The Real Kenny Powers From ‘Eastbound and Down’?

The Real Kenny Powers From ‘Eastbound and Down’?

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  1. I got a John Rocker Jersey hanging on the wall I actually only watched East bound and down because someone told me they basically had a show produced by Will Farrell with McBride as the star basically acting like Rocker and my reaction to that was … NO FUCKING WAY … The show definitely didn't disappoint and that's why my Rocker Jersey is on the wall instead of in the closet because it's a great conversation peice I tell people he's basically Kenny Powers and one of two things happens either their introduced to a stupid funny show or they get to see the greatest MLB interviews ever

  2. This chick from Vice is so so much cooler then that Blonde wit the dumb look in there face wit the Huge over size sunglasses 😎

  3. Leftist chick doesn't know what to do in front of a handsome guy from GA. Glad I'm from GA, It gave me common sense & all the other good qualities.
    I live in California now and girls constantly talk to me while I'm out because of my accent

  4. After watching this I have no doubt he was messing around with the reporter that quoted him as a racist.

  5. The Millenial reporter has no idea who he is or what he did. She just knows what she was told that he is a racist

  6. This dude seems like a straight up guy. He is who he is and doesn't hide it. I like it we need more ppl like him

  7. nothing wrong with suggesting that people speak english in america. If you moved to Spain and lived there for years, would you be mad if phone systems and schools were not in english?

  8. he ate her ass 24 different times while shooting this 3 day interview…that means he ate her ass 8 times a day each day.. wow

  9. 15:10 Lol he just agreed with her in the tone of disagreeing… Like, dude, "Polarizing" and "Controversial" are literally the same thing. Of course if you talk to some people they'll have a different view of you than if you talk to people in this other group which has a completely different impression. *That's* being controversial

  10. Turning a lesbian in to a straight woman ….. this is real kenny powers. No matter what your perspective is every bitch loves alpha.

  11. He thinks the same as millions of Americans plain and simple. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It only bothers the ones who want to always control the narrative.

  12. No one is gonna talk about dudes face when he says, " Ya know, they got a place they can piggyback off Tom, and make a couple thousand a month.." his whole FACE tried rolling back😂 That being said, I dont think the man approaches any facet of his life with any hate..

  13. "John has a tender heart, and he'll probably be mad that I said that."

    John clearly doesn't have a tender heart if he would be angry with someone paying him a compliment. This dude is still clearly an ass, but good for him for having a charity. He's not a TOTAL ass.

  14. The fact the first words out of his mouth is I want to shove it up someones ass..guarantee this dude secretly jerks off to gay porn

  15. Lmao what’s funny is how the media and many people think this guy is a racist, piece of shit but it looks like once everyone actually meets the man they actually like him.

    It’s almost like the media makes people seem like monsters when they really aren’t.

  16. Is everybody in comments from jr.high… u guys are the reason dumb fkn whores are famous for being dumb fkn whores..fkn retards

  17. says hes a did they just film the black guys cause he seems to know a lot for a "racist"..smh..even the interviewer was kinda digging him and she hardly ever smiles.ive seen her do goofy interviews and she barely smirks…yeah real bad guy.ha!..i.e.that show was awesome!

  18. So he says you should speak English in the US. And what is wrong about that? I am from Germany and I know we are not allowed to say anything about that because what we did 80 years ago. That is why we allow turkish people to live here in 3.generation and not speaking German at all. Pharmacies have at least 1 turkish guy to speak to their people. But if I talk about this being the wrong way I am called a racist. And I have turkish friends.
    He observes things and speaks it out. Other people say the same while having a beer but are to cowardly to say it out loud.
    I like him because he is a normal human being and not one of this new politically insane bigots

  19. I would propose that perhaps Kenny Powers is partly inspired by this guy; from Myrtle Beach. Dead comedian Jay Hickman. Was on HBO and David Letterman, but drank himself to death before he really made it.

  20. I used to have his baseball card. Back then I thought I was a millionaire…. nowadays you can buy it for $10 😂 our parents lied to us about baseball cards

  21. He legit said he doesn't give a fuck what this left wing alt-chick/hipster thinks…"for a guy who is trying to counter a negative opinion of himself". Hmmmm either they don't listen (yes) or more likely, they don't care and wrote the thing before they even filmed. Typical left wing liberal media. What are is it called again? being morally right rather than being factually correct? the world is doomed.

  22. "..last time he had sex with a stripper he used a sock as a condom and then stuck it in her butt.. what a champ!

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