The Road to an Olympic Medal with Tunisia’s Oussama Oueslati | Generation Rise

The Road to an Olympic Medal with Tunisia’s Oussama Oueslati | Generation Rise

My name is Oussama Oueslati.
I’m an athlete with the Tunisian national team
for Taekwondo. I started Taekwondo when I was
five years old. Now Taekwondo is… I don’t know,
you can say like air. I can’t live without it. Every day, day and night I sleep and wake up on it. It’s an addiction,
I can’t leave it. In the Middle East and
North Africa, the next generation of
athletes rise. An elite force, exceeding
expectation… reach gold. These are their stories… ..through their eyes. (GENERATION RISE MIDDLE EAST
& NORTH AFRICA) A champion since he was
a boy, Oussama has qualified to fight at the
Olympic Games Rio 2016. He’s now focused on
winning gold in the Taekwondo
heavyweight category. Standing well above
six feet tall, Oussama possesses the ideal
body shape of a Taekwondo champion. But he’s facing real
struggles outside of sport, that threaten his reach
for gold. Well, there isn’t
too many difficulties, just one – like the one
I’m facing about my education,
and that’s it. After school Oussama trains
with his coach and the national
Taekwondo squad. But he’s distracted. All he can
think about is leaving school. 15 minutes in, and
Oussama’s still not focused. And he’s now threatening to leave both school
and Taekwondo. We’ll talk more about this. We’ll do some talking
and we’ll figure it out. Since he was a kid
he has been a champion. For sure, outside
of Taekwondo… (MOHAMMED ALI: TAEKWONDO COACH) ..sometimes there is
youth’s recklessness. For Oussama to
succeed at the Games, he needs all the help
he can get. Take it easy
and watch yourself. I advise him to always keep
his feet on the ground, always work hard,
always look straight ahead. Whenever Oussama leaves Tunisia to compete in an
international tournament, his father drives him
to the airport. He uses this time
to motivate his son. I can count on you? For real? You’re a boss now. Oussama is competing
4,000 kilometres away from Tunisia in Doha, at the Qatar Open Taekwondo Championship. In preparation for
World Cup 2022, the State of Qatar has rapidly developed
to become a global hub for international
sporting events. And the Qatar Open
has attracted elite Taekwondo competitors from Europe, the Middle East
and North Africa. Again, higher. Good, bravo. This championship is
preparation for the Olympic Games. Because Oussama is one of
the highest ranked fighters at the Open, his coach has entered him
in a heavier weight class where he’s likely to face
tougher competitors. In this championship, I put him
in the under 87kg category. His Olympic weight is under
80kg. He wants to put Oussama
through a real test before the Olympics. Oussama’s first opponent from
Pakistan is half his size. I played my match
until the referee ended it, because we weren’t
on the same level. Oussama’s easy win
moves him into the semifinal, and despite his German opponent
being the same size, Oussama again wins
by a high margin. The German under 87kg is one of the top eight
in the world. But I knew how to play with him
and I beat him 8-0. After dominating two matches Oussama’s confidence
is sky-high, but the competition
is not over yet. The final match
will be a good match because the French’s
level is very good. He’s already qualified to the
2016 Rio Olympic Games, and he’s third in the Olympic
ranking. And God willing, only good
things will happen. It’s OK, it’s OK… From his first strike, it’s clear the French
competitor wants to take the fight to a level Oussama
wasn’t expecting. Undeterred, Oussama fights on
and scores one more point. He gives his all, but it’s not enough
and he’s defeated. It should’ve been 4-4. But it’s fine, thanks to God. God willing, he will
always be humble and looking forward, so he will win more
and more medals. And now let’s start distributing the medals for all
our winners. We advanced in the
Olympics ranking. Oussama is only 20 years old. This is the first
Olympic Games for him. I mean, God willing, we will
bring back a medal from Rio. We faced a lot of difficult
circumstances, we did almost everything. We’re just missing an

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  1. I admire his dedication and skill but those scorpion kicks they do now and that landed him that bronze medal would never float with out the electronic scoring system. They're totally impractical without it.

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