The Problem With Racing Gaming Chairs

The Problem With Racing Gaming Chairs

This is a racing gaming chair. You can tell by bold bucket seat design, the
variety of flashy colors, and the large logo plastered across the headset. But are these chairs really worth it? Or are you better off just getting a typical
office chair instead. Hi I’m David and let’s take a closer look
at some of the problems with racing gaming chairs. I’m just going to put this upfront. I think racing gaming chairs can be good option
for some people, and obviously certain models are better or worse than others, but in general
there are some common issues found on most racing gaming chairs that keep me from recommending
them to most people, so you should be aware before you get one for yourself. The first big issue with most racing gaming
chair is the lack of adjustments. Our bodies are unique in shape and design
so adjustable feature are critical for any office chair I’m purchasing. While most chairs will have the basic height
adjustments and arm adjustments, racing chairs will often lack the seat pan depth adjustment
to avoid pinching the back of your legs. And as a lumbar back support you’ll often
find them either have non-adjustable lumbar support or use a removable pillow that won’t
support the entire curve of your back and are attached with straps that will commonly
shift out of place which is just a terrible design in my opinion. Though lack of adjustments isn’t a problem
unique to gaming chairs, you’ll often find the same issue on other chairs as well. The IKEA Markus is one most popular budget
office chairs and something I actually highly recommend, has the same problem with lack
of adjustments. So gaming chair or not make sure it fits,
especially if it lacks these features. The second issue I have with racing gaming
chairs is the bucket seat design. Bucket seats in a car are designed to keep
you from sliding to the side while making quick turns but that’s not really needed
in an office chair. If you like to cross your legs once in a while
in your chair the sides will typically make it really uncomfortable for you to do this. Also this design will sometimes have a front
lip which again was designed for being in a car where your legs are typically elevated
to reach the petals not supported flat on the floor. So unless you’re kicking your feet up a
lot on the desk or an ottoman, the added lip compared to the flat sloping design on most
task chairs can cause more pressure under your thighs adding to discomfort over time. The last issue that many people have with
racing gaming chairs is the price. And this isn’t an issue strictly limited
to the chair industry; often you’ll find products categorized as gaming just cost more. The idea that you’re paying a premium not
for better build quality, extra warranty or comfort but instead just for the flashy colors,
bold logo and design that come with a gaming products. I don’t particularly like the look of racing
gaming chairs myself but if you do and accept that you’re paying for looks, and let’s
be honest we all do this to some degree one way or another with the products we buy. This really isn’t an issue for people who
want that racing gaming chair look. Overall that’s just a generalization of
the problems with most racing gaming chairs. While I’m sure some models are better designed
than others. And just like choosing any other office chair,
you really should probably test it out in person to get a feel for the comfort, whether
you’re gaming or just working on the computer. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Fucking rip off they are, I'd rather buy an executive office chair.. and spend hundreds – thousands on something decent, maybe one with a footrest e.t.c and maybe vibration

  2. 300€ for a chair for pleb 1k € for a chair without RGB 5 k for a chair with RGB .

    Man with 300€ I can build a gaming pc and sit on it the whole time is called ass stand ,is like a chair what ur gaming pn top of it and u have natural cooling system from ur body …Thanks but no thanks

  3. Hi David. Would you allow me to translate and subtitle your video ?
    I'll give the right credits and direct everyone to this video.

  4. The Ikea chair you recommend is terrible due to non adjustable armrests – speaking of which: being able to slide armrests backwards/ forwards is one of the most essential adjustments have to be able to make.

  5. great info, I stopped and thought whether I should just research the most ergonomically correct chair instead of assuming that gaming chairs are the best option

  6. Its simple!!!if u can afford it buy it..there’s absolutely no problem buying it…but if u cant afford it then fuck off…dont buy it!!!!

  7. I feel you're speaking about the dxracer chair era, Those Secret Lab chairs are really build well and let your shoulders be open not all the bucket type nonesense. They also use very good materials.. I have a titan softweave and it's very good quality. I'm buying a NeueChair obsidian with headrest too for better posture so i get where you are coming from but there are some good gaming chairs on the market right now that don't have the trashy bucket seat approach and with good styling.

  8. my office chair is really good i never have any back pin at all and its really comfortable i'd rather upgrade my graphic card than buying a chair

  9. I had a $200 office chair and it became uncomfortable after a year. Then I got an AKRacing chair and its been great for almost 2 years

  10. I remembered watching this a while back so I kept that in mind when I bought mine the other day, it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow so I’m curious to see how I like it. I went with this one because most normal office chairs are usually pricier (from what I’ve seen in my area) so I just went for a budget gaming chair just because mine is so old and I’m ready for a new one (my current office chair is a hand me down from my parents that they had before I was born… I’m 19 now XD) either way again curious to see how it holds up!

  11. now i agree on everything here, but the price part is bullshit.
    Everytime someone asks for a chair "OH NO IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE, BUY THIS 1000$ OFFICE CHAIR INSTEAD, THE GAMING IS JUST TOO MUCH EXPENSIVE, GAMING MEANS MORE EXPENSIVE FOR NO REASON JUST FLASHY COLORS" fuck these people, i'm looking at 100$ gaming chairs and they reccommend fucking herman miller.

  12. too bad theres literally no way to test a chair out if you're getting it on amazon. also for some stupid reason my local best buy has NO COMPUTER CHAIRS IN STOCK OF ANY SORT. so………how do i test anything for my purchase.

  13. Price argument is BS.
    The best office chair on which you can set everything cost much more than any gaming chairs you can find.
    Feels like you never bought an expensive office and gaming chair. You just go for the cheap stuff on both sides.


    The best gaming chair, it's big enough to sit cross-legged on, no side rims, tilts back very far and has a footrest, and it's really thick and the leather is perfect!

  15. Yep, here's what I did, I located a chair as close to the Racing Gaming chairs as I could find.
    The one I found was only $50.00 and used for about a month by a single owner.
    Here's the kicker, it came with massage feature.
    So now I have a great chair with massage. Mission Accomplished.

  16. Tread lightly my friend. "Gaming" mice, are actually better than 20.00 standard mice from walmart. Same with keyboards. Lower latency and quicker tactile response

  17. Gaming racing chairs were actually originally made for usage for simulator cockpits. I don't think it fits as an office chair or a gaming chair.

  18. For me it was the best thing I’ve ever brought, I went for buying £35 office chairs to paying £200 for a akracing chair obviously brand doesn’t matter cause they’re all the same design really but it was so worth for me it saved me a lot of pain and a lot of money because I had a chair that would last longer than 6 months. I’d love a Herman Miller or something designed ergonomically for the human body but they are even more expensive I do need to try out the ikea chair I’ve heard great things from loads of people it’s just my ikea is like an hour and a half away so I can’t really just go to try out a chair I’ll have to wait until we need a cabinet or something because after like 4 years my akracing chair is showing some serious wear thanks to my cats and my fat ass.

  19. yeah biggest issue is the mark-up / paying more for the look and "gaming" tag…so if you were to pay the same amount for an office chair, more often than not you'd get a better overall chair (comfort / quality etc)

  20. Dont buy the cheap "Gaming" crap. Get a good office chair, Buy an actual Recaro chair, or buy an actual Bucket seat (BRIDE, etc.) and put it on wheels.

  21. BOUGHT THE Tank(6'6) cause im 6'4 and most chairs that go beyond 6'2-6'3 dont exist or suck balls

  22. I got a gtforce gaming chair and it's hurts my arse, am gonna try a padded office chair for back and arse comfort.

  23. 1:48 "Also the design will sometimes have a front lip, designed for being in a car, where your legs are elevated to reach the pedals"
    … it's a RACING chair…

    Yes, the chair is designed to be used with pedals.

  24. horseshit. bought mine for 150 and it was more comfortable than any other chair at the office factory. Also 1:45 i'm not a stick man, I have leg padding called muscle and fat. Fuckn clout chasers. Best chair i've ever sat on

  25. Another thing that bothers me is that they all come in that shitty pleather. Pleather no matter the price or quality will eventually start to crack and crumble. Also remember that majority of Twitch streamers and let's players are using this garbage because they are sponsored. Most of them don't even know shit about technology or really actually care since Razer or DXracer gives them free shit with infinite replacements. It's like how Macs became the industry standard for graphic design/music engineer despite having horrible durability and exorbitant pricing while Apple fucks their customers in the ass.

  26. The front lip does help, because if the desk is too high and your legs are too short, they're gonna end up dangling, so even with an ottoman you'll feel like the chair is sinking from the front. The front lip sort of counters shit.

  27. Christ on a bike either learn to edit your audio properly or eat a green apple before you record your voiceovers, your mouth noises are so obnoxious I couldn't get through 20 seconds of the video.

  28. The first big issue is not lack of adjustment…
    All these chairs, i mean all of them make a sound…they scream "kitsch"

  29. I took the lumbar pillow (lower back pillow) and moved it to under my thighs just at the front edge of the chair. So much better. Try it. I still have to adjust my neck pillow, especially if watching movies where I don't need to get close to my desk.

  30. Maybe the guy made this should once try a week of work in the outside. Or a month. Its night and day get home after a 12h day sit down in a cheap office chair or in a good gaming chair.

  31. Te fotele są do niczego . Człowiek nie wykorzystuje potencjału ich ludzka natura wabi ! Szkoda pieniędzy na to . jak ktoś kupi i usiądzie w domu po siedzi to się pszekona !

  32. For me the racing gaming chair is insanely comfortable… the only problem i seem to have with them is, the problem stated in the video where it's uncomfortable when you pull your legs up. another problem i have with them is that the piston seem to be garbage… i've had mine for 1 or 2 years… maybe more i haven't really counted on that. anyway the point is that after barely any time AT ALL, my chairs piston died, and i now have to buy a new one cuz i can't seem to find any replacement pistons (Why would someone sell that even tho)

  33. The bucket seat design is the best reason to buy a gaming chair. I´t supports your back and to sit upright is easer.
    I´ts all about the comfort not the design.

  34. well… i just bought a dxracer and the lumbar pillow is uncomfortable. ive been told i should keep it there, but my back does not even touch the back rest. i feel like the lumbar pillow is MASSIVE.

  35. I found one on amazon for $100 with a footrest and it’s been pretty awesome for the past couple years only problem now is the cushioning is going away but that’s with everything I think

  36. Used office chairs of all types for years and outside of them breaking down quickly, I always ended up with some kinda pain and discomfort. Got a racing chair and haven’t had pain since, and it’s going on like 7 years and it still as solid as it was the day I bought it.

  37. I bought a racing gaming chair and it was a terrible idea. I play shooter games and have become less accurate when aiming. I used to sit on the floor indian style and was accurate because I atleast had some center of gravity, but being sort of a short guy, my gaming chair makes me feel like a baby sitting at the dinner table. I'm constantly leaning in, slouching my back. The lip lifts my legs forward, instead of being postured and grounded firmly, ready to engage the enemy. I am forced to sit back in it, which results in discomfort, poor immersion, and horrible aim.

  38. The fact that you recommended Markus made me give you a nice dislike and leave the video. Fuck Ikea Markus chair. Its a pinnacle of bulshit. Its not even made for people.

  39. "gaming" chairs are garbage and ugly. Get a Herman Miller instead. 12 years warranty, really expensive but you won't regret it.

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