The Rules of Indoor Lacrosse / Box Lacrosse – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Indoor Lacrosse / Box Lacrosse – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the RULES of Indoor Lacrosse
Indoor lacrosse, more commonly known as Box Lacrosse is a game that’s usually played
on an ice rink, with the ice covered up with turf. The surface is usually about 200ftx85ft.
Indoor lacrosse is played with two teams of 18, with six (6) players on the surface at
any one time. They consist of 1 goaltender and 5 runners.
The objective of the game is for your team to score more goals than the opposing team.
To score a goal, a player must use his lacrosse stick and shoot the ball into the goal.
The ball must completely cross the goal line and the shooting player must not step into
the crease for a goal to count. Goals are 4’9” wide and 4 feet high, and
the goal crease is 9’3”. The game starts with a Face Off.
Once a team has possession of the ball, they have up to 30 seconds to shoot the ball towards
the opposing goaltender. Failure to shoot the ball within this time results in a shot
clock violation and the other team is awarded possession of the ball.
You can pass the ball directly between teammates, bounce pass to them or cradle the ball and
run with it. The idea is to set up in good position to be able to shoot the ball towards
the goal. The opposing team will try and stop you by
cross checking, body checking or stick checking. They will try and take the ball away from
you so that they can score themselves. The game is played in 4 x 15 minute quarters,
for a total playing time of 60 minutes. Highest score at the end of time wins. If you watched my Rules of Ice Hockey video,
you’ll realise that these two sports are very similar.
And like Ice hockey, indoor lacrosse is filled with things that you can and cannot do.
Should you break one of these rules, you will serve a time penalty
leaving your team with one less player, and your opponents with a man-advantage.
The team with the man advantage is known as the ‘extra man offense’ or ‘man-up’.
This makes it easier to score a goal as there is one less player to defend the net.
The team with a man in the penalty box is known as ‘Man Down’ and usually they defend
like crazy until the time of the penalty expires. The length of the time of the penalty depends
on the infraction made: These Minor infractions results in two minute
minor penalties. Slashing, Tripping, Elbowing, Roughing, Too
Many Players, illegal Equipment, Holding, or Interference.
When a goal is scored by an extra man team, the penalty time is cut short and the player
is let out of the penalty box. These Major infractions results in 5 minute
major penalties. Violent versions of minor penalties, intent
to injure, Fighting, Unlike Minor penalties, a major penalty can
only end when the time of the penalty runs out, or if the other team scores three goals.
Misconduct penalties result in you being ejected from the game. Two majors equals a misconduct. This sounds easy enough, but there’s a few
other rules you’ll need to understand before going to a game. For example: Three-man down.
By the rules of indoor lacrosse, a team must have at least three runners on the surface.
If a team already has two players in the penalty box and is assessed a third penalty – a
penalty shot will be awarded instead of taking a third man out of the game. Penalty Shot
A penalty shot is awarded for a three-man down penalty or to an offensive player if
an opponent has unfairly obstructed a legitimate chance to score.
On a penalty shot, the shooter starts from the centre circle and is only allowed one
shot, even if there is a rebound. Any shot that goes in counts as a goal. Sudden Death Overtime
There are no ties in box lacrosse, so overtime periods are played to determine a winner.
These periods usually last a maximum of 5 minutes. First team to score a goal, wins. 8-Second Violation:
If a team with possession of the ball fails to advance the ball past midfield within 8
seconds, this is an 8 second violation and the other team is awarded the ball. That’s a lot to take in, but as you watch
or play indoor lacrosse, the rules will become clear.
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  1. Found your videos while trying to figure out the rules of Rugby. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them, even the ones on sports I am already familiar with.

  2. I played field lacrosse in high school and always assumed that box lacrosse was the same – save that the ball never went out of bounds. Now I know better! Thanks Ninh!

  3. hi your explanations are always eye opening….can you do videos for Formula one, NASCAR & field hockey…Thanks 🙂

  4. This game is basically hockey. It is popular in Canada, it has a goaltender and 5 field players the penalty system and OT system are the exact same, they have the same protective gear (except for leg pads) and the arena is the same besides the ice area

  5. When this was in Ottawa, they moved it from CTC (then Corel centre) to the significantly smaller civic centre (now td place) because no one went

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  7. Thank you for the explanation of box lacrosse. My daughter and I attended our first game of our home team, Georgia Swarm. It was quite fun to watch, with just enough action and scoring. It was also nice that our team won it's first home game.

  8. Thank you Ninh for this very short video. I am going to show it as part of my introduction to box lacrosse officiating class. It is a good place to start from. Glad you have been watching the Georgia Swarm. I do the color commentary for their televised home games.

  9. Excellent job Ninh. This I exactly what I was looking for to show some Friends who are coming to their first Toronto Rock game.

  10. Great video. Thanks for making it. Another thing I've heard, is that the ball must always be moving in a players' stick. Is this true? Like, if a player has the ball, does either the ball always have to be moving, or the stick itself? I'm not sure if this is true, but just something I heard.

  11. I am a box lacrosse goalie and i am wondering if a box lacrosse goalie can hit a player outside the cress or inside?

  12. You would gain possession of the ball either from a faceoff, intercepting the ball while being passed, scooping the ball up after the opposing team dropped it or got checked and lost the ball.

  13. Oh and you can only check someone if your hands are together on the stick. Like if you were to do bench presses but you put your hands together so there touching. You cant just check with you stick.


    Also, box lacrosse>field lacrosse bc there are box lacrosse teams in Canada

  15. So that's the last video of the Sport Rules playlist that I've seen. Wow, that was so entertaining to just learn about new sports. I wish I could have seen the video that's marked as "deleted", though.

  16. Thank you for the explanation of Box Lacrosse. My two 10 year old nephews played field lacrosse and have their first box lacrosse practice today. Their aunt and I are really involved with their sports!! And this one I had very little idea about!

  17. When deciding my favorite sports, I couldn't choose wether I liked Box Lacrosse or Ice Hockey better. For all descriptive liberties, these sports are very similair. Box Lacrosse is like playing Field Hockey in the air (at least, that statement made a lot more sense in my mind). Ice Hockey has faster mobility, but Box Lacrosse has a faster projectile. So I Just said F-it and I put both sports at the same place on my list of favorite sports.

  18. Great job explaining the rules in 4min !!! I'm going to share this with people new to the game !! Go Georgia Swarm !!!

  19. UPDATE: Lacrosse has 15-min overtimes now, not 5. The last 2 lax games I went to both went into overtime so that’s how I know.

  20. Okay… so this is like…. completley different from how we played lacrosse in school during sports class?

    This is like u said… very similar to hockey

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