The Sonic Legacy

The Sonic Legacy

What if…? We make a game where you play as a blue hedgehog that has to save animals from robots. [Music] *laugh* *cough* *cough* and then eh– He, he meets- He meets a red enchilada *laugh* [Music] And then we make it 3D so you can play as a big fishing cat [Music] And you can collect these little pokemons and make them race and you can play as every single character and you fight Knuckles until he hit him and says *Oh no* and then snowboarding and then we let MONKEYS make a game. *Oh no* And then we just make him a werewolf [Music] Mario Party [Music] He goes back in time [Music] I’m hungry for tacos [Music] And then we make ANOTHER racing game Except this time with Wreck-it Ralph And uh… the woman from NASCAR and the Heavy and uh… Football Manager? What?! Why does he have a baseball glove? and then we really throw them a curveball – What if…? Hear me out What if we make a GOOD Sonic game? [Music] PRESS: “Sonic Generations is a love letter to the blue blur” “A Sonic game for Sonic fans” PRESS: “The end result is a game that finally rekindles what Sonic was all about “and delivers his best game in over a decade” ♪ “Follow me, set me free” ♪ ♪ “Trust me and we will escape from the city” ♪ ♪ “I’ll make it through, prove it to you” ♪ ♪ “Follow me” ♪ SONIC: “Hey Sonic! Enjoy your future. It’s gonna be great! [Music]

100 Replies to “The Sonic Legacy”

  1. "What if we made a movie where he teams up with a cop on earth to escape from the military and fight Jim Carrey?"
    Looking forward to seeing what your views are on the 2019 movie trailer, sir Dunk!

  2. "Hey Sonic, enjoy your future, it's gonna be great!"

    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie, Sonic Boom, Sonichu, Sonic Fanbase ect.

  3. "What if we made a good Sonic game?"
    cue Generations, a patchwork of those allegedly terrible Sonic games that has absolutely nothing distinct to offer itself and is just as bland, lifeless, and unimaginative as Colors and Lost World
    Yo, really?

  4. that cigarette was dipped. i didnt know dunkey liked to get wet. shermhead SEGA execs… angel dust…PCP

  5. Idk why dunkey shits on sonic thinking there were no good games well the bastard is incorrect and as much how old the game is but it’s a classic sonic 1 2, and 3 games and tbh there ain’t nothing but a bunch of Mario fan boys if they actually understood that sonic was good but they think it’s just all a meme go fuck your self

  6. In all of your sonic videos, not once have you mentioned one of the best sonic games ever. Sonic Colors

  7. What if we make a game where you get away with anything that you do and everytime you die from any death you just respawn at the nearest hospital like nothing happened. That would be awesome

  8. sonic is an awkward piece of corporate creativity that should have never been more than the initial game back then. its a shitty concept that doesnt translate to games, and its an awkward piece of shit to look at. makes me uncomfortable, seriously. stop trying to make sonic work, let it die, please

  9. Sonic unleashed starts off with the best graphics sonic team ever did…

    And then they run out of those like in two seconds and then chip is like-BITCH IM HUNGRY


  11. That, "Hey Sonic enjoy your future, it's going to be Geat!" quote may very well be the greatest example of parental abuse ever portrayed in fiction.

  12. Did this man imply that mario and sonic winter olympics was a bad game?? Cuz if he did then i have one thing to say to you – you are nitpicking and biased i win bye bye

  13. I wish Sega would sell sonic to Nintendo or something. Sonic generation wasn't good, they need to make a sonic game completely open world so you can run across terrain freely with like zelda elements sprinkled in. They're just not doing the 3D sonic right not that it cant be done

  14. First I get a Sega America ad remembering the legacy of Sonic, then I get a compilation of terrible ideas shitting on Sega

  15. imagine making a game about how sonic had a beacon of hope in sonic generations and not talking about how sonic colours is great

  16. To be fair, when Modern Sonic told Classic that his future was "going to be great", Sonic Boom didn't exist yet to his knowledge.

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