The Special Ops Olympics

The Special Ops Olympics

[Music] [Music] [Music] well we’re just getting here to go to my that base one of the largest military bases in Colombia and this is the site of the Forces commando 2014 and this is sort of a friendly competition in which the best trained soldiers and Special Forces of each country gather to test their skills test their endurance forces commando is a special ops competition that brings together an elite military forces from across the Western Hemisphere started in 2004 by the US military the competition’s mission is to help combat the evolving threats of terrorism and drugs in the region and while the 17 countries participating this year each face their own unique challenges the one thing the region has in common is the presence of guerrillas and militias who have merged with powerful traffickers and street gangs they’ve combined military tactics and experience with drug money and weapons to expand their activities well beyond national borders the primary objective of Forces commando is to train these militaries that must work together to respond to this growing network of violence and crime we dropped in to see for ourselves just how effective the exercise has been [Music] today is the aquatic event they’re going to grow their boats across the distance here in another area there are doing sort of a shallow lake rucksack run and then they’re going to do a shooting range event with an eye firearm in many cases cross-country mobility is a huge factor gorillas have learned to make their camps and arms caches difficult to access by vehicle and therefore less vulnerable to attack helicopters can be too noisy and ruin the element of surprise this means soldiers often have to travel long distances over water or on foot before they can carry out their assault as a result forces commando involves a lot of marching and obstacle courses so right now we’re getting to the assault event behind me is the compound that the competitors are going to secure in this exercise we’re going to identify shoot and destroy targets and also at the same time avoid injury any hostages any of the simulated hostages that are part of that exercise the ability to take out targets without killing everyone in sight is invaluable for Special Ops teams that must be capable of clearing rooms and drug raids and hostage situations have you been here before police right now has criminal gangs you see you get experience so other countries right there was more tactics right sort of learn from what other countries are doing well good luck just as important as the physical skill test is the opportunity for the different Special Ops teams to train and learn from one another connecting a support network throughout the region vital to defeating these increasingly transnational threats esta competencia busca ante todo el Fortaleza mento intercambio de doctrina Telemachus tactic especially Mientus Colombia is just passing the marker on the second leg once they come out of here they’re gonna be way down by water and then they’re gonna go back up to this third area this shooting range and it looks like they’re doing quite well the home team the host country Colombia headed to Colombia elimedia quesarito brutal narco traffic OVA neo K siendo atany okay sorry RC yog indya no solamente estamos ya saliendo Iran TV end una Luz al villain del toral sino que estamos en algo importante es in trainer at Ida Combinator cooperation Otto spicy ground here many including the US which has poured billions of dollars in support hope that Colombia will establish itself as a pillar of stability in the region Colombia is approaching a possible resolution with its left-wing guerrilla armies the FARC and the and they have been fighting for more than 50 years specialist synchronous Yoda 10 columbia possessed an pelvis a punto de l’eau grad paz con con las fuerzas no professor one no problem sorry September Yakub Memon the military remains tight-lipped about the ongoing peace talks not wanting to jeopardize the progress the government has made but if they are successful it will mean the end to the longest-running conflict in the hemisphere and a potential model and Ally for neighboring countries dealing with similar issues it became clear just how much everyone is rallying behind Colombia at the obstacle course the final setting for Forces commando 2014 sorry now the mood has shifted it looks like Colombia’s about to go and it feels like although filling my that base is here to cheer the modern watch them [Applause] [Music] [Applause] but even for Colombia seen in many ways as a model for future military engagement in the region the road to achieving stability is a rocky one if the peace talks do manage to end the insurgency criminal paramilitary groups still challenged the central government as the international drug war continues and as Colombia remains a top coca producer worldwide the networked and fluid nature of crime and violence in the region means this special ops team won’t be hanging up its helmets anytime soon [Music]

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  1. what is vice problem with not fuzzing out the faces of Special Forces and NARCO officer faces. fucking assholes!

  2. I want to say a little something that's long overdue, the disrespect to women has got to be through. To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I wanna offer my love and respect till the end.

  3. kinda wished you interviews other countries, like the founders being the US im sure they could have some nice things to say about the cooperation and goals.

  4. you want to stop the drugs and gangs in your country colombia then you must kick out the CIA and the american embassy cause the CIA is secretly funding the same people you are fighting and has been since good ol' Pablo

  5. Notice how VICE didn’t show the U.S winning the whole competition at the end.

    Biased towards their own country.

  6. So , This is the new School of the Americas ?

    For those that dont know , School of the Americas was where the Death Squads of the Dirty Wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador , Columbia and Chile and Haiti , and Guatemala and most other S,American Fascist groups were TRAINED in counter insurgency , irregular warfare and torture , and what Americans call "TERROR" (when its someone else behind it)

    They were shamed by the International community into changing the name and re-locating.
    It was SO BAD , that Peace Activists held 24 hour prayer vigils outside its gates , and KEPT coming back and back and back until public shame closed it.

  7. Wouldn't U.S. Green Berets, Army Rangers, and Navy Seals just crush the competition?

    We have a large selection pool for candidates first and foremost.

  8. I heard the Marines got their asses beat for years in the side arm round because of the shitty low cap m45. 1911 people are the worst.

  9. A few pounds to lose ?? Try this stuff . If you don't expire , you should lose all of it . More even . I are an hexpert .

  10. It would only seem fair if special units of guerrilla forces are allowed to compete. You think guerrillas are just poorly trained peasants armed with stolen weapons? Think again.

  11. The us thinks they're slick, they made this so they could identify other countries special operators and how they perform.

  12. The ten best special forces units in the world:
    10. you
    9. can't
    8. rank
    7. them
    6. they
    5. all
    4. have
    3. different
    2. skillsets
    1. JTF2 – Canada

  13. They basically have a forced cocaine growing program which to me is kinda pointless unless you do something to motivate the farmers to switch over. Maybe then you’ll start to win the war on drugs

  14. The black guy in 1:37 standing in the boat look in his chest that was one of the patches use by DEVGRU the black squadron i dont think u.s allow this team to particifate such event because all of the DEVGRU operator is highly classified.

  15. You know what your army needs to do their very best YOU NEED A MONTAGE TO GO FROM A BEGINNER TO A PRO YOU NEED A MONTAGE A SPECIAL OPS MONTAGE MONTAGE!!!

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