The Scorpion King (2/9) Movie CLIP – Fire Ants (2002) HD

The Scorpion King (2/9) Movie CLIP – Fire Ants (2002) HD

[Groans] Fascinating,
isn’t it? The smoke, it causes
the fire ants to abandon
their homes, you see? All the sooner to feast
on our naked heads. [Laughs]
You think this is funny? lt’s a little bit funny.
Yes. You see,
l am about to escape, while you, on the other hand, are about to die
a horrible death for leaving me
to die last night. So what are you waiting for? He’s been drinking that Yak piss
for about an hour now
and sometime very soon– Ahh. You see? [ Groaning ] [ Soldier urinating ] Hey! Where’s the horse thief? – Ooh!
– [ Screaming ] [Soldier thrashing] Alright, come on, get me out of here! You, uhh, promise not to kill me…? Yes, I promise. Remember, you are a Akkadian. You make an oath, you always have to keep it, right? That’s right! Then must you take me with you, and share in the spoils of your adventures! What? A-alright, fine, yes! I promise. [ Blowing fire ] [ Cracking ] [ Blowing fire ] [Crunch] [ Whooshing ] Alright, now hold still! …Oh, here’s one. [ Grunt ] Man, that’s a big one! Oh my, here comes the mother! {{Captions by Lunk the Heero}}

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  1. Estava querendo assistir o filme ter Scorpion lançamento 2019 será que vamos assistir vc manda pra nós aqui

  2. camel's are smarter then horse's they know how to hold their water horse's don't so there for horse's are dumb camel's are smart as hell

    1. THE MUMMY (1999) B-
    2. THE MUMMY RETURNS (2001) C-
    3. SCORPION KING (2002) D-

  4. ‏If the video is without much better music, put natural sounds like twittering birds, sounds of rivers and trees

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