The Real Reason Hulk Hogan SUED WCW Over A Storyline!

The Real Reason Hulk Hogan SUED WCW Over A Storyline!

Hulk Hogan joined Ted Turner’s WCW in 1994
and turned the wrestling world on its head in 1996 when he formed the New World Order.
He remained a top star in the company, but a storyline in 2000 forced him to leave WCW
and file a defamation of character lawsuit against their head of creative Vince Russo.
Was it a shoot, was it a work? Or something blurry in between? I am Luke Owen and this
is the story behind Hulk Hogan suing WCW over a storyline. Headline: WCW 2000: The Sinking Ship It’s the year 2000 and WCW was struggling
in the Monday Night War against the WWF. With ratings and PPV buyrates falling, the answer
to WCW’s problems – as the top brass saw it – was Vince Russo; the former head-writer
of the WWF who has been credited for a lot of the great work the company put out during
their Attitude Era. Russo came into WCW in 1999, and started his next big idea – doing
worked shoots in order to fool fans and the other wrestlers backstage. Russo’s logic was very simple. He theorized
that every wrestling fan was on the internet and reading the dirt sheets. So if he could
“fool the boys in the back”, then he could also fool the fans into believing what they
saw in front of them was real. The first example of this was at Russo’s very first WCW PPV
Halloween Havoc 1999, where he had Hulk Hogan in street clothes lay down for Sting in their
WCW World Heavyweight Championship match. Headline: Bash At The Beach 2000 The most infamous of Russo’s worked shoots,
which was actually quite similar, came at Bash at the Beach 2000, where a confused Hogan
pinned WCW Champion Jeff Jarrett who laid down for him. The Hulkster then cut a promo
saying WCW was, “is in the damn state it’s in –  because of bull**** like this.” Hulk
then walked to the back, grabbed his stuff and stormed out of the building with Eric
Bischoff. Later in the night, Russo came out and cut a promo about trying to do right by
the younger guys, but was being held back by the politicking of Hulk Hogan. He then
called Hogan a “piece of s***” and a “big bald son of a bitch” and made a new WCW
Championship match between Jarrett and Booker T to crown a real world champion. So, was it a work or was it a shoot? Perhaps
it’s put best in The Death of WCW by R.D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez which writes, “It
was a shoot – and a work. Or, more precisely, a work that turned into a shoot. Even more
precisely, it was a half-work-half-shoot that turned into a full-fledged shoot.” According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave
Meltzer there were wrestlers in WCW who believed this was a shoot, calling him up to say they
had seen Hogan and Russo arguing all day about the finish to the match. Although there were
a few questions raised about the situation. If it was a shoot, why were the two world
championship belts at the show? Why wasn’t Russo punished for going against the agreed
plan by Eric Bischoff? Why was the advertised main event of Hogan vs. Jarrett on before
Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg? Why was there word among the locker room that Booker T would
end the show as World Champion? Headline: So….What Happened? According to several sources – including Hogan
himself – the basic idea following Bash at the Beach was that Hogan would leave with
the belt, WCW would crown a new world champion, and then those two would collide at Starrcade
in a Champion vs. Champion match to crown an undisputed champion. However that all fell
through when Jarrett laid down for Hogan and Russo cut the promo. Here’s Vince Russo’s side of the story.
He claims that he had written the show so it would make Hogan “look like Superman”
but wouldn’t see him win the championship – and two hours before the show started Bischoff
told him that Hulk was invoking his creative control and refused to lose. And so Russo
told Jarrett to lie down and let Hogan win[4], and his “shoot” promo was only designed
to blur the lines and fool the Internet “smart marks”. Hogan’s side of the story is slightly different.
He claimed in an interview with Bubba the Love Sponge a few days after Bash at the Beach
that he had agreed to lose to Jeff Jarrett, but when Russo then told him he had no creative
plans for him going forward he demanded he win the title. Russo disagreed, and they had
to call TBS President Brad Siegel to agree on an outcome. According to Hogan, Siegel
and Bischoff backed him and a new finish was created by John Laurentius where Scott Steiner
would help him win the championship. Hogan claims that Russo went against the script
when he had Jarrett lay down for him – and he certainly didn’t agree on Vince Russo
cutting a promo on him later in the night. But whether it was a shoot or a work, or a
worked shoot, or a work that became a shoot, the lawsuit filed by Hulk Hogan was very real. Headline: Hogan Sues WCW Hogan’s attorney John Taylor filed the lawsuit
against WCW and Vince Russo in August 2000 following July’s Bash at the Beach which
claimed Russo’s comments about Hogan were defamation of character and a breach of his
WCW contract. Because Hogan had creative control over the Hulk Hogan character and any angles
that involved him, and because he hadn’t agreed to Russo’s promo – which was about
the Hulk Hogan character – there was a major problem. In court WCW representatives argued
that promos are used to further storylines, and Hogan’s contract agreement was control
over the outcome of matches and not storylines. However Taylor argued that the outcome of
a wrestling match is worthless if the storyline changes half an hour later, and Hogan himself
testified that he read “outcome” in his contract to mean how the story would end,
and not just the match. What’s amazing is this suit lasted well
past the point when Vince McMahon purchased all of WCW’s assets. This is the reason
Universal Wrestling Corporation – basically WCW without anything belonging to WCW – was
kept alive as a paper company. In the end the judge ruled in favour of WCW in 2005. We may never know the true story of what happened
backstage at Bash at the Beach 2000. Vince Russo reiterates his point in the WWE Network
series The Monday Night War, but Eric Bischoff features in the DVD extras on the home entertainment
release saying Russo’s story is BS. Which of course led to Russo releasing a YouTube
video saying his version isn’t BS. In conclusion, let’s learn from Hogan’s own words himself
from the 16th October 2011: “Goodnight HULKAMANIACS and jabronie marks without a life that don’t
know it a work when you work a work and work yourself into a shoot,marks.” What about the real-life feud between Chris
Jericho and Triple H? And what are some of wrestling’s biggest video game disasters?
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  1. Never even KNEW he Sued WCW! Damn, Hogan is a little crybaby bitch… "I don't like this! I'm telling my mom and she's going to SUE you… …BROTHER!"-

  2. I believe Vince Russo because hogan has a big ego and doesn’t like to loose to a lot of people even macho man and Bret hart said the same thing even stone cold said that hogan wouldn’t wrestle stone cold because hogan would lose and hogan said no and turn the match down

  3. egos getting in the way of egos. watch when WWE brings back the Hulkster and he cuts a promo all teary eyed thanking the fans for their support. Hogan, full of himself. Russo, full of shit.

  4. Say what you will about Russo, but at least he tried to come up with new ideas to save the WCW brand. It didn't work, but he tried.


    Sorry for sounding so obnoxious. I'm just very excited is all, since it was just so astounding!

  6. I really wanted to hear this story but I won't finish cause it's not Oli Davis speaking on it, that man's voice is like vocal ice cream for the ears

  7. they knew damn well signing Vince Russo was a bad idea why you think SPIKE doesn't want TNA no more Dixie was told not to hire Russo and she did it and it failed

  8. Also please guys, you gotta start doing NXT reviews as well…at least Takeover shows. Yes, I know you talk about them on the podcast, but still. If main roster PPVs get individual reviews, why not NXT ones as well?

  9. Lars Sullivan should go to WWE Smackdown Live or RAW and take WWE Galaxy championship from Brock Lesnar.
    Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, James Ellsworth, Shawn Michaels, The Rock and the undertaker are legends.

  10. Let’s look at the full spectrum Ted Turner no longer owned WCW
    AOL owned WCW
    AOL had lots of money
    Hogan got AOL money
    Also he told the “truth” to on his friends podcast
    The same friend that let him f**k his wife
    Hogan is notorious for twisting his story
    He’s an ego maniac that doesn’t want to look weak
    This is why he never put
    Jake the snake over
    Bret hart over
    Mr perfect over
    And stunning Steve Austin
    (Stone cold thought that old hogan was on his level and wouldn’t put him over #burn)
    Vince russo was only great in (then) wwf because Vince McMahon had the final say

    Let’s be honest here hogan was (is) a dick
    And wanted it his way
    Vince Russo was (is) a dick and wanted it his way

  11. I think it was a work of a work, off a shoot that was a work which went wrong because of the work not working the work the right way.

    My head hurts.

  12. glad you talked about this.. i don't think this incident was or is talked about enough compared to the Montreal Screw Job, cause this screw job is almost close to the Montreal screw job.

  13. Hulk Hogan is the worst thing ever to happen to wrestling..anyone could have taken his spot, and a large handful definitely deserved it most selfish entertainer who didn't get wrestling.

  14. I think you're all forgetting the $1,000,000 Dollar question in this entire scenario, which is…

    How many works can a work work work if a worked work can't work works?

  15. Don't like Russo, but he was right here. It was time to build a new generation. Hogan could not be the center of attention all the damn time.

  16. I've read lots of comments here against Hogan. He IS a douche and he ISN'T the greatest technical wrestler. But his creative input worked and worked well. But costly mistakes were made. Such as the LatinoWorldOrder, letting top stars like Y2J slip away instead of Big Poppa Pump and too much Flair but not enough Sting. Ultimately, Bret Hart should have infiltrated the NWO and been named leader (instead of BPP) when Hogan left after losing the title to Goldberg. That should have led to Hart destroying the NWO and returning to being a face. If WWF and WCW had pretended to be in competition but had actually collaborated, we would be clicking back and forth to see what was going to happen on both shows. The NWO was destined to arrive in WWE and they should have taken over there too. The DX reunion should have taken place in a WCW still around in 2006, to war with New Blood Heel talent and complete with Stephanie McMahon. Instead, WCW went under and NWO Hogan turned face after the first pay per view of their arrival, which led to him being ousted. Just imagine what the world of wrestling would be like if Hollywood Hogan had passed the NWO torch to the Rock in WWE. The appearance of the Undertaker in WCW would have really shaken things up. His streak could have extended to Starcades. Finally…Day of Reckoning 2 was the finest that wrestling video games had to offer. Having a DOR title for both the WCW and WWE brands could have sealed it all together by allowing you to draft entire wrestler templates from one game to the other.

  17. Dude , you talk too much and don't know how to get on with it and make good points . This is the second video I watched from you , and I will NEVER watch another one . You are super annoying and drag your points out and take way long to make your points than what is needed . You probably think you're being super slick and think you making great videos because of this retarded tactic you use , but I assure you are definitely NOT .

  18. Hulk Hogan aka Terry Bollia is a fucking asshole. He almost ran my friends and I over with his car as he sped away after we asked him for an autograph. Since, I've never asked for an autograph from any "celebrity" but Russo was right about one thing; he is a piece of shit!

  19. Hogan is full of shit. In court, which the documents are online, Hulk testified that jerrett lying down was agreed upon. He knew about it

  20. Sure, it’s definitely Hogan just sued because the company was dead wood and he didn’t care about the company wellness anymore. It was just a classic case of a bunch of rich guys knew there was money stored somewhere in WCW, and they had short time to bleed the wounded animal out dry. All the gossip is ridiculous.

  21. All these trolls out there .. the reality is Hogan was the biggest name he drew more asses in seats than any wrestler in his hey day say what you want but many many wrestlers macho Man ,Rick flair , Kevin Nash , Roddy Piper , etc have all said the same thing . Vince Russo was the biggest idiot and put the final nails in the coffin .. I seriously feel like he came there to sabotage wcw.

  22. when you say the court case was very very real, what do you mean? how do you know that the case wasn’t paid for by, say, Vince McMahon? Lots of court cases involving WWE or even WCW could be works meant to either increase ratings or even promote ideology for entities outside of the WWE. It is definitely possible that the WWE rents out its actors for all sorts of different things and the court cases they’ve been involved with seem mighty suspicious.

  23. Vince Russo is a real ass and still a cancer to WCW. The promo he cuts he was all mouth which I can't stand him. If he hadn't shown up to WCW, WCW would still be around today. But I'm glad WWE didn't bother in hiring that ass back.

  24. Hogan is so untalented lol he was only so big cause of the era he came up in if a 20 year ago Hogan started today he wouldn't even make it in impact

  25. Hulk hogan is lying. In court he said jeff lying down was the way they agreed to do it. On ric flair's podcast he said something else

  26. I was done but Hogan and his same wrestling routine, brother routine and his posing routine by 95/96. joining NWO gave him some new life but I even was done with him after 2 montbs of him being in tbe NWO. Biggest mark for himself.

  27. Bischoff claimed hogan got shit loads of money by suing wcw when in truth the court ruled in wcw's favor so he has lost all credibilty in this story imo

  28. What would be the point of 2 belts if Hogan wasn't going over and taking the belt for a Champ vs Champ. If Jeff had won the belt would have not stayed with Hollywood. More Works.

  29. The more i hear of Hulk Hogan the more i dislike him. It's fine when he lays down to sting but gets angry when someone does it to him. It's his own fault because he refused to loose. Hogan is known for being selfish and refusing to loose against people.

  30. It hall had to be a work, cause then why would the championship match go on so early…why two belts..why did hogan physically leave…if vince doesn't cut the promo about hogan is a piece of shittt then what would be the reason for the second championship belt and championship match? This is a cause of Hogan trying to save face cause people actually believed it was real and that he was a piece of shitt that was using his creative control to boldly go over , over and over at the expense of the company.

  31. A little known non-televised match had Hogan wrestle himself. Hogan DQ'd himself so he wouldn't lose clean.

  32. Hogan was the most toxic wrestler in the locker room. Hogan is the ABSOLUTE LAST MAN IN THE WORLD who should have anything kind of creative control of ANY KIND. His ego is bigger than anyone else in the business even Vince ego isn't that bad compared. Hogan sued every wrestling company he worked for that was worth suing. He isn't even good at wrestling he's just a bodybuilder. Watching him wrestle even in 80s was just like watching a dad try wrestle his kid slow moving I mean SLOW. No technical wrestling skills at all just a bad actor and bodybuilder. That's how wrestling is sometimes the crowd chooses based on looks or charisma over skill. He's worse than Goldberg his best match I ever seen live was against the Rock WrestleMania 18 and it was a 7.5 or 8 outta 10 personally
    The Rock carried him through most. In WCW I never seen a good match people say his match with Kevin Nash 99 road whatever ppv was decent it was not Nash carried the whole match and not well at that but performed better than Hogan. Hogan's creative control ruined 99% of all storylines he was in. He is a real POS for letting company build up a 12 month feud with him and sting was going smoothly a pure slam dunk and he ruined it but change up and refused to lose causeing the baby face get over story to be gutted and not only that Hogan had to win clean if I was WCW I'd.of sign d.hogan and shelved him or had another wrestler hurt him intentionally so wwe/f could not use him and I would not have to pay him and he wouldn't be able to ruin every story he looks at. He should kill.himself for what he did to WCW

  33. Hogan should’ve won money from WCW for breach of contract if they really fired him because they couldn’t afford him. The suing of Russo I couldn’t see that winning

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