The Steepest Race in Europe – Red Bull 400 Planica 2013

The Steepest Race in Europe – Red Bull 400 Planica 2013

My first goal is to get into the finals. The second goal is to get into the top 10. It was extremely hard. My legs are burning so much. She did it this year. Next year everything might be different. I had to sprint at the end. I had to fight and it turned out great! Last time, the race was in September. It’s May now and my legs are just not working yet. I had the feeling we were running quite slowly. We started attacking Arslan together and I really wanted to pass him too in the last 50 meters, but there was just nothing left in my legs. As we were approaching the final part, I was concentrating on conserving my strength for the final few meters. Arslan started to slow down and I felt he could be beaten so I pushed as hard as I could.

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  1. All the translates from Slovenian language:
    0:51 – I have a plan to get trought qualifications and then I want to get under top 10. That would be my plan.
    2:23 – My legs suffered alot… It was very hard
    2:38 – I did it this year… But i think i wont be able to pass it next year
    2:25 – It was very competitively at the end of the race… it was realy a fight but, it was good
    3:35 – This year competition is going on in may, not in september… But my legs are prepeared yet (his accent is fucked up so i dont understand alot :D)
    4:23 – I think that we started quite a bit slow. Later me and some guy started to attack some guy, and then in last 50 meters i thought that i could beat both of them…. but then i felt that my legs are too tired
    4:10 – When i've come to the "table" (middle part witch is flat) i just hoped that i could save some power for last meters, and i runned a bit slower…. But when i saw "Arsal" (i dont know how to write that xD) giving up, i just went as fast as i could

  2. I want to see someone's legs give out near the top and take out everyone as they tumble back down.  It be like the modern "agony of defeat".

  3. The two songs used are:

    Universal Trailer Series – Power Warrior
    FitnessGlo – Time Bomb

    Thumbs up so other people can see!

  4. I believe the hardest part of all this is climbing up onto the pedestal (that is if you're in the top three) :D.

  5. That's nothing – try doing Simon Fell near the start of the 3 Peaks Cyclocross – you have to carry your bike on your back and you've still got 30 miles to go !!

  6. psh, i played dota for 36 hours straight (toilet breaks included i ate at my computer whilst in game) and i was in a fucking coma for a week (not a real coma i just did nothing but sleep)

  7. As someone who does a lot of leg workouts, I know how hard this would be. The pain at the top (not to mention the next day), killer!!

  8. To my youtube ear the 79 was by far the most articulate. No matter how hard it was driven the notes held true and rang through. I thought the 55 was good, but the tone was a little muddy for my taste.

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