The Racing Line – The Racing School #1

hello everyone my name is Brophy 132 – and welcome to the racing school in this first episode we’re going to be focusing on the racing line but before we fully get into that I’d like to do a little bit of an introduction since this is the first episode to explain exactly what this series is about so modern racing has always been a big part of my channel and it’s always been something that I focused on but I’ve never really done anything as in-depth as this on it I’ve given you know general tips and bits of advice on various racing videos but then people have found them helpful but I wanted to go a bit more in depth and really you know hammer home they exactly did the fundamentals of racing so this series is going to focus on exactly that the absolute fundamentals were to start with the really basic stuff such as the racing line and braking points gradually increase our knowledge into different types of corners and putting laps together and eventually get to the point where we you know learning about racing against other people and race craft and things like that so obviously this is only the first episode but by the end of the series you should all be much better racers putting quicker lap times and be able to overtake people much better and win those races grunters mo6 is the game that i’m using to do this racing school but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be playing grunting more six to get any use out of it this will apply to any racing game or any game that has racing in it so from Gran Turismo Forza Motorsport the f1 games even all the way to Grand Theft Auto when you’re just doing normal races in there this will apply so everything that you learn in this series will help you no matter what racing game you’re playing or even if you’re just playing again that has racing in it or even if you in real life racing if you go karting or something like that it’ll basically help you become a much better racer overall so that’s enough with the introduction and it’s now time to get into the main topic of this video the most fundamental thing that you could possibly know when racing that is of course the racing line now we’re going to start every single video in this series with an example at low speed and this is the car that we’re going to be using to do that it’s the Toyota gt86 and this is the 15th anniversary edition from that version of the game and it’s a very good car to use you know if you want to let and the basics of racing you could do a lot worse than this it’s very good it’s not to slow that you won’t learn anything and it’s not to fast that you’ll be totally out of control by using it so yeah I would definitely recommend this one if you want to start with a car to learn so what does the racing line look like well you’re about to find out this is cops corner at Silverstone and this is how you take the correct line through the corner that what you’re seeing now is the racing line we’re going to break it down in a second but here’s another angle just so you can see it it’s here from a different air position you go out to the left back on on the inside of the corner and then back out wide again so yeah that way you’ve just seen it the racing line obviously it’s very hard to figure out what you’re exactly meant to do from that sort of camera angle so we’re going to break it down properly and we’re going to start by looking at a top-down view of the corner that we’ve just taken this is cops corner at Silverstone and this is the racing line now weighted number one that’s the start of the corner and number two is the end of the corner at the apex that is the exact midpoint of the corner and that’s where you need to be clipping the idea of the racing line is to make the corner as straight as possible because the more that you turn the wheel the slower have to go so you can also do a few different lines around this corner and none of them are very good really you can go right around the outside which is the yellow one but that’s a bit too long you can also go around the inside which is a lot shorter in terms of distance but it’s too slow the racing line is quite simply the fastest way to get around the corner and doing any line other than that will be slower so let’s see how we do it so as we approach this right-hand corner we need to put ourselves as far left as we can possibly go this is to make the entry as wide as possible so we can straighten up the corner then as we turn in we go towards the middle of the corner and right at the apex we are as far right as we can possibly be then we let our momentum and speed carry us back to the outside of the corner and that’s mid the corner as straight as possible we’ve gone through it in the straightest possible way so because we’ve made the corner as straight as we can we don’t have to turn the steering wheel as much to get around it that means we can use the grip of the tires more effectively to give us more speed through the corner rather than using them to get us around the corner so that’s what you should do but what about what you shouldn’t do but we’re going to see that next and we’re going to see the different lines that I put up on the top-down view all at the same time so in the top left we’re going to go all the way around the outside of the corner in the top right we’re going to go right on the inside and the bottom left shows the ideal racing line we all cook the all-star there across the start line in the exact same time and this is the time difference to cross the next white line as you can see there’s about a second difference between using the ideal line and using the other lines now that’s just on one corner most tracks have about 10 or 20 corners so if you don’t use the ideal racing line you could be about 10 or 20 seconds per lap off the piers here’s another example of what not to do and in this instance you decide to take a tighter line into the corner but try to go around it at the exact same speed as you normally would using the racing line what happens is that your tires lose the available grip that they’ve got you’d no matter how much you turn the steering wheel you’re going to go wide because you’re going too fast and you’re not using the right line and then I’m most tracks you’re off into the grass and that’s the end of your race so you need to make sure you stick to the racing line as much as possible so at the end of every video we’re going to show an example at high speed to show that nothing really changes the high you people and this is the car that we’re going to use for it the Audi r18 TDI again this is the 15th anniversary edition from that version of the game and this is the car that Audi use forelimb on and the WEC and races like that so yeah we’re going to basically show an example at high speed show that nothing really changes and but we won’t be showing all of these introductory showing the car every time this is just for the first time because you haven’t seen it before so here’s an example at high speed with in full not faster car we’re going a lot quicker but we keep the exact same line around the corner it’s no different we started we start off on the left come back into the right and then end up back on the left again it is more tricky when you’re at higher speed to get it right and it’s certainly a more more advisable to learn at lower beads and gradually work your wheel and get get into quicker cars as you go but there’s really not a lot different you know it’s exactly the same you’re out on the left and then you come back on the inside of the corner and yeah the racing line remains the same no matter what Kyle you’re in because quite simply it’s the quickest way to get around the corner and for the racing line that’s pretty much it that’s all you really need to know just some final thoughts before we leave and if there’s one thing that you should remember and take away from this video it’s this this is the racing line around the corner you start off wide and you come in hit the apex and then finish up wide again this can be applied to any corner on any racetrack and it’s up to you to try and do that you know I will be doing a few videos showing different types of corners but in the end you need to learn the basics of a racing line so you can then go to any track and know what the racing line is so I hope this has helped you out guys I really do and the next episode is going to be on braking for a corner and then third episode’s going to be on accelerating and then we’ll get into a few more advanced techniques but yeah I hope this has helped at all or at least been a good introduction to the series and let you know what’s to come if you enjoyed it if you know you liked it if it helped click that like button it really helps me out and subscribe if you’re new to the channel all that good stuff thanks a lot for watching everyone and I’ll see you next time you

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