The Rhino Beetle Games | Epic Beetle Olympics

The Rhino Beetle Games | Epic Beetle Olympics

Wait. What’s that noise? Why welcome, Hades! I’m pleased you’ve finally decided to join
us. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
bell icon, welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! A motionless Hades lay still on the surface
of the soil, limbs limp, and sharp tarsal claws looking like razor sharp hooks, glistening
in the light. Oh! AC Family, we have some movement. Look! His antennae, quivering ever so slightly to
smell the air on his first day above ground. I’m not too sure why Hades lay relaxed like
this on his back, but I was certain he was finding the crisp air of the overworld invigorating
and life-giving! Can you imagine being underground in darkness
your entire life, and then emerging to greet a strange but alluring world above? There are so many reasons why the arrival
of Hades here means so much to us. In fact, we, the AC Family, have been waiting
for this moment for months. It seems like yesterday, it was just Thanksgiving,
and I was prepping some fattened rhino beetle grubs for the slaughter as a feast for all
the hungry ant colonies of the Ant Room, but boy am I glad, I couldn’t close down those
blades of death, to kill the naked and defenseless beetle larvae on that fateful evening. It’s funny how nature plays out, often with
such irony, because these rhino beetles actually went on to save the Golden Empire, one of
our long-time OG ant colonies, that were on the verge of complete extermination via blood-sucking
mites, by lending their own predatory Hypoaspis mites to their life-saving quarantine. These rhino beetles overall have been an absolute
blessing to the Antiverse. Wouldn’t you guys say? But AC Family, before we move on with what
everyone’s been waiting for, I happen to have another surprise I need to show you! Have a look! It seems Hades was not the only newcomer this
week. I assume most of us may have forgotten that
there was another beetle, developing quietly on the side. A female! I could tell this new female emerged when
I wasn’t looking, because the soil had been moved around. We didn’t give her a name because she was
young and we weren’t sure if she’d be arriving on time for the games, but turns out, she
wasn’t missing this once in a lifetime opportunity. She will now be named Artemis, after the Greek
goddess of the wilderness, bringing our female count to four. Freshly rotting banana has been placed within
the chambers of the Rhino Beetles tonight, because finally, the time has come, and the
beetles will need all the energy and nourshment they can get, for tonight marks the start
of the biggest, most epic event in the history of the Antiverse – the very first Rhino Beetle
Games 2019, an Olympic-style beetle competition, that will blow your mind! Most of you guys already have chosen a team,
among the 7 male Rhino Beetle Gladiators, and of course so have I. It’s time to have some fun! It’s the eve before the Rhino Beetle Games,
and in the silence of the Ant Room, I watched as the beetles began to emerge from their
slumber coming to the surface to feed. Little did these beetles know, what was up
ahead for them was something that would change their lives forever. And first up to change, were these growing
chambers which we called the Chambers of Sudan, named after the last living male Northern
white rhino who passed away last year. They’ve served their purpose at providing
a safehaven for these rhino beetles to mature from just babies to fully formed adults, but
these beetles no longer needed rearing chambers which by now have become quite lived in over
the past 5 months. It was time to give our Gladiators, some new
Royal Accommodation. AC Family, behold! The Sudan Suites. Each of these luxurious condos, are specially
designed to house rhino beetles, and as you can see, they are each customized and branded
with the official badges of our Gladiators, completely ready to house them. These will be the new homes of our Rhino Beetles
throughout the competition, until the ultimate winner along with all the females move into
the prized Beetle estate, but more about that later. I was excited to move the Gladiators in! But first, there was one final preparation
needed to give these Sudan Suites, the five star prestige of which we boast. Only the finest of coco peat, imported from
the ambrosial coconut plantations of the Philippine archipelago, will suffice to become the luxurious,
pillowy beddings of our Rhino Beetle Gladiators. Prepared with crystal rain waters, to produce
the world best substrate in which our VIP beetles shall be living and sleeping. And voila! Look at that coco peat. Does that not just scream beetle glamor? I think so! I placed the substrate carefully into each
of the Sudan Suites, and then suddenly, it was time to welcome the rhino beetles into
their new homes, but this was also the perfect opportunity, AC Family, to get a closer look
at each of your chosen Rhino Beetle Gladiators! Bring out the Gladiators! In this bowl, we shall meet and admire our
Gladiators, starting with Ares. Look at him go! Ares is a strong beast, with a solid build,
dark chestnut brown. He’s got great energy, and is quite agile,
even on this slippery surface. As he lays still, we can see that he sports
an impressively-sized horn. #TeamAres, behold your champion! If you’re Team Ares, sound off in the comments
to cheer on your Gladiator, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #TeamAres! Next, we meet Apollo! My AC Family, he’s a fast one! He’s actually the littlest of the male rhino
beetles, but look at him go! He’s quick and nimble, very effective on his
feet! He sports a beautiful reddish brown carapace. He’s got a rather tiny horn, but it seems
what he lacks in physique, he makes up for in athleticism. Another thing that makes Apollo special, is
that he was the first to donate his Hypoaspis mites for our experiment which sought out
to discover if the Hypoaspis mites on the bodies of these beetles could be used to eradicate
the Golden Empire’s mite problem, which ultimately lead on to save them. Guys, if you’re #TeamApollo, sound off in
the comments to cheer on your heroic Gladiator! Remember the hashtag. Up next, we have a crowd favourite! The audiences are roaring as we welcome Poseidon! And holy Sudan, Poseidon is absolutely massive! Easily among the biggest if not the biggest
of the male rhino beetles, this juggernaut sports huge horns both top and bottom. He’s quite strong and has a lot of energy
as he moves around this bowl. If you’re part of the fandom that is #TeamPoseidon,
sound off in the comments for your Gladiator! And don’t forget the hashtag. Moving a long, we have our next great Gladiator
Hephaestus! As soon as I put him down, he stood completely
still. He looked a little low energy and almost sad. Could be because he knew he had the least
fans rooting for him, with #TeamHephaestus making up less than 1% of hashtags so far? He didn’t have the biggest horns, nor the
biggest build, nor beautiful elytra colour like the other boys. It was for this reason that Hephaestus has
become the official underdog of the competition, and also my personal vote to win the Rhino
Beetle Games. Hey, you better believe I’m gunna partake
in these games too! AC Family, if you’re also #TeamHephaestus,
let’s make some noise for our Gladiator and boost his morale so he can take the win! Let’s make it so the competition can’t ignore
our hashtag in the comments! Next up, we’ve got Dionysus. Now Dionysus was actually the second lowest
in the popularity votes, but for you 4% who actually have been championing #TeamDionysus
from the start, I think you’ll be very pleased to see him now. Flipped over, we can see that he bears a massive
Hypoaspis mite population. He houses an entire country of Hypoaspis mites
on his chest! Wow! It does look kinda repulsive if you’re new
to Rhino Beetles, but just a reminder that these are predatory mites that eat bad mites,
not parasitic mites. They’re his friends! You’ll also be happy to know that Dionysus
sports one of the thickest and most solid horns in the game! That girth though! He displays strength, energy, a gorgeous carapace,
and we now know is popular with the mites! If you’re #TeamDionysus, let the wine overflow,
and sound off in the comments for your Gladiator! And next up, we have Zeus, and wow, the grip
on him was just insane! It took me awhile to pry him off and his leg
spines really hurt! But as soon as his huge body hit our bowl,
Zeus suddenly regained his composure and took on a surprising air of majesty. OMG Look at this, AC Family! Hypoaspis mites skated gracefully across his
perfectly polished elytra as he began to slow trot, almost king-like, around the bowl. Like the Greek ruler of the gods he was named
after, Zeus was truly an alpha beetle and he knew it! Oh, and look at him bow for you! What a showman! If you’re #TeamZeus, sound off in the comments
to cheer on your Gladiator! And last but not least, garnering the next
biggest fan base after Poseidon, I present to you our youngest of the males – Hades,
the crush of the people! For those of you who called #TeamHades even
before actually seeing him in his adult form, behold! Turns out, your Gladiator Hades is the biggest
of all male rhino beetles in the games! Look at the size of those horns! Wow! Hades has turned out to be a gorgeous, adonis
of a beetle! Huge horns, the biggest we’ve ever seen, and
despite his youth it seems Hades does not fall short in strength, speed, nor agility. And right before leaving the bowl, he looks
out at us, winks his antennae and takes a bow. Hey, did he steal that move from Zeus! #TeamHades, sound off in the comments for
your Gladiator, another crowd favourite, who is officially breaking hearts around the world! What a flirt! And that, AC Family, is all seven of the competing
male Rhino Beetle Gladiators, but before you guys start switching your alliances to other
teams, perhaps to the Gladiators with the biggest horns or most athletic builds, let
me remind you that body or horn size might not necessarily ensure victory in these Rhino
Beetle Games. So if you’re new here, here is a rundown on
how these Rhino Beetle Games will work! See it as a sort of Rhino Beetle Olympics
meets Rhino Beetle Amazing Race, with a series of competitions that will act as both rewards
for the top winners and elimination rounds for the bottom losers. The Rhino Beetle Games will be composed of
a series of six elimination rounds of specific challenges that will test rhino beetle skills,
utilized in real life situations in the wild. All seven males will compete against each
other in these six challenges, which will test their innate strength, agility, speed,
and other proficiencies that help rhino beetles survive in the wild. Each challenge will allow us to get a glimpse
of just how magnificent these beetles are as we witness their amazing displays of strength,
agility, speed, etc. Now, the first place of every challenge will
win a special prize that may or may not give them an upper hand for proceeding challenges,
while the last place of every challenge will merit release back into the wild, where they
were collected. Depending on how you see it, liberation of
the losers can mean that all beetles win no matter what. Now, as for the ultimate winner of the Rhino
Beetle Games, I’ll get to that in just a second. But first, here are the Rhino Beetle Games’
six sporting events: Elimination Round 1 “The Rhino Dive”, Elimination
Round 2 “The Strength Test”, Elimination Round 3 “The Amazing Food Race”, Elimination Round
4 “Stridulation Idol”, Elimination Round 5 “The Search For Love”, and last but not least,
the final elimination round, “The Joust” which will be the highly anticipated beetle fight
of the century between the top 2 rhino beetle gladiator finalists, taking place in the Ringo
Stadium. Just a note, guys, that all Rhino Beetle Games
sporting events are designed with the beetle’s safety in mind, and you can rest assured that
under no circumstances, will they be put in a harmful or overly stressful situation. Even during the final joust event, these beetles
naturally wrestle by trying to knock their opponent off a landmark like a stick or rock. The losing beetles don’t die and their exoskeletons
are hard so they don’t sustain injuries. The only injury they sustain from a rhino
beetle fight is a solid blow to their confidence perhaps. But don’t worry, I have a special prize in
mind for the second prize winner, too. Now going back to my point on whether super
large horns will guarantee a rhino beetle’s success at survival and mating in the wild,
and furthermore, success at winning in our Rhino Beetle Games, it’s questionable. Large conspicuous horns might make beetles
easier to spot by predators, it might be an encumbrance when trying to travel or run away,
it might even be harder to dig with. Who knows? But, we’ll be able to gain more insight and
answers to these curious questions, while these great 2019 Rhino Beetle Games is in
progress. And AC Family, here’s where your epic participation
comes in. The reason I’m reminding everyone to use their
team hashtag in the comments section, indicating which gladiator they’re rooting for, is because
I’m going to keep track of who is rooting for who, and at the end of these games, I’ll
be giving out a special prize from the AntsCanada shop for 10 lucky subscribers, yes, you AC
Family, who have been championing the winning Rhino Beetle all this time! Choose only one rhino beetle gladiator to
qualify, as those of you trying to choose more than one will not qualify to win the
prize. And guys, also feel free to share this video
with all your nature-loving friends so they, too can join in on the fun! Finally, of course, you must subscribe to
this channel to qualify! Now, as you may or may not recall, the ultimate
winner of the entire 2019 Rhino Beetle Games shall inherit the a beetle paradise, complete
with space, food, guaranteed protection from predators in the security of our Ant Room,
and of course, the female rhino beetles to breed with. And speaking of which, AC Family, it’s time
we meet our lovely ladies. Behold, Artemis, dark and quaint, Athena,
nimble and smooth, Aphrodite who posed for us so we could bathe in the glory of her beauty,
and when I got to Hera, what I discovered as I dug into the soils shocked me. I’m sad to announce that Hera, though seen
emerging on a few nights has sadly passed away. How sad. Guess this is the harsh reality in nature. Sometimes, some beetles don’t make it. And so, our female count is back to three. But don’t worry, guys, I had a plan to honour
Hera, in a immense way through the these Rhino Beetle Games. But now, AC Family, the moment we’ve all been
waiting for. Radio Voice 1: Good morning, Antiverse! The time is 6AM and you’re tuned into Rocksteady
FM with DJ VW, Radio Voice 2: and DJ LadyB! Radio Voice 1: Now unless you’ve been living
under a rock, which is pretty much the most of us, you probably have been anticipating
this titanic event! Radio Voice 2: That’s right VW, the 2019 Rhino
Beetle Games are happening in just a few minutes! And we’ve got all the best RBG coverage coming
right up, so don’t touch that dial! Just a reminder that the Rhino Beetle Games
are brought to you by Visit and remember, it’s ant
love forever! Radio Voice 1: You know what LadyB, I think
it’s safe to say that we here at the station are pretty stoked to see Gladiator Zeus take
the win today! Radio Voice 2: Oh no way! #TeamHades all the way! I wanna marry him! Radio Voice 1: Ok, that’s just wrong! All the buzz and anticipation for the games
has been building up to a climax throughout the entire Antiverse! All the ant kingdoms and beasts, were up earlier
than usual, to catch this very first and pivotal event of its kind, to ever grace the Ant Room. With front row seating to the Games, we have
the Triple A Rhino Beetle females – Aphrodite, Artemis, and Athena, ready to watch the males
compete and quietly cheering them on. As for our males, they were warming up on
the sidelines, preparing for this first epic sporting event, they were each about to partake
in. Radio Voice 1: Now this first sporting event,
the Gladiators are gearing up for, is called the “Rhino Dive”, and will test these rhino
beetles on their ability to dig into the soil. Radio Voice 2: That’s right, VW! In the wild, a rhino beetle’s ability to dig
into the soil could spell life or death at the onset of a predator, and I’m interested
to see which of our seven male rhino beetle Gladiators will prove to be the best of the
best diggers. Radio Voice 1: Each of the Gladiators will
be placed onto a platform, upon which they will each be given 3 minutes to completely
submerge themselves into the earth. Sounds easy right? Well, not so fast. Under all that dirt, the entire digging field
is full of obstacles, twigs, rocks, and sphagnum moss that might make digging much more challenging. Radio Voice 2: Ooooh it’s gunna be tough! If any of the males fail to completely submerge
themselves into the earth by the time the 3 minutes is up, they proceed to an elimination
round challenge to fight for their spot to remain in the Rhino Beetle Games, and ultimately
the Antiverse. Radio Voice 1: Alright LadyB, it looks like
the hour has come to determine the official order in which the Gladiators will be competing. Radio Voice 2: Let’s watch this! I’m nervous! Radio Voice 1: The Antiverse’s very own Creator
of Worlds has prepared a bowl with each of the male’s names, and is sending in his Griffon
from the Netherworlds to choose the official order. Who will be the first of the beetles to compete? The griffon deliberates, and grabs a name. Who did she pick? Radio Voice 2: Poseidon! Radio Voice 1: Poseidon, alright! Indeed, a crowd favourite in these games. I can’t wait to “sea” how he does! Radio Voice 2: Haha! “Sea”, I “sea” what you did there, VW. Radio Voice 1: Haha! Following Poseidon will be Gladiator Hephaestus. Radio Voice 2: You know, he doesn’t have the
biggest support in the competition, but word has it, the Creator of Worlds is rooting for
him. Radio Voice 1: Yeah, perhaps he just might
surprise us! Radio Voice 2: After Hephaestus, will be Dionysus. Radio Voice 1: Lauded as one of the most likely
to win overall according Beetle Magazine. Radio Voice 2: Is that so? Hmmm… Radio Voice 1: Yup. Following Dionysus, the small but heroic,
Apollo. Radio Voice 2: You know I like Apollo. He’s a myrmanthropist! Donating his mites to mite research, saving
sick ants in other terrariums around the Antiverse. Radio Voice 1: Very noble indeed. Up next will be… Oh… Radio Voice 2: Oh, my ultimate crush Hades! Haha! Radio Voice 1: Haha! Relax your pheromones, LadyB. Definitely has that “id” factor and is undoubtedly
a crowd pleaser! I hear his management is in negotiations now
for a multi-million banana movie contract. Radio Voice 2: Oh, I’d totally watch anything
with him in it! Radio Voice 1: Following Hades will be Ares,
another favourite. Radio Voice 2: I wonder if Ares is an Aries! Radio Voice 1: I guess it all depends if you
count the date his egg was laid, or if you count the date he hatched from the egg. We’ll have to check his Wikipedia page for
that! So with Ares being second last, it means our
Gladiator Zeus shall be going last! Radio Voice 2: He’s such a gentlebeetle, that
Zeus. Radio Voice 1: Yeah, he’s truly distinguished
and noble inside and out! I’m sure he’ll put on a great show for us! And there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. The official order of competition in the Rhino
Beetle Games! All rise for the Rhino Beetle National Anthem! [Music playing – African_Drums_Sting] [Random beetle hisses] Alright AC Family, and now the moment has
come! Let the Rhino Beetle Games begin! #TeamPoseidon, cheer on your Gladiator! Go! Poseidon makes his way quickly towards the
back and immediately dives into a pocket below some sphagnum moss. There is nothing stopping Poseidon now, he’s
almost under! And he’s concealed! Wow! Poseidon finishes with a great time of 38.27
seconds! #TeamHephaestus, cheer on your Gladiator! Go! Let’s go Hephaestus, buddy! I mean, go Hephaestus! He heads towards the front of the field and
surprisingly freezes right at the wall. The time was ticking. Oh come on! Start digging! Hephaestus needed to absolutely be under by
3 minutes or he would proceed to the bottom round elimination challenge where he would
compete for his chance to stay in the games. As the time ticked on and on, Hephaestus was
not going to budge. It seemed he was a bit tired and just wanted
to relax. Perhaps passed his bedtime? Hephaestus continued to rest here not moving
until the timer passed the 3 minute mark. Awwww, Hephaestus. He failed the challenge and was going to proceed
to the elimination round. #TeamDionysus, cheer on your Gladiator! Go! Dionysus raced to the front and began to climb
the glass wall, and oh he fell onto his back! Oh no! Oh, masterful recovery from the fall! He moves swiftly now to the right corner of
the digging field, searching ever so carefully for the perfect spot to dig. And yes, it looks like Dionysus found a spot. He starts to dig with about 1 minute passed
on the clock. Team Dionysus, will your gladiator make it
below the surface before 3 minutes? And… Yes! He’s in, at only 1 minute 38 seconds! Great work, Dionysus! He’s safe this week! #TeamApollo, cheer on your Gladiator! Go! Small but terrible Apollo races to the right
side. Look at him go! What a turbo Gladiator. He heads straight for the moss and attempts
to climb the glass and squeezes behind the plants. Will he find a spot below ground to dig, though? He’s still clamors to try climbing the glass. 1 minute! Oh, Apollo falls onto his back! Recovered… and again onto his back… Recovered! If he can’t get underground soon, he too will
proceed to eliminations! Alright he now heads to the left away from
the plants still trying to scale the glass wall. Where is he headed? He makes his way to the front of the field
now and oh towards the corner, and OMG he climbs onto the ledge! I can’t believe this! Look at that balance! He scurries to the other side of the field
now and like a little fire cracker is exploding forth up the sides and onto the back wall! He’s really determined to climb up and not
dig down. The 3 minute mark is fast approaching! And sadly for #TeamApollo, it looks like your
Gladiator is heading to eliminations and risks being kicked out of the Antiverse and the
games. #TeamHades, cheer on your Gladiator! Go! This huge and youngest of the beetles sprints
to the right and oh is he digging already? Yes he is! He’s trying hard to dig down but it looks
like the obstacles are hindering him from moving vertically. He’s sliding forward! Oh! It looks like he’s stuck! Hades stands frozen in his tracks. Oh no! 1 minute passes, and Hades was not moving… Oh he was doing so well! And as the timer ticked passed the 3 minute
mark, Hades, still not moving from his spot, also proceeded to the elimination round! Awww man! #TeamAres, cheer on your Gladiator! Go! As soon as Ares’ legs hit the platform, Ares
froze and began to seemingly slip around. Oh boy! Ares was not moving! Go, go, go! Finally Ares decides to turn to the left,
but slowly and cautiously begins to move across the soil. Oh, it looks like Ares is determined to take
his sweet time and investigate these lands. The clock is ticking as Ares continues to
snoop around and smell the earth with his antennae. With 2 minutes down it looks like Ares is
looking for a place to dig but is really taking his time. Oh there we go! He’s starting to dig but will it be on time?! Go Ares! He slides trying to find the best spot to
dig. The 3 minute mark is fast approaching! And oh, sadly Ares was unsuccessful at submerging
himself by 3 minutes. #TeamAres, your Gladiator also risks leaving
the games as he proceeds to the elimination round! And finally #TeamZeus, cheer on your Gladiator! Go! Zeus, stood still and took a bow to relax
on the platform. As mites skated across his elytra, he began
to move ever so slowly to the right. It seems Zeus was also determined to take
his time. This was around rhino beetle bedtime, chosen
specifically for this event to increase the beetles’ urge to dig below the soil, but also
while they still had energy. But will Zeus be the 5th beetle to proceed
to the elimination round? He doesn’t seem to want to dig and we’re halfway
through the cut-off time! And then suddenly, Zeus turned his horn downwards
and began to dig! OMG! Will he make it below the surface before the
3 minute mark? Zeus pushes and pushes but seems to have problems
finding a vertical space. He’s pushing and pushing as the clock gets
closer to 3 minutes. 2 minutes and 3 seconds on the clock but a
bit of his elyrtra are still visible. The rules state that he must be below the
surface of the soil completely to count! Oh man, it’s so close! 15 seconds left on the clock! Team Zeus will your Gladiator make it?! And, Team Zeus…. he’s in! Did he make it?! I looked at the clock and Yes! 2 minutes and 53 seconds left on the clock! That was so close! Zeus was successful and is safe this week! Radio Voice 1: Wow! What a competition, right guys? Radio Voice 2: I can’t believe my gorgeous
Hades is in the bottom four. Radio Voice 1: And my Zeus pulled through
in the end! The top 3 winners of the Rhino Dive event
are as follows: Zeus in third, Dionysus in second, and in first place today is Gladiator
Poseidon! Congratulations to #TeamPoseidon! As the winner, he now earns the prestigious
acclaim of holding the Great Pyramid of Hera, named in memory of one of the madams who passed
away prior to the games! Radio Voice 2: What an honour that is! Radio Voice 1: As holder of the Great Pyramid
of Hera for this event, Posiedon will get to enjoy his extraordinary prize of additional
moistened soils, abundant with populations of soil creatures to keep his Sudan Suite
clean of mold, fungal infection, and ammonia for him, along with a lavish leaf shelter
to lock all that delicious moisture in! Talk about posh accommodations! Radio Voice 2: Unbelievable! The added beddings will surely make him feel
extra comfy for the remainder of the competition. Congratulations, all you Team Poseidon! Your Gladiator performed excellently today. Radio Voice 1: That’s right Lady B, congratulations
to all the top 3, but now, as for our bottom four, Hephaestus, Apollo, Hades, and Ares,
who failed to dig within the 3 minutes, they will be proceeding on to the ultimate elimination
round for the three remaining spots in the Games, which means we will be saying goodbye
to one of these Rhino Beetle Gladiators when it’s all done. AC Family, before us sits the bottom four. Three of these Rhino Beetle Gladiators shall
be staying with us in the Antiverse to compete in these continuing Rhino Beetle Games, and
one of these Gladiators shall be exiled from the Antiverse, to be released back into the
wild. Team Hephaestus, Team Apollo, Team Hades,
and Team Ares, here’s how this battle elimination round is going to work. AC Family, behold, the venue for the ominous
Elimination Round. The digging field has been transformed into
a strange garden of statues that may look random, but they each have something in common. One thing you may have noticed during the
games, was that some of the beetles in the heat of the moment, decided not to flee nor
start digging into the soils right away, but rather chose to simply keep still. Though digging into the ground in a speedy
manner can help a rhino beetle increase its chances of success and survival in the wild,
there is also something to be said about the beetle that chooses instinctively to keep
still. You see, beetles above ground also must contend
with a plethora of predators that might be able to hunt rhino beetles down by sight,
like birds, large reptiles, and even primates. And so in this elimination round, our bottom
four Rhino Beetle Gladiators will be placed into the garden of predators, and the first
rhino beetle to touch any of these predators will be the one we say goodbye to, losing
his spot in the Rhino Beetle Games, as well as the Antiverse. In this case, keeping still or even digging
into the ground nearby will be of great benefit to the Gladiators. AC Family, are you ready? All the beetles will be set up on this platform
and moved in. Who do you think will be eliminated and leaving
the Games and the Antiverse tonight? I don’t know about you but my heart was beating
hard in my chest! Here goes nothing, guys! Cheer on your Gladiators! 1 – 2 – 3! And they’re off! Oh, Hephaestus and Ares keeping perfectly
still in their spots, Apollo and Hades dashing off the platform. Oh look at Apollo, barely missing that bird,
but oh no! Ahhhhh! Apollo touched one of the bird statues. Team Apollo, I am sorry! Team Hephaestus, Team Ares, and Team Hades,
your Gladiators are safe and shall be proceeding to compete in the next round of the Rhino
Beetle Games. Apollo scratched up against the glass, as
we move in to make our final goodbyes to a fine Gladiator. What made Apollo special was that he was responsible
for us discovering the cure to our recent parasitic mite problem, and had it not been
for him, it would have completely wiped out one of our oldest and most beloved colonies
on this channel, the Golden Empire, who are now well on their road to recovery. Radio Voice 1: It is with heavy hearts that
we say goodbye tonight to a Gladiator that not only has become a friend to us, but who
has also become a hero to all in the Antiverse. Radio Voice 2: Apollo, why am I crying? We’ll miss you so much! We wish you well frolicking the open fields
of coconut trees in your natural habitat. And indeed we will miss our little lightning
Apollo. We watched him grow from just a little larva,
and even as the littlest of the bunch, he still proved to us that he had the biggest
spirit and heart. And with one now gone, there are six left
to proceed on to the next round, and the competition is guaranteed to get more and more intense. And so continues the great Rhino Beetle Games. I’ll see you all there, next week! Go Hephaestuuuuuuuus, buddy! Wooohhooooo! Alright, guys! So it seems Gladiator Apollo is heading home,
literally he’s going to be released back into the wild from where all the beetles were collected. For those of you Team Apollo, do feel free
to keep playing in these games and choose a new Gladiator to champion, but sadly you
won’t qualify for a prize, but hey it’s all for fun anyway, right? Were you happy with the results? Guys, be sure to tune in next week to catch
the second round of the Rhino Beetle Games and watch your Gladiators duke it out for
the top spot and prize! For all of you whose Gladiators are still
in the games, congratulations to your champions, be sure to leave your comments for them, to
cheer them on, as rumour has it, they do read their fan mail, and remember to use their
official team hashtags, and good luck to the remaining six on their future rounds to come! So guys, be sure to smash that subscribe button
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this super fun and educational experience! If you’re new to the channel, and want to
catch up on all your AntsCanada Lore, feel free to binge watch this complete story line
playlist here, which traces the origins of all the ant colonies of the ant room, so you
can follow their stories and better appreciate how these ant kingdoms came to be, and why
we love them so much! AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you would just like to watch some extended replay footage of your Rhino
Beetle Gladiators! And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
Week! Last week we asked: Why was the small original pond
not suitable for 18 toads? Congratulations to Lucas Nguyen who correctly
answered: The original pond would be too small
and the ammonia levels would rise due to the toads waste causing the toads
to die from ammonia poisoning. Congratulations, Lucas, you just won a free
e-book handbook from our shop! In this week’s AC Question of the Week, we
ask: How might keeping still help a
rhino beetle survive in the wild? Leave your answer in the comments section
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100 Replies to “The Rhino Beetle Games | Epic Beetle Olympics”

  1. Just did a literal blind beetle choice. I picked #TeamHephaestus because the name sounds cool. My fiance chose #TeamPoseidon because of the aqua-man movie. Winner gets to choose the wedding location. LETS GO MY LITTLE HEPH-ER! EDIT Forgot to add the hashtags TT

  2. #TEAMHADES maybe he will give you hot water to your coffee because God of the underworld lava and fire??????
    Please like how many likes that Hades can win just one like pweassssssssse
    Edit:forgot to edit

  3. I'm going for #TeamZeus!

    Hades has the most beautiful colors though. ?

    Sorry to see that Hera passed away. She is my favorite Goddess. I even named my daughter after her! ?

  4. Tbh at his first video about saying bout the rhino beetles I was like my gut chose poseidon i was like ok ok poseidon we see u

  5. Legit I rooted for #Hades but I am still watching the video I do not even know who won anyways and my second choice would have chosen #Ares

  6. im late to this particular video but i have to say its one of your most entertaining yet! keep it up my friend i love this channel

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