The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.294 Part. 1 [ENG/IND/2019.09.15]

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.294 Part. 1 [ENG/IND/2019.09.15]

Let’s meet the Lion King FC players. Today is… Summer – Boot Camp Training. / – Boot camp training. It’s boot camp training. They are just little kids. (Something doesn’t feel right.) – Boot camp training. / – Danwoo is going home. He’s going home. For you to become great players, you must get through this tough training. Let’s have some fun training today. Do you know where we are? – Yes. / – It’s a soccer field. You’ll be playing at this soccer field soon. Do you want to win or lose? – We want to win. / – That’s right. I have a skill only I know of. What is it? Dribble? I’ll trick our opponents and run toward our goal then shoot the other way. That sounds good, right? It’s a great skill. Let’s warm up. – One, two, three, four. / – One, two, three, four. – Two, two, three, four. / – You’re doing good. – Five, six, seven, eight. / – The other side. You must always stretch before any kinds of sports. Right. That’s a hard move. – It pulls your abs. / – One, two, three, four. On your feet. (What is next?) Now… You must have strong abs to play soccer. Look at me. Let’s tone our core muscles. Go on all fours – like this. / – That’s the plank. – He knows the plank! / – He is the ace indeed. Let’s start now. – One, two, three… / – Look to the front. Look forward. Four, – five… / – They are shaking. – This is not easy. / – Eight. – 15, 16… / – What is he doing? Is he tired already? (This is my moment alone with the soft grass.) Or does he already have fabulous abs? (Jungjae is a free spirit.) 20. – Okay. / – We did it up to 20. (I’m exhausted.) The other side. – 21, 22, 23… / – Gosh, Danwoo. Worthy of his name, – he’s very determined. / – What is that? Why do you need that now? Leave it there. Leave everything you don’t need to play soccer. He’s hiding it under his hat in case someone takes it. 35, 39. 90. Danwoo, you can stand up now. You’re the best. You did the best. (I did it for 98 seconds.) – Do ten sit-ups. Go. / – Let’s see who finishes first. – One. / – How will they do this? – Two. / – They are doing it! – Five. / – It’s the fifth one already. – Sian is truly / – Six. – Lee Donggook’s son. / – Seven. Go lower. (He gives him a resentful look.) If he goes too low, he can’t get back up. (Struggling) – He got back up. / – Six. Sit up. – He’s amazing. / – Nine. – It’s seven. / – Seven. (Why is Dad staying near me?) Eight. (This boy looks like he’s struggling the most.) It is really hard. – I can’t do it. / – Hold my hand. – In three, two, one. Sit up. / – He’s the best. Again. Three, two, one. – Sit up. Well done. / – Right, you should help the players while training. – He did it. / – That’s it. (He pulls it off by himself.) Good job. If you do this, you can move your legs faster. – No way. / – No way. Set, go! They are so good. They do everything they’re told. (This is a true boot camp training.) Did you drag the tire when you were six? Not when I was six. – They’re all smiling regardless. / – You’re right. Next are Sian and Jaehee. (This time, it’s Sian versus Jaehee.) Jaehee, are you confident? – Are you confident you’ll win? / – Yes. I think Jaehee will win. – Where is his confidence? / – Why are you saying that? – Sian used to brim with confidence. / – Right. Who do you think did the best today? (During the interview after the first soccer game…) (I don’t want to accept it,) (but it was Jaehee.) It must’ve hurt Donggook’s heart to hear him say that. Did you feel anything while playing with your friends? Yes. (That I’m not good.) Don’t say things like that, Sian. When your children realize something after working as a group, – it gets the dad emotional. / – I’d imagine so. – Play fair and square. / – Okay. You can do it. – You should give him confidence. / – Set… No. Start dragging when I say “go”. I see that – you’re getting tense. / – It’s a war of nerves. – Three. Go. / – Go, Sian. – Go, Sian. / – It’s a little heavy. – You can do it, Sian. / – Go, Sian. – Go, Sian. / – Three. Go. – He’s keeping tabs on Jaehee. / – That’s a good start. It’s a little heavy. That’s it. Run! It’s okay to be late. (Guys, you can do this.) That’s it. Great. Just do your best. (But he’s so far ahead.) – Really. / – It’s okay. I came in first. (Jaehee wins by landslide.) – It’s okay. / – I’m not crying. – What? / – I’m not crying. – Good boy. / – I guess he wants to cry. – Should you cry or not? / – We should not. – Just do your best. / – Do your best. The Return of Superman, episode 294. “It’s Written as Failure, but Reads as Experience.” It’s finally time for the second match. Will they be able to win again? Guys, do you see the players coming in over there? They are the opponents. Are they a year older or younger than us? No. Everyone is six years old. – I see. / – Six six-year-olds here. We aren’t six. We are five. – No, you’re six. / – There are six of you. You should count yourself too, Danwoo. – One, two, three, four, / – That could happen. – five, six. / – They only count what they see. Except himself. You should do a good job defending. I’ll help out too. They have great teamwork. I’ll help. But I’m a striker. – A striker? / – Look here. – They are here. / – They are Mischief FC. – Are they good? / – Yes. We must win. Greet their coach and director. – Hello. / – Hello. They must be nervous. How long have they trained? – It’s been about a year. / – I see. A year? – It’s been a month for them. / – Yes, a month. They haven’t done much. They ate some samgyetang – then went on a match. / – Shake hands. Shake hands. In two, one. It’s one-month-old Lion King FC versus one-year-old Mischief FC. The passionate match between the little players begins now. – You can do it. / – You can do it. It’s uplifting to have your family cheer for you. Danwoo is the goalie just like his mother. (Sian is the captain.) (The first half begins.) All right. Lion King kicked off. Their one-year training advantage is evident. Look at his footwork. – That’s it. / – He blocked it. Wait. You can’t hold it with your hands. – What just happened? / – Oh, no. Oh, no. I didn’t realize. He touched the ball with his hands while inside the penalty box when he isn’t the goalie. (Oh, no. Jungjae…) He’s truly the son of a baseball player, catching the ball with his hands. Jungjae, you can’t touch the ball with your hands. Get ready for a penalty kick. – Block it. / – I hope he can block it. Please, Danwoo. – Move a little to the side. / – You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. – You can do it. / – You can block it. (He stalls for a moment.) It’s Danwoo’s super save. – He blocked it. / – He saved it. He knew where the ball was going and blocked it. (Danwoo’s mother stays calm.) (Jungjae’s mom is more delighted than Danwoo’s mom.) Jungjae’s mom is happier than Danwoo’s mom. (Mischief FC starts their counterattack.) Block the right side. He’s inside the box. – Be careful. / – He’s going to shoot. (They let the other team score first.) They gave away a score. (How could this happen?) – It’s okay. / – Mischief FC scored first. They took lead by one goal. What a pity. Good job. (Mischief FC players start attacking again.) Block it. (They let their opponents score again.) The defenders are… (Lion King FC: 0, Mischief FC: 2) (Lion King FC: 0, Mischief FC: 3) (They are not an easy opponent.) (They’ve become speechless.) (Depressed) It’s okay. At times like this, they must cheer harder so that the players don’t get discouraged. – It’s there. / – You can do it. (Sunggong strikes hard with his left foot.) – Sunggong. / – He makes a mid-range shot, and it’s a goal. (Cheering) Outside the penalty box, Sunggong used his left foot… – It was an accurate shot. / – It was. It went right in. He saw the space around the goalkeeper and shot right through it. – Good job. / – Finally. Once you start scoring, – you’ll be on a roll. / – That’s right. – That’s one goal. / – The first half has finished. Three-to-one score – with Mischief FC in the lead. / – Sit here. (Crying) Come here, Yoojun. – Why is he crying? / – Our team lost. – No, you didn’t. / – No, it’s only the first half. We lost. No, not yet. You still have to play. You can win in the second half, okay? You can win. It’s only three-to-one. You can turn the table. – Okay? / – Let’s do this. Don’t worry. We can win. Lion King FC. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – You can catch up. / – Let’s win this time, guys. – You can do it, Lion King FC. / – You can do it. The second half starts amidst all the cheering. (They desperately try to block Mischief FC players.) Don’t touch it with your hands. – No. / – Not your hands. (Luckily, he lost it.) – Don’t grab it. / – Don’t use your hands. It could’ve been a disaster. Go forward. – Jaehee, defend. / – Help the defender. (Try throwing it.) (He throws the ball.) That’s it! – He goes to counterattack. / – Sunggong, run! – That’s it. / – Sunggong has improved a lot. – That’s it. Sian. / – That’s a great dribbling move. Shoot with your right foot. – I think it went in. / – Did it? Sian. He changes the direction once. Then he shoots. – Then an in-front kick. / – That was great. That’s it. (Sian’s shot goes toward the goal.) (The goalkeeper saves it.) That was so close. – He caught it. / – This was another super save. I could’ve scored. – He did so well regardless. / – He did. That was incredible. Me? I could’ve scored, right? Where are the defenders? – What’s going on? / – There are no defenders. (He strikes through and scores a goal.) That was a perfect shot until the end. He’s so good. Is it another goal? He’s so good. (Lion King FC: 1, Mischief FC: 5) (Mischief FC continues to make a series of shots.) Jungjae! That’s okay. They are more experienced after all. (The opponents are scoring far more.) That was so close. (He’s crying.) – I want to stop playing. / – Well done. You want to stop playing? Play a little more. – Just a little more. / – Danwoo, you can do it. – You’re the goalkeeper. / – He must catch the balls. Danwoo must be upset. – Right. / – He let six goals in. – Here. / – Jaehee. Jaehee. Let’s stay over there or we’ll lose. Jaehee looks exceptionally tired today. (He makes a mistake.) You have a point. Things weren’t going his way, – and he fell quite a lot. / – Right. (He fell again.) His legs gave way. With the ace, Jaehee facing a crisis, the team’s result is at stake. (Jaehee, Mommy is watching you.) Focus, Jaehee. – My gosh. / – Goodness, ma’am. (He wakes up.) It’s like he woke up after hearing his mother. Jaehee is back on it again. Jaehee, keep it up. That’s it. He shoots! (Choi Jaehee) It goes in. His mom only said one thing. – “Focus, Jaehee.” / – “Focus.” That’s why you need your mom. His mother’s word encouraged him. (This is awesome.) (Jaehee, I’ll make you pork cutlet.) We can see that his mom’s charismatic coaching spurred Jaehee’s goals. It was a great goal. (Lion King FC: 2, Mischief FC: 6) (Shouting) Right. You can catch up one by one. (Now it’s time to lead the game.) That’s it. Try again. – Sunggong. / – Strikes through. Is he going to cross? Cross and shoot. (Sunggong made a great assist.) He made an accurate pass. – Jaehee, shoot! / – Jaehee! – It went in. / – Did it? – It went in. / – That’s it. – That was… / – It went in. He shot right to the corner of the goal. He scored because he wanted to celebrate. Stop defending now. All of you should go and attack. (Let me continue the winning streak.) – Right. Sian must want to score. / – Here. He wants the ball. Pass the ball to me. (Finally, Sian gets a chance.) He got a chance. – That’s it. / – Sian finally got a chance. It’s one-on-one. Oh, no. He made a mistake. What happened? What a shame. I could’ve scored a goal. He had to miss it there. (Lion King FC throws in from a good spot.) Good, that’s it. – That’s it. / – Sian. No one is marking him right now. Shoot! It’s a goal! He scored a volley goal just like his father. (Finally, Sian scored his first goal.) – That was a volley shot. / – Right. Lee Volley. It’s what Donggook is famous for. We can see that Sian inherited his skills. Great job, Sian. – That was a volley shot. / – Well done. – How did you manage it? / – He did so well. He threw it and I… (Am I dreaming?) How will you play in the next match? I will score a goal. (He tries not to show it.) He must be so proud. (He can’t help but smile.) He couldn’t help his smile. Wasn’t that a hard one to make? – Shooting it in mid-air? / – He kicked well. I was so surprised by your volley shot. Even you can’t do that, right? I couldn’t do it like you when I was six. I did it when I’m six. Did your body remember to do it? My brain did. – Your brain remembered it? / – Yes. What score would you give yourself today? – I’ll give 100 out of 100. / – 100? Yes. (He’s proud of himself.) (Jaehee helps his friends up even when he’s tired.) Jaehee helped him up. Great sportsmanship. They are only six-year-olds, but they are so cool. – It’s touching. / – Yes, it is. (He’s proud of them and feels bad at the same time.) The match ended at four-to-six loss. – Although they lost, / – Is it over now? they played greater than ever. Yes. We want to compliment them for long. Lion King FC, you’re the best. The children went through the first and second teams of Lion King FC. I hope they grow up to be someone who can fulfill their role wherever they may go. I also hope that this experience becomes a good memory for them. Lion King FC. – We can do it. / – We can do it. (Lion King FC, you can do it.) (Drizzling raindrops mark the end of summer.) Drizzling raindrops mark the end of summer. Who is visiting the traditional market? They are the Ra sisters. There are so many things here, Rawon. This is called a traditional market. – Where are we again? / – A traditional market. My wife’s parents live in Suwon, so I decided to stop by the traditional market to buy some stuff to bring to them. It’s also because I don’t recall bringing Rawon to a traditional market. She might enjoy how it’s different from a supermarket. (They look around first.) This place has a lot more food, it’s a lot cheaper, and is full of delicious things. Goodness! It’s not easy to see these things – at a supermarket. / – Right. Is this our first time at a traditional market? (This place is unfamiliar to her.) She’s never seen these things, so everything is new to her. She may find it unfamiliar – and scary. / – That’s possible. (Awkward) Come this way. Look, there’s juice. We’d like some juice. What do you want? Strawberry juice? Yes, that’s it. – What would you like? / – Juice she usually drinks. (Let me see.) Which one? – This is sikhye. / – Sikhye? Say, “We’d like a cup of sikhye.” “Give us a cold cup of sikhye.” I didn’t expect her to choose it. She has the palate of an adult. (I want it quickly.) – Thank you. / – Sure. (This is it.) – I think she’s feeling better. / – Right. It smells delicious. (Let’s see. What else is there?) She found something to eat. I can see it. – They’re rice cakes. / – Rice cake. – The square thing. / – This? What kid only eats rice cake and sikhye at a market? (Raim reaches out.) No, it’s not yours. (When will I get to eat these things?) You have long to wait, Raim. – I’m going to eat this. / – Sure. You can have a piece of this white rice cake. (What are you talking about?) I’m going to eat it all. All of it? This is called sultteok. (So this is how it tastes.) (Rawon has a good time with the sultteok.) She’s enjoying it. Rawon, how does it sound when you eat honey rice cake? – Honey, honey. / – That’s it. How about sultteok? (It sounds like this.) Since it’s sultteok. – How Raim must want it. / – Don’t it smell of alcohol? (I want to go to Mommy.) Here, Rawon. Aren’t you thirsty? Right, you’ll want some sikhye. (Let’s see what else is here.) Look. This is traditional Korean candy. – Do you know what it’s called? / – Rice flour candy. That’s it. Do you know what we use this for? For memorial services. She’s so clever. – She’s incredibly clever. / – I want to eat this, Dad. How does it taste? Of course it’s sweet. Is it sweet? Is it tasty? (Staring) Poor Raim. Raim wants to eat it too. What do we do? Rawon knows her sister can’t have it. – Let’s go. Okay. / – I’ll pull it on my own. – Give it to me. / – Please pull it for me. – Kyungmin must feel so proud. / – This way. Why do you like anchovies so much? (This is it.) Do you want the anchovies? – This and this. / – These two kinds? – Watermelon. / – Have you seen such small watermelons? Do you want this? – They’re enjoying the market thoroughly. / – Let’s go. Rawon. Do you know what we should get for your Suwon grandpa? Fermented skate. Fermented skate? What should we get your grandma? – Glutinous corn. / – Did she say she wants them? Buy two. – Just two? / – She knows the right amount. (Find skate and glutinous corns.) She seems to be looking for something. Dad. – What? / – Look over there. – What is it? / – Did she find something? You’re right. Let’s go. (She’s found a fishmonger.) It’s skate. – Come here. / – What is this? – I told you it’s a squid. / – Is this squid? There are conchs too. This. – That’s a fermented skate. / – That’s it. Great. This is skate. (Smell this.) (Sighing) (What is this smell?) We’ll take this. – Rawon could do it alone. / – I know. What would he have done without her? Thank you. Please give us glutinous corn. She’s such a smart kid. How much is one corn on the cob? Shall we pay two dollars and get this? Here. It’s hot. Be careful, it’s hot. Goodbye. She even bows politely. Dad. I want to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s quickly. – Her grandparents must love her. / – I know. (A chicken alley near the market) Now they are here to get galbi-flavored chicken. Wait a little more, Raim. She’s had enough. (I’ll give you this.) Puffed rice cake. Rawon gave it to you. She did, right? (Raim eats puffed rice cake.) (I’m satisfied now.) Do you know what’s famous in Suwon? – No. / – You don’t, right? Suwon’s galbi is famous. So is the fortress. But today, we’ll have some large galbi chicken. (It’s chicken but galbi?) – What’s large galbi chicken? / – What is that? (Suwon Large Galbi Chicken led the movie to success.) (This is Suwon Chicken Alley.) It’s tasty. If you taste this, you’ll only want this from now on. (Let’s order it quickly.) Raim can’t eat chicken yet, – so she’ll have to eat this. / – Puffed rice cake. All right. (Her only option is the puffed rice cake.) I’ll have to calm her down with this. (It’s been a while since she had puffed rice cake.) (It reminds me of my younger days.) When I was young, I ate a lot of baby food made with spinach, didn’t I? – Does she remember that? / – She must do. (Rawon…) You did but do you remember it? Do you remember it? (Nodding) Don’t lie. You can’t remember that. Your mom told you, right? (Come on, I said I remember it.) (Large galbi chicken is here.) – It’s here. / – Here you go. I wonder what it looks like. It’s here. The bowl is filled with the golden ratio of fried chicken and seasoned chicken. Large galbi chicken is a big portion. (I’m going to eat it all.) Eat this first. This isn’t hot. It must taste great. – Tear it sideways. / – Is she gnawing the drumstick? (It’s so good that it’s electrifying.) (Kyungmin takes a bite as well.) I’m a T-Rex. What a great scene. Father and daughter enjoying galbi-flavored chicken at a traditional market. (Your face beats mine.) (She grabs a big piece) (and takes a big bite.) Did you hear that? (Is this galbi or fried chicken?) (She gobbles it up.) – Does it taste that good? / – It must be. (Raim eats her snack to the smell of fried chicken.) You eat so well. How many pieces have you had? (The more she thinks about it, the sadder it gets.) (Give me the chicken too.) Is this not good enough? Sorry, we’re enjoying delicious food by ourselves. (She tries to eat her puffed rice cake,) This is tasty too. (but she has to see the chicken handed over to Rawon.) (Upset) She’s so upset. (Cooing) Hong Raim. (She holds on to the puffed rice cake) (and calls out for the fried chicken.) She’s crying but the eating must go on. (I want to eat what you eat too.) Her puffed rice cake is drenched with her tears. (She fell asleep after eating them.) She fell asleep while eating. She’s so docile. (Sucking) (She must be dreaming about eating chicken.) She’s sound asleep. (In her dream, Raim is full.) What do you think about this chicken? (Well…) It’s tasty. – I’m sure she means it. / – Is it? – Is it tasty? / – There’s no way it’s not tasty. (This chicken is…) “I have never eaten such chicken in my four-year life.” Let’s take out some chicken. It must have been a lifetime experience for her. Naeun, we’re going on an overnight trip today. (Yes!) You’re excited. Naeun, look ahead. It’s the sea. – It’s the sea. / – It’s the sea. – Waves. / – Do you see the waves? You can see waves and the vast ocean lining the roads. The first place for Gunhoo and Naeun’s trip is Pohang. – It’s the sea. What do I do? / – What do we do? (How will today unfold?) – What was that? / – What was the sound? (What is this sound?) He must’ve been tired. (Gunhoo is enjoying his sleep.) (Snoring) He was awake just moments ago. (This is when he was awake.) (I love the sunlight.) (After blinking his eyes for a while…) He fell asleep right before they arrived. (He’s sleeping deeply and snoring.) – Is he really snoring? / – Yes, he is. (Twitching) I’m sure he’s looking at the sea in his dream. (Gunhoo, look at the sea.) We’re going on a boat too. I love boats. You do? Let’s get on a boat and shout later. – But you shouldn’t shout. / – Why not? – Why not? / – It will scare other people. I see. Let’s say “Hurray” quietly, then. You can’t do that. – Not that either? / – No. – Why not? / – How many times did I tell you? Twice. (Why can’t you get it the first time?) Let’s have some fun, then. Before we go on the boat, let’s go and see the sea. Let’s look at the sea, Naeun. – He’s so cute. / – Let’s go see the sea. Look. We can go up the slope. I will go up. Let’s go. It’s a lot steeper than I thought. It’s like mount climbing. – Go up the slope. / – Look at his strong calves. He must be in a good mood. (Gunhoo’s ankle-less legs take him up the slope.) Look how strong Gunhoo is. He has amazing calves. (Flexing his calf muscles) (Coming up soon!) The class of Gunhoo’s thick calves and short ankles will be revealed at their accommodation shortly. – Coming soon! / – I got it. (Did you see that?) Thick calves and short ankles make the best pair. (He climbs to the top in no time.) My goodness! (His bulging stomach is helping too.) Just like Gunhoo’s bulging stomach, the fun-filled trip will continue shortly. (Part 2 will air shortly.)

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  1. Lion King FC is the future of Korea…other team was good too but they were trained for 1yr while Lion King FC only for 2days…wow

  2. This football match was most intensive then the world cup matches…. Just hope they grow up into great players..??? Sian gonna be a great captain…

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