The Re-Birth of Surfing in Fukushima | Going Olympic

The Re-Birth of Surfing in Fukushima | Going Olympic

Fukushima means “Happy Island”. I believed it as well. I’m glad to be born in the
place with great nature and waves. In Fukushima, we get
the best waves in Japan. We all have a good time here. (ON MARCH 11, 2011, A 9.0
SURFER/TRUCK DRIVER) I’m heading to my usual
surfing spot called Kitaizumi Surf Point. I started surfing when I was
in junior high school. I used to make wet suits
for water sports before and I also ran a surf shop
with my wife. But then came the earthquake
and people couldn’t go into the ocean any more,
so I had to close my shop. I had some plans for my future
set in my head at that time, but everything changed
so much. My current job is as a truck
driver because I wanted to reconstruct
my hometown as soon as possible. So I carry rocks and
sand to the beach where all the sand and barriers were
flushed away by the tsunami. In Fukushima, we get
the best waves in Japan. Waves are constant and surfers
rarely fight for good waves. The atmosphere is very cosy
and we welcome any surfers. We all have a good time here. The waves here are really big
and powerful. The waves here can compete with
the swells anywhere in the world. In the past, I started
winning in local contests. My first achievement was
coming third at the national championship
held at Kitaizumi Beach. The top four surfers of the
national championship were selected to go and compete in the
World Championship. So I was selected to compete
in the amateur class of the Asian Beach Games,
and I won the bronze medal. I think it was the pinnacle of
my surfing career. (FUKUSHIMA UNIVERSITY
FUKUSHIMA CITY) The coast of Fukushima used to
be a paradise for all surfers. But people who don’t surf didn’t realise the true value
of it. So we first started an action to raise awareness
for this great surfing spot. We founded a Non-Profit
Organization group to hold surfing events
for locals to enjoy. This NPO is called
Happy Island Surf Tourism. “Fuku” means “happy” and
“Shima” means “island” in Japanese. We were planning to
bring up the value of the city by utilizing the local
surf spots. We started this activity
in 2003. It wasn’t just about attracting
surfing contests to come here, but to make surfers migrate
to Minamisoma. Kitaizumi beach in the city
of Minamisoma. Each year, more than 70,000
surfers come here to surf. It is known as one of Japan’s
premiere surfing spots. In our surf town, people can safely visit the
beach all year round. It’s not only for surfers, hence we are planning to expand
into tourism. (MARCH 11, 2011, SENDAI CITY
MIYAGI PREFECTURE) The tsunami is flushing away
everything. Climb up here! (FUKUSHIMA DAICHI
a huge impact on our lives. Fukushima would have
surely been selected as the surfing venue
for the Olympics in 2020. This is the place where I used
to live. We had a house and barn here
behind the mountain. The distance between my home
and the beach is around 700 to 800 metres. I wasn’t here at the time of
the tsunami but my dad was here. The tsunami was heading
over the pine forest, and then he realised how
serious the situation was. So he was calling my neighbours
to rush up the mountain and they watched the tsunami
devouring houses. When my dad was watching
the tsunami destroy our house, he realised he still wasn’t
safe as the water was rising and they needed to climb the
mountain to get to higher ground. The government bought
all deserted properties so we can’t build
any houses here. My wife was pregnant
at that time and the due date was just one week after the
disaster. So we were excited and
preparing for the baby. We had everything set up here
to welcome our baby… Three days after the disaster,
our baby was born. To be honest… ..I wanted to stay in
my hometown in Fukushima but I couldn’t risk my kids’
lives, so we decided to move to
Niigata. Reconstruction and
decontamination have slowly begun. The radiation dose has
gone down drastically. I thought this place has
finally become liveable again so we finally decided
to move back here. We came back hoping that there was still a future for
Fukushima. We’re trying to build a new
future for us here and surfing
will be part of it again. People should check the
situation at the Fukushima
beaches for themselves. Of course, there was a lot of
damage done by the tsunami, but there is nothing that can’t
be fixed over time. Unfortunately, this place
wasn’t selected for the final round, but we hope we can do a
qualifier here for the Olympics. We must face the issue of
radiation when it comes to the venue. So the city and surfers conduct
detection tests on their own. We believe that the ocean is
safe and secure, but it is hard to make others
think the same way. We are going to check the
radiation with Professor Okumoto. It’s nothing to worry about. I just hope that things are
getting better in this spot. Basically… ..there is always
radiation everywhere. So it’s important to measure
as frequently as possible. It’s been a while since
that last measure. We must make sure the safety
of our place with our own eyes. The radiation amount in the air
of this beach is around 0.03 to 0.04
microsieverts. It’s the same amount to the
time before the disaster. The sand is also the same level at the time before the
disaster. 0.03 to 0.04 microsieverts. Let’s go to next spot. The amount has been stable. Just like the old days. Right after the disaster,
the amount was too high. After one year passed, the radiation level became
stable. But more important
than the radiation, there were still missing people
after three years. We decided to pay tribute
to those who were lost. We didn’t want to go into
the sea until dead souls got put to
rest. But after three years, surfers
have gradually come back here to bring back the good old days
of this surfing spot. Kitaizumi Beach is loved
by all local people and many people
used to gather here. This beach was
a symbol of the town. When we had no option
but to leave here, we re-realized this ocean is
an integral part of our soul. We’ll be fully revived once we get back this ocean of
Fukushima. The first people who
came back here were surfers. Fukushima has
a tonne of great things. It’s surely a happy island. I’m glad to be born in the
place with great nature and waves. As the nuclear plants
exploded… ..many people from Japan and
other countries have negative images of Fukushima
and they think that Fukushima is
no longer a happy island. It’s very difficult to bring it
back to where it was before. But… living here once again… ..I believe it would make this
place… ..once again a happy island.

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  4. 東日本復興の宣言のため,福島が安全であるように,東京オリンピック組織委員会が無理に福島でのオリンピック競技を開催することをIOCが幇助するだけでは足りず,このように映像を通じて虚偽の事実を伝えるのは,実に衝撃的なことです。 即刻,映像を削除してください。

  5. Absolute Bull Shit~~~~ it takes hundreds of years to get rid of all the radioactive but now its fine?? its been like 7 years? u should get novel prize for that hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    일본은 방사능을 차폐막도 없이 10년만에 없앳네
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  14. of course. billions of dollars worth of money from japan circulating throughout the international community, concealing the truth.

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  16. I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
    Enough to make my systems blow
    Welcome to the new age, to the new age
    Welcome to the new age, to the new age
    Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive
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  19. This is a video with fake content. This gives people false information. It also makes people believe in lies. The IOC, which fell for Japanese money, became a liar.

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