The Rock Returns 2014

The Rock Returns 2014

It’ll be John Cena versus Randy chain and Seth Rollins three-on-one handicap match gets cake Dean Ambrose’s walk down Let’s see it up. He’s on his way to Coney Island Riding the Wonder Wheel Again explain the situation here ladies and gentlemen last week Show yang the Russian flag down to the mat across an international incident WWE had to apologize to the Russian people Big Show would apologize on Smackdown this past Friday night The authority has deep Big Show inactive tonight because of his actions they’ve assigned him to Sensitivity training but King Big Show’s here, and he’s be forced to watch rusev and Lana Spahn tonight Sure exactly what’s this sensitivity training? How much effect its had on Response Greicy’s that I see Today is a great day Today is the birthday of the most powerful man in the world He is virile. He is muscular But most of all he is the President of Russia Vladimir Now get on your feet and pay respect to this super athlete the Bulgarian brute roof Nobody’s standing I Am afraid that there will be no match tonight with the Big Show the Big Show was suspended for a desecrating the Russian flag He should be imprisoned just like all of you And by supporting him you have committed a great crime You despise us because we support the superior country Mother Russia We’re all set they’ll be bigoted what you will do when you face the beat show Big Show in this storm Trevanian Seleucia bitch give me a stand on this story now about the positive look at this job On this Americans go superpower America’s nothing Big Show is afraid of me Come Big Show come on down let’s see what happens come on down so I can trust you Got Big Show Domum a big show is a coward Just like all of you coward Rusev Lana Right now we need you to do two things that’s know your role 4:30 a.m.. The rock gets up rolls out of it Rose out of bed in his home in Florida Rock gets a little caffeine He goes right to the gym starts clanging and banging like a madman Clanging and banging in the gym, just like you rusev, but the only difference is the rock doesn’t pull the shorts up to his nipples Were you running around here making everybody look at your Moscow moose knuckle Then the rock was done clinging him banging then the rock got on a chest And he flew the rock flew to one place in that place was the Big Apple And then the rocket the rocket of the Big Apple is jet landed the rocks jet landed in Queens Then the rock took a cab to Manhattan And the rock the rock went to visit Lana’s favorite place in the city the Meatpacking District Then the rock didn’t wait for a ferry no no no no the rock away for no ferry the rocket jumped in the water and he swam to Staten Island Then the rock jumps on the 4:00 train and headed and headed right to the Right so the rock The Rock The Rock went to the bra so he can get out and show respect to the captain and safe guaranteed And then after he said Derek Jeter the rocket had one last burrow to go to Trust a certain iconic bridge then the rock went down Atlantic Avenue And then the rock Joe right up to the Barclays center then the rock walked through those doors walked down that ramp got in the middle of this ring the people’s ring in front of the millions But the lifespans of the rock can proudly say Electrifying do you think you are? a ninja Roxy the great Ruthie You need to shut top And you need to stop dressing like a Soviet streetwalker Listen your American piece of garbage This is your last warning leave now or I will crush you Leave now or you’re gonna crush the rock Is that what is that what you think you’re gonna Do you’re gonna crush the rock so if all the things you can say you go one-on-one with the great one and that’s what you say first of all I got taste having come this close your breath is smelling like Chewbacca’s hairy beanbag and You you look at a stuff live in person you’re beautiful I know right I Mean I mean it I mean you are you are gorgeous you’re stunning Lana in person you are as we say here in America smokin But it’s too bad you’re walking around here like some of these chefs are smearing a bottle of your poopy So so so now now back to you Chewie is that what you think you think you’re just going to crush the rock? Here comes a man who let the rock tell you something right now listen let the rock tell you something right now There’s a fact there’s a fact. There’s a reason. Why nobody’s been able to beat you There’s a reason why the rock though you’re bigger. You’re stronger. You’re more dangerous than practically everybody back there That’s a fact, but here’s another fact and this is what the rock is gonna. Tell you some matter of fact We are gonna tell you another fact That fact is this and no one else back there has been able to tell you this But the rocket agents you see you come out here you run down our countries to country we love to cut you with Brava You come down when you come out here. We don’t boo you because you support Russia No, no no No, no we boo you because you’re both a couple of world-class international a-holes The great vitomir Putin once said the Cobras wolf knows whom to eat and right now Roasted is hungry And just like the great jay-z once said Allow me to reintroduce myself I Am the jabroni beating by eating trailblazing eyebrow-raising Talking is done. You’re out of your class. No sleep till Brooklyn the rock whoops your rap Come get yourself some Before you to go that needs no translation Now look what’s trending number one in the world like this hashtag. Wall Brooklyn Like the rock Ladies a child we like to welcome you watching tight for the first time To join us live for the first time ever there watchin in Colombia, they’re watching in the Bahamas they’re watching it pursue You know how many people are watching in person right now Betty the Brazilian South Amer all here to see the Raj. What a night, it’s been the rock returning Ladies and gentlemen we have the situation Tonight between John Cena and Dean Ambrose they met in the ring what I wanted let’s show you exactly what happened The Enna’s Rock celebrates here at Brooklyn get back to the John see the Dean Ambrose confrontation

100 Replies to “The Rock Returns 2014”

  1. That man's pop lasted 3 fucking minutes.

    Non stop fucking eruptions.

    Nobody comes close to this dude in the ring.

    And on the Mic? Ric Flair. That's it. Lol

  2. One of the biggest pops from the crowd I've ever heard in my years of watching. Watching this live was amazing!

  3. As much as he makes WWE lit he quietly retired and it's sad because everyone wishes he had one last match but bless YouTube.

    Lawler: WHAT?!
    Cole: NO WAY
    Lawler: WHAT?!
    Lawler: AHHH!!!
    Cole: THE ROCK IS HERE!!!
    Lawler: THE ROCK!!!
    Cole: OH MY GOD!!!

  5. I wish The Rock could have gotten his rematch against Brock Lesnar for his last match. Then retire as the champ that he is.

  6. Sure hope that this generation knows what it feels like during the rocks era. ‘Twas surely.. ELECTRIFYING!!!! Miss the good ol days of WWE Raw

  7. There are only 3 wrestlers in the history that can get a pop like that from the crowd and thats Austin 316 , The Undertaker , and The Rock

  8. teacher: i think you wont pass this course
    Me: You think i'm gonna fail, is that what you think?
    teacher: Well yeah i mean yo…..

  9. Keeping the memory of Stone Cold Steve Austin alive is what the crowd is doing. The Rock and Stone cold always Made me smile.

  10. I was there when he came out that night! Was such a shock and the greatest day , I even got beer spilled all over me but it’s ok ?

  11. I think right now, the Rock is the only person that can get an ovasion like this. I'm just watching all his returns just to hear the crowd come alive.

  12. Remember when the Rock had a hard time trying to get heat from Toronto he dissed the crowd he dissed the Prime Minister nothing they were eating it up…..

    it wasn't until he dissed the Blue Jays and the Maple Leafs that he finally got the boos he was trying to get…

  13. Man I was in this building that night and I’m telling You the energy in that place was unbelievable. Definitely a goosebump moment.

  14. *Allow me to reintroduce myself I am the jebrony beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, talking is done you are out of your class no sleep till brooklyn the rock wips your ass* – Dwayne Johnson

  15. I thought Rusev was bigger at first, then when they were talking face to face, holy SHIT is The Rock swole! Even moreso than Rusev!

  16. My childhood was the Hulkamania timeframe, with Hulk Hogan, British bulldog, Ultimate Warrior, the Bushwackers, Jake the Snake, Boss Man, Owen and Bret Hart,,Macho Man Randy Savage, and the Undertaker. I'm glad I was able to witness The Rock right before I quit watching WWF…well back when it was called that. Hulk Hogan and The Rock have been the best I have ever seen…noone was like those two and my favorite match of all time was Hulk vs Rock. The crowd was insane and I have never seen that since then.

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