The Surge 2 – Dev Gameplay Walkthrough | PS4

The Surge 2 – Dev Gameplay Walkthrough | PS4

Welcome to our demo
of The Surge 2. My name is Adam Hetenyi,
head of game design at Deck 13, and we are quite excited to show
you what we’ve been working on. So we start here
in Jericho City. This is the
setting of The Surge 2. It’s a city under quarantine. Rather dangerous. Oh, yeah. Okay. So the quarantine in Jericho was
instituted by this group here, the AID. They’re the ones
maintaining the no-fly zone. They’ve put in all of these
Scatter Gates through the City, these checkpoints to
stop the flow of people. They’re trying to figure out
and slow down the spread of a techno
virus in the City. And we’re not
gonna listen to them. We’re gonna go right
through the Scanner Gate, see what happens. And the frontal assault
here didn’t work out very well for us. We are dead. So we will have to try
an alternate approach. This is something we’ve
really worked hard to build into The Surge 2. There’s lots and lots
of alternate routes, secrets you can discover, shortcuts,
and this kind of thing, different ways for you to solve
these challenges that you’re gonna come across in Jericho
City and the surrounding areas. Checkpoint not so good. We’re gonna try going
this way in a side alley. Look at that. A friendly-looking guy. Go talk to him for a minute. One of many NPCs you’ll be
able to meet in Jericho City. The way you interact with
him is really up to you, whether you want to help them
out with the things they need, whether you suspect they’re
leading you into a trap or something like that, whether you
just want to kill them for all their stuff, these are options
that are always open to you. They will carry
consequences of course. These are your
choices, your way to play. Oh, so we’re gonna try to help
out the good Doctor Alexi here, try to find his crashed,
quote/unquote, medical drone. Here you can see other
survivors in Jericho City. These guys are scavengers. They’re not quite so
friendly as the doctor. They’ve created their tech out
of a scavenged car door here. Industrial machinery, but they’ve all
used it with their EXO rig, which is what we use as well
so we can be strong and fast. Now we’re here targeting a
body part on this enemy, targeting his arm. We build up enough
energy, do some damage, and then we can chop
that arm right off. This is how you get new
equipment in The Surge 2, new weapons, new
crafting schematics. We just learned a new armor
piece that’s the very same armor that scavenger is wearing, make that for ourselves if we
were to return to a med bay. Got away from us there. Chop his head off. We picked up another crafting
schematic as well as an implant. This is how you
specialize your character in a lot of different ways. You throw that guy to his doom. Always an option as well. Here you can see some of the
structures that the AID have slammed down into Jericho City all over the
existing architecture. Behind there is a giant wall. This is how they’ve
instituted the quarantine. And above us is this huge
nano-technological spike thing that’s growing in the City. It’s the source of the
techno virus, very dangerous. Here’s one of our
robotic enemies. We’re able to chop limbs
off of our robots as well and get new equipment. In this case a
twin-rigged weapon. The electrical taser grips that
were the articulated flexy arms of that AID hovering unit. I’m gonna try these
out for a minute. And here we find a mag lock. We can break this using one
of our combat drone modules. You can see docked
on our back here is our flexible combat drone. You can attach all sorts of
different ranged weapons to this. Use it in combat as you wish,
and trigger the drone while you’re doing anything else
which gives you tons and tons of flexibility and you can use the
EMP Starfish to break magnetic locks to overload
the electronics, and you can even use it to
electrify and stun enemies. We can also use our bio-sensor
as a consumable item so we can watch the enemy as he passes through
this area to investigate. Enemies have more
advanced AI in The Surge 2. So because we
disabled the gate here, he comes to check it out. Try to take him out
before he can call for help. Do another
finishing sequence here, chop off the arm. We’ve picked up another of
our combat drone weapons. This one is a
high-caliber sniper rifle, and also a new hammer weapon. So this is something you’re
gonna do a lot in The Surge 2. You’re gonna fight enemies. You’re gonna chop off body parts and then you’re gonna
use what you get to make yourself stronger,
faster, more powerful, better equipped. So now that we’ve cleared
through the Scanner Gate area, we’re on the other side. Let’s check out what’s up here. There’s our crashed
drone down below. We can drop down
there in a minute. And here you can see
our new online feature, one of several new
online features. Players are able to craft these
graffiti messages and place them in the world using a spray
can attached to their drone. You can leave
messages for other players, you know, friendly things like “Hey, look. There’s
loot over here,” or “Oh no, a dangerous
sniper,” like this guy. We just used our
sniper rifle drone module to kill this AID operative. He came to try and stop us. No such luck. Superhero landing, and now
we’re able to get the crashed drone the doctor, Alexi, needs. What is that slamming? Oh, man. A very dangerous
foe has appeared. It’s one of our many
boss encounters in The Surge 2. It’s a giant
nano-technological construct. Some rudimentary
sentience animal-like instinct, very dangerous. It’s able to grow giant
weaponry on its arms. But like the enemies
we’ve been fighting, you can also target
body parts on bosses. So all the enemies you fight,
you’re targeting body parts, chopping them off. And the bosses you fight will
also have these body parts. In this case you can see
he has some armored legs, arms, and he’s able
to grow this weaponry. So if we destroy it like so,
we’re able to create a weak point for ourselves. So when the armor is broken, we
can do a lot more damage to that spot if we keep pounding on it. We can switch to
a different spot, break that as well, make it
easier for us to press the advantage and do more damage. In the meantime, boss here has
regrown his giant smashy arm, so we just need to hang
on, avoid his slam attacks, push the advantage. We shall achieve victory. I just did a
directional parry here. This is one of our
new systems as well. We’re able to do a high-risk
maneuver and knock his attack back the way he came, and we can even stagger
huge bosses this way. Victory is ours. We hope that you play the
game and hope that you enjoy it. And we’ll see you next time. Thank you.

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    Ich sehe es schon kommen….man fällt an jeder ecke runter oder bleibt stecken.

  2. The lighting + materials. Hope pc version will have RTX or HDR, a game like this would benefit from it a lot.

  3. glad the combat look faster, the problem with surge 1 is everything u does so frickin slow, except dash attack, thats why everyone abusing dash attack and rarely do normal attack

  4. The surge 1 have terrible environment variety, please please give us more environment this time. We are in a city for god’s sake, give us churches, mosques, sewers, bio facilities (greenhouse level), malls, schools, hospitals, give us cool levels please.

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  10. I hope you guys have given the enemies some better "tells" this time around. some of those mech bosses in The Surge one would attack you without any fair warning

  11. -enemies no longer kill you in two-three hits
    -npcs sound like they have more of an impact?
    -combos are no longer heavy commitments
    -enemies can wander outside of their guide paths
    -no fall damage?
    looks like they fixed a lot of problems from the surge 1, really excited to see how this one turns out

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    I was not looking forward to this. Was actually going to skip it completely…

    Glad I watched this video.

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  19. The combat system is one of the best I've ever played.. The rewarding factor is great too .. The game is only boring if you don't know where you're at.. The surge had its flaws especially the environment and uninspired boss fights but these aside it's a fun game in my opinion.

  20. all i want to know is can u attach a machine gun a laser focus machine or missile salvo on to my back instead of a drone? im pationtlly waiting

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