The Sims™ 4 Discover University: Official Gameplay Trailer

The Sims™ 4 Discover University: Official Gameplay Trailer

Wow. It’s been a wild year. I won a scholarship. Switched housing, A LOT. Had the worst roommate. Now we’re besties! We moved off campus. I fell in love. Fell out of love. Fell into… something else. I took up sports. Got the W. Then joined the robotics org. Found out robots
are plotting to take over the world. No one believed me. So… I transferred schools. Decided debate was more my speed. U. OF. B. DEE. BATE. ON. 3! 1. 2. 3! I got in tight with a study group. Turned out to be a secret society. Keeping it 100, I got distracted. Didn’t go to class. And lost my scholarship. So, I took out a loan. And joined a real study group. Dang! She’s doing this AND has a kid? Life goals! I turned things around. Knocked out my term papers. And aced my exams. Serious adulting. But if I’m going to
get a jump on my career, I should probably
figure out what I want to be. Lawyer? Engineer? Look. Let’s be real. I’m having way too much fun. I don’t want this to end… Got it! I’ll be a teacher! Then I can party for days. Aw… We gettin’ wild now! So… What do you think? You’re so right. This year’s gonna be even better! Think I could be a mascot? Do they get paid to do that? Cause I need serious simoleons
to pay off my loan. I think they gonna take my stuff.

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  1. Simmers, classes will be starting soon in The Sims 4: Discover University! 📚 The expansion pack is coming to PC and Mac on Nov 15, and to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Dec 17!

  2. And some women still wonder why they're single with no family yet lol. This reminds me of all the sitcoms which made dads look retarded. Alas, the pendulum must continue swinging.

  3. Doubt it will happen, but I am crossing my fingers that lawyer, engineer and teacher might just be active career, I mean, what's the point in having the whole construction site uniform with the hard hat and everything if it's not a career? Am I looking too far into this? Am I being stupid? Probably.

  4. I know only Steven Universe fans will notice this but when they showed the Secret Society club. That hand pose…. MY DIAMONDS! The Secret club is a Steven Universe fan club 😂😂😂

  5. I’m excited for Student Debt and having a child during university. The ultimate challenge. Now I just have to wait for it to come out on console. 😑😑😑🙃👽

  6. OMFG! I never thought I would be so dang excited for in game LOANS!!! Eek! How fun! I can't wait to go into debt! #ThisIsASeriousCommentBTW 😀

  7. Sims should make bags!! So you can take stuff in it and wear it😍And I’m so in love with this pack finally I don’t have to move as an teenager to city living to make it look realistic 😂

  8. Should grab my current 3 main sims and start over considering my family is to big at the moment and is almost in every neighborhood but idk will keep the save tho

  9. Student 1: "I needed more simoleons, so I traveled to the magical realm, became a wizard, and learned the Copypasto spell so I could duplicate diamonds to sell and pay off my massive student loans."

    Student 2: "I just use my phone to take a million pictures of everyone around me and sell the photos."

    Student 3: "I've got about five dragonfruit plants growing in pots in my dorm room that I harvest and sell everyday. Yup… dragonfruit."

    Student 4: "I've got a little, erm, side business breeding frogs and selling them to people."

    Other students: …

    Student 4: "They're medicinal." (pulls out a whirlyflower frog and licks it)

  10. So we're not gonna talk about how here boyfriend left her for Chad from the LaCrosse team. TS4 be making things more inclusive and i love it

  11. I am really not digging the “talking Sims” style of advertising they’ve got going now… just makes the game seem really annoying and aimed for twelvies 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Really looking forward to this pack! Soo i've already pre-ordered is because I am way to impatient but what's the point of pre-ordering? Someone told me that I now play it 12 hours earlier is this true?

  13. Expectation : going college get a good job become rich- amazing life

    Reallity : ctrl+shift+c testingcheats true 👍

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