. No attempt to even understand reality or consequences.

  45. The only way to end the misuse of Title IX against men's sports is to sue universities to force them to enroll more men.

    There is ample evidence that universities give undue weight to grade point averages. Grades are issued by female teachers who generally don't like male students and have been shown, over and over again, to discriminate against them.

    Sue the bastards.

  46. My highschool didn't have a girl's soccer team. A handfull of girls collected signatures from enough other girls to form a 7-a-side team, and the school allowed the official formation of a club and team with a full allocated budget to be used as needed. There was no team due to lack of interest, interested girls asked for a team, and they got one, not because legal reasons, but because it is what schools should do: enable students to grow and discover.

  47. I was not aware of the affect of Title IX on sports, but I did feel the stress of equal proportionality requirements when I was applying to college at the United States Coast Guard Academy though.

    Because of this law, the USCGA needed to meet strict quotas for men and women of all ethnicities. It wasn't about being the most qualified applicant, it was about being the most qualified applicant of white men.

    Since only roughly 71% of students could be white, and since only 70% of the students are male; I wasn't trying to get one out of 240 spaces, I was trying to get one out of less than 119 spaces. (These statistics come directly from the USCGA student admission statistics.)

    I understand why this law was put in place, but I believe that it is time for this law to be revised for modern society.

  48. I remember a programmer from… Denmark, maybe… talking about forced quota laws in the workplace. I don't remember the specifics but that's not the important part, so just take this as a hypothetical example.

    Women who could barely program were hired over men who excelled at it because so few women applied for the job that they had to hire almost all of them regardless of merit. The end result was that female programmers wound up with a negative stigma attached to them regardless of merit.

  49. What caused all this… pandering for state funding.  The only reason Title IX has any teeth is because these colleges and universities have academics that love state funding.  Its easy money when the state can tax the workforce and then use it to buy votes form organizations like teacher's unions and NOW feminist lobby groups.   Lets face it, professors and academics cannot compete in the open market, they need state force…I mean 'funding' to keep the cost of colleges high and keep the power flowing threw unions and special interest groups like feminism.

    CHS, you are under the impression that Feminism is an ideology of equality (based on a sexist Patriarchy Theory myth).  Sorry, but feminism is nothing more than a special interest political lobby group that panders to useful idiots.   What else would feminists do with state power… it's not like they block funding for male domestic abuse shelters… OH WAIT… they do.  How about preventing male genital mutilation, nope… don't care because its not a women's issue.

    Feminism is not about equality.  We don't buy it… and asking the state to stop using its funding leverage to keep growing byt buying votes from 'professors' is never, ever, going to happen.   None of this stuff is about equality, its about buying power and staying in power.   Stop being a useful idiot.

  50. Femenism ruins gaming and sports for men, what will be the next :/ Men aren't allowed to enjoy anything anymore. The world need more women like you Factual Femininst, just a shame that it seems to go the other way instead.

  51. The problem feminists fought before is long solved nowadays, on the majority of 1st world countries. They can vote, have the same rights, access to studies, so on so forth.
    Most women at school, at least the one I was, couldn't care less about sports like football, rugby, etc. Some of us liked volleyball and mostly gymnastics. It wasn't discrimination, they just didn't like to play those sports. So, just because there were no female football teams, it wasn't because of oppression, it was because you could count with your fingers, how many girls wanted to play football.
    That said, feminists nowadays fight for having more rights than men, no longer for equality. Maybe they should think about moving their ideals to the middle east.

  52. Feminists have the same idea of what equality is as communists. A society where everybody has the same, not where everybody has the same chances. This is the most common logical fallacy amongst feminists. Mistaking equal opportunity with equal outcome.

  53. I really respect Mrs. Sommers because she always knows what she's talking about. She's spot on about everything and she explains all of her points using actual facts, statistics, laws etc. and not just emotions and ideologies.

    If only she were the face of feminism instead of big red and Sarkeesian.

  54. simplify the teams that are funded is based on how many students are interested in participating in that team, the programs with the most interest are the ones that you have regardless of there gender.

  55. I cannot believe people actually say that women are just as interested in sports as men are in college. Utter bullcrap… I've been personally affected by Title IX. I ran cross country and track in college. We were at risk of getting the indoor track men's team cut because of Title IX. During my time at college, the men's lacrosse team DID get cut because of Title IX. Jeeze people, men play more sports than women. Isn't that obvious? I'd like to see the study of online sports tracking sites and the ratio of men vs. women. 

    EDIT: Love these videos however. Coming from a man, these videos would be ignored. It's nice to see a feminist (equalist) who isn't a "feminist" in today's connotation of the word. 

  56. So sponsor the non-competitive sports and reclassify all other activities as sports- problem solved. The sports label is lump of garbage anyway- people disagree about all sorts of activities as sports. 

  57. Maybe all student athletes should be accepted as part of a work study program, but only teams capable of getting basic competitive approval or something should require the whole school team machinery.  Maybe get a discount on health insurance for the program, and win a judicial act to force reform of the act from there.

  58. i am fucking loving this woman, she actually checks her facts and she understands that we do live in the 21th cenutry and neither sex is better than the other

  59. sheesh, go to BYU womens basketball games and you can point your mom out in the stands cause there is hardly 200 spectators plus they're free to watch, but at BYU mens basketball games it costs a shit load of money and games are crowded as hell like Disneyland on new years.  

  60. My university, has gotten rid of man sports such as Wrestling and swimming and diving. The official reason quoted by the university is Title 9, And has than added two more women teams. Currently their are 7 Men and 11 women team. It's funny how title 9 only seems to work one way. As of right now Men are being discriminated against. If you look at the participants of IM sport competition it is mostly male, if you look at student attendance at school sporting events it's mostly males. Males are the most interested in sports, but in short only have half the sport teams that women teams have. How is that fair?

  61. I guess the "factual" in the title is that you take one fact and run with it. You pull one fact out and say that women should be discriminated against because of it? Women show less overall interest in sports? So what? What percentage of students are varsity athletes? What are the specific proportions at that ONE university that you claim proves the whole system is bad? You expect people to just run with one out-of-context stat and believe all the other massive jumps in logic here?

    Fucking amazing.

  62. Honestly if the new wave feminists want to cut down male sports in a school where men are the minority then they decrease the gap and cut women from the school so that are an equal amount of men to balance it out. and this is if they choose to support equality in education….

  63. Why don't they banned sports for all genders??
    If man are more likely to play competitive, or recreational sports.
    If man are enjoying it more than we do, we should punish them.

    That's the equality you are fighting for, really?
    If there argument is true,
    What about if woman are the majority in a school should we school also kick some of them out?
    So we can have 50% man and woman going to school. Even if only 40% of man live in the area near the school.

    History repeat itself a lot.
    The same way you guys had triumphed over patriarchy , the same way man will be fighting for their right.
    No one will, or should give up their right because of their gender, race, or culture.

    The way I think feminist ( not men hater, professional victim) should use the TITLE XI is by actually using the data, but instinct to. Know when that rule is violated.

    By the way it's the only feminist Chanel that get through me. Keep up the good work.

  64. I think the leftists are right (which is why I am a leftist).  In a competitive society one group or another must dominate, there can be no equity feminism.  Equity is anathema to a capitalist society.  
    In a cooperative, society people who are different, who act in different roles, can be equal.  In a competitive society, to act in different roles is to be unequal. 
    I might subscribe to a Factual Feminist channel if, in order to do that, I didn't have to also subscribe to A.E.I. in general, which I consider odious.  A.E.I.'s purpose is freedom and liberty – for the owners of businesses, at the expense of that (freedom and liberty) of those who work for someone else.  Thus, A.E.I.'s purpose is not freedom and liberty but their counterfeit, class privilege.
    We all know from reading Marx and Engels (and virtually every other social scientist who's studied the matter) that all humans come from egalitarian, cooperative societies and cultures and that inequality began with the domestication of plants and animals – soon after which, some clever individuals applied the principle of domestication not only to plants and animals but also to other people..  Thus, different forms of slavery and patriarchy – the subjugation and enslavement of women – and virtually all other forms of social inequality, began.I can't join with a group as the A.E.I. that considers all working people – those who work for someone else as opposed to employers and owners of business – as existing for the purpose of their use and consumption.

  65. People should really get that equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of outcome. The way I'd interpret Title IX is that if an University accomodates X students of gender A, they must be ready to accomodate X students of gender B as well, should enough turn up.
    Ofc, this doesn't only go for sports but for other activities as well.
    Real equality cannot be achieved by putting your thumb on the scales.

  66. I think you should start a petition.  You, specifically, because you have a significant following that will go where you tell them.  Or I guess someone else could start one and you could promote it.  (Remember, >, regardless of popularity.)

  67. Greetings from Sweden! When I watch these videos my faith in humanity is slightly restored. Many of the issues you describe in the states are very similar to what we´re experiencing in Sweden, especially regarding the new wave of feminists who seem to do more harm than good. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you.

  68. I'm a government employee and have to do title IX training twice a year, every year. It goes far beyond sports and athletics. Far far beyond.

  69. I think that the lack of white football players in the running back position in both the NCAA and professional sports is clear evidence of discrimination against white athletes. There should be a quota of white football players in the running back position in football.

  70. In my opinion, just give students the right of self intiative. So thay can found sport groups on universities and collage campuses.

  71. Using their logic they should have kicked 10% of the female college students out of college. They were over represented in the students attending Howard

  72. Thank you so much for this video!!! As a fan of gymnastics, this is a reality I am very aware of. (And according to Greg Marsden, the Utah coach who put NCAA women's gymnastics on the map, Title IX hasn't helped women's college gymnastics much, either.)
    There are over 4x the number of women's college programs compared to men's. And people wonder why our men lag so much behind our women internationally.

  73. Soo true- As a lifelong wrester, Ive seen my HS program cut, and my college program cut as well… I think its part of the feminist agenda to emasculate men and constantly prop up female oligarchy,…

  74. Trying to force people to do things they're not interested in is at best marginally better than keeping people from doing things that they want to do

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