The Sinking City | Detective Gameplay Trailer

The Sinking City | Detective Gameplay Trailer

Hello and welcome to The Sinking City, a
game of investigation and mystery, set in a twisted Lovecraftian version of the
1920s United States. It follows the story of Charles Reed, a Great War veteran and
private eye from Boston, who is fighting an uphill battle against terrible
insanity. While looking for a cure Reed finds himself in Oakmont, Massachusetts A city, devastated by supernatural flood monsters and madness. In pursuit of his
goals Charles will have to face terrors beyond human comprehension and
investigate occurrence is simply unimaginable in a normal society With The Sinking City, we put the detective experience first. This means zero hand-holding from the game. There are no straightforward tasks and no
objectives on the map to follow. We will never tell you how to approach a quest:
where you should go, what to look for, who you should accuse. As you explore crime scenes and find evidence all
information goes into your trusted casebook. Here you can review and analyze it,
if you’re in need of a Eureka moment. Some evidence is pretty straightforward,
lying around the gruesome consequences of someone’s misdeeds. Others need a more
intricate approach. In Oakmont the veil between the mundane and supernatural is especially thin. Mr. Reed himself is no stranger to the paranormal. In fact, he
has some useful tricks up his sleeve that can reveal the spell covered traces
of morally impaired perpetrators. One of these skills, retrocognition, allows them to sneak a peek beyond the
veil. Extremely useful, it helps understand what exactly happened and how,
if you’re clever enough to crack this riddle. And if you know detectives you
know how much time they spend doing research. So don’t be too shy to talk to
fellow lawmen… Ahem, nevermind. Reed is a stranger in a strange land. Anyhow, most institutions in the city are in complete disarray. You can still use
their records which is a lifesaver for a detective in need. Keep in mind that the
different institutions provide different knowledge. Think where to look and you’ll
crack your case in no time. But what is investigation without the
ability to piece clues together and try out different theories. That’s what mind
palace is for. The fan’s favorite feature from our Sherlock Holmes games makes a
comeback. But unlike Sherlock The Sinking City has no right or wrong answers, just
different shades of black. So, if you’re about to destroy someone’s life, well…
make sure you have a damn good reason. So, as you can see, at its core The Sinking
City is an investigation game. We want you to feel like a real detective,
digging up all the dirty secrets this wretched place likes to keep hidden. So,
let us know what you think about this video and I’ll see you in the next one!

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  1. I have been waiting for this!!!I was a bit worried since its so close to release but this makes me HAPPY! was kind of "radio silence" for a bit glad to see the graphic improvements and the story playout seems fantastic.ive been waiting for a game like this(call of Cthulhu was fun but a bit of a letdown) and although the fighting looks a bit odd im hopeful that ill understand its play more on day one.ive been wanting to preorder a CE but havent seen anything,is it only standard edition?if so cool,im still super hyped!…i.e….I was a guy that bitched about the rain a bit in the beginning,it looks great now.good work!

  2. Okay looks like this game is getting delayed. And since this is made in unreal engine. I'm calling it now. This is gonna come out on epic store exclusively

  3. AWESOME! hope to get my hands on this soon and if not, no problem. just make it the masterpiece its shaping up to be 😀

  4. I think I'm gonna like this kind of free investigation, usually it's the game that does everything for you and you don't have to think much besides some puzzle solving. I hope this game will actually be a challenge for a change.

  5. yo this video made me hype, i have longed for a no handholding detective game that really makes you feel like a detective. And its set in a lovecraftian horror world? Hello! Only thing is, it comes out a day before sekiro. Which is a huge bummer cause i probably wont get this right away. (as far as lovectaftian worlds with no handholding, From Software games usually take thr cake there)

  6. Me: Well lets see what is this about (saw few early alpha? videos year ago) .. ok quite nice graphics, interesting art design… ok.. gameplay seems action… "we put the detective experience first" .. what? … "this means zero handholding , there are no straightforward tasks, and no objectives on map to follow".. wait what… "we will never tell you how to approach a quest, where you should go, what to look for, who you should accuse" … well now doing research what you did previously, I will probably not play this one – because of setting (i am not really fan of cthulhu and any other demonical cults fictional/real) but you should do this kind of gameplay in espionage genre, that would be instant buy.

  7. This game looks badass , just hope don’t make downgrades . If is necessary to chek visual effects , facial movements , etc… take your time. Many of us are hype for this .

  8. Видно невооружённым глазом, сколько труда вложили в этот проект. Очень крутые локации, интересный детективно-мистический саспенс. Надеюсь, всё получится. Я буду одним из первых покупателей. И да, нам нужна дата релиза)

  9. Can make the shooting mechanic better, more impact and recoil. I understand it’s not at all centered on that but it would add to the overall gameplay.

  10. Genuinely excited. Just hope it delivers. More concerned with quality over quantity these days, like I rather play a tight-knit game that has solid features over a "Triple A" that promises lot's of content and .. a large map or something or that sort? idk. I hope it holds up as Vampyr did .. that game came out of left field and blew me away.

  11. This game is right up there with Sekiro for my most anticipated game right now, and considering how Bloodborne is my favorite game ever, that is saying something!

  12. I am excited for this game! Move over Call of Cthulhu!!!

    While you could work on the shooting mechanics, it is rather late in the development process, and fixing that could undermine things elsewhere. The shooting isn't even a primary gameplay mechanism. It's the exploration, the map reading, piecing together sequence of events, the attention to detail and fidelity to the world of Lovecraft.

  13. Выпустите видос о локализации. Хочется послушать пример озвучки.

  14. There is so much promise in everything presented here. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes on this one for sure! Very fond of games that dispense with the handholding and have a less rigid structure, and always happy for detective stuff. Mixing that with Lovecraftian themes sounds awesome.

  15. Look at the npc faces.. compared to what devil may cry 5 shows ! lol huge difference in graphics quality, animation and so far.

  16. good video – you got me…i like the sound of a challenge…and this looks like i could get lost in it for days so it's going onto my wishlist…

  17. please animate the top half of the faces, it helps sell the realism. it looks too automated and generated rn!

  18. Release The Sinking City on Steam this year like your trailer promised. Will never buy games on the Epic Store.

  19. Another game i would never buy… sad. On one side they want 60 bucks for the Standard Edition, and on the other side they cutted out content named the Worshipper Quests and other stuff and only let you play it if you buy the Deluxe Edition…
    I do not tolerate such rubbish behavior! Bring a full game, bring one price, and bring extra stuff for dlc, but dont fuck around from the start of!

  20. Amazing! This game is exactly my cup of tea. I have to pre-order this game and thank you Frogwares for czech localization 🙂

  21. Too bad you guys chose Epic Store only =/
    I understand they give you a bigger cut, but this way you will end up selling less because you're not giving a choice to PC players.

  22. Am I the only one who noticed that the narrator is also the voice actor of the officer and the main character? If not…well you sound almost exactly like them lol

  23. Why does our protagonist look so dead in the face? And sound so monotone and slow? Hopefully, I'm enthralled when I pick this game up.

  24. Атмосфера как в murdered soul по трейлеру, надеюсь на не скучный геймплей, glhf

  25. Who does the voice acting of Charles W. Reed? He reminds me of someone who's familiar with Lovecraft games…

  26. Looks really cool. A great idea could be a notebook where u have to note all the things u see on the research. Maybe on the hard mode?

  27. Man. This could either turn out tedious and boring, or be the diddly dang best game of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  28. I hope that i know what to do in the game, no hints or that things that help you, is not good for me… Sometimes the things are right in front of me and i can't see them, i that kind of player… So now i'm concern… :/

  29. Next video? Maybe something about combat? Please, please, please- let there be a trechn knife in this game… we`ll need at least something to fall to, when ammo runs out…

  30. I hope this shit is fun…its REALLY time for a good console horror with a great narrative, replay value, hidden secrets and side stories…I mean…something fun fuck! Sick of 3A companies giving us $15 dollar shit for $65.54.

  31. The atmosphere and feel is fucking amazing, it reminds me of Bioshock which is one of my all time favorite franchises 🙂 It also sounds like it could be a really fun game!


  33. The graphics aren’t AAA but it’s a smaller studio and they’re still atmospheric. As long as the game play is there, this looks like you could lose dozens of hours without handholding.

  34. A game with no hints, no waypoints, no way to just look at your screen and go? My brain is going to hurt. Looking forward to this!

  35. Frowares, I wish you good luck for your gaming development and progression of future games that you create. You make one of my most favourite games such as Sherlock Holmes: Devil's Daughter, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, and Sinking City. I really love how you put the detective genre and vibe in all of these games. Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  36. "I lovecraftian version of the united states" So… regular Lovecraft?
    You folks do know that Lovecraft was American right? And his stories took place mostly in America.

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