The Privilege Game

The Privilege Game

Hello everyone, I am your dealer. You’ve each been handed a privilege card. This card will determine your
starting point on the wealth ladder. There are ten stages on the wealth ladder, stage one being unemployment,
Stage two, minimum wage, stage three, public sector,
all the way up to stage ten, top 1% billionaire. Whatever stage you are on the wealth ladder entitles you to that many playing cards. So for example, if you are on stage four, you can have up to four playing cards. The first person to reach stage
ten of the wealth ladder wins. Welcome to the privilege game. What did you get? Straight white conservative male, stage six, upper management. You? Straight white moderate
male, stage six as well. This game is great! Ew What about you? Bisexual white progressive female, stage four, lower management. Oh oh, unlucky. Well this is so unfair! Why should the aim of the game
be simply to accumulate wealth there are far more important
things we should be playing for? Like preaching tolerance or discovering
yourself sexually or making angry blogposts. Oh, please. If you don’t like the game, don’t play. Just, don’t run over the rest of us. But if I don’t like it then no one should. Okay, stop. What about you? Pansexual black muslim male, stage one, unemployment. Aw, it’s okay, I’ll share a meme for you. Oh, this sucks, I don’t want to play. Well, you’ll never get out of your
situation with that defeatist attitude. Now, hang on, there are some
other things I need to explain. So as the dealer, it’s my job to make sure everyone plays by the rules, and to balance the game when necessary. So, you can both have one of these. What are they? I’ve given you each a social equality card. Consequently, you have
to move down to stage five. Middle management. Oh this is appalling My granddad used to play this game
and there were never any of these ridiculous “social equality” cards. You just had to toughen up and
play with the hand you were dealt. At least your grandfather
was allowed to play. Yeah, you know nothing about our struggles. Right… Okay, you can go first then. Okay. I play the wage gap card. All female players surrender
23% of their income and move down one stage
on the wealth ladder This is not okay. Look, sweetheart. Not everything in this game
is gonna go your way, okay? The game is tough. You win some, you lose some. And if you can’t handle it,
then you shouldn’t be playing. Fine. Well I play my social equality card. It’s a gender card, for mansplaining. What? A male player of your choice is accused of man-splaining. That’s when a male co-worker talks down to a female colleague in an extremely condescending, unprofessional
and sexist manner. He moves down one stage. Aw, look at that. I guess you win some, you lose some. Slut… Slut shaming? I play my gender card again, move him down another stage! Wait, can she play the gender card twice? That seems a bit illogical… Since when is the gender
card bound by logic? Your turn. Well, I play the inheritance card. A great aunt passes away, leaving you an estate worth ten million dollars. Player moves up one stage. Note: this card can only be played if you are white or jewish. Okay, I’ll play my social
equality card too. It’s a race card. An affirmative action scheme allows a minority race player to move up one stage. Typical… You’re so bad at this game, the only way you can get ahead is by
relying on your stupid race card. Check your privilege card. He’s a beautiful, strong,
pansexual black man. You know, I can speak for myself. And… …you’re right. I have been relying on my stupid race card. Because without it, it’d be forced
to play my only other card. The theft card. And I would rather not stoop that low. What do you have to say about that, huh? Well, this was bound to happen
when you get rid of the God cards. Okay, now I’ll play the Caitlyn Jenner card. The what? New to the 2016 version. A player undergoes gender re-assignement surgery and moves up one stage on the wealth ladder. So you’re telling me a man decides to become a woman and just for that he is moved up an entire stage? She always was a woman. This is out of control! Alright? We need to have a civil discussion about the rules here! Civil discussions are so last century. Done! What? While the rest of you were too busy arguing, He made it to stage ten. So that’s it, he wins? Not quite. He has the option to play this. The social conscience card. A high privilege and successful player
voluntarily moves down one stage, in turn enabling the lowest privilege player
to move up one stage and continue the game. Go on, play it. Make him play it! I can’t make him do anything. It’s his decision. I’ll play it. It’s… the right thing to do. Hardly right… He deserves it! How dare you! What? You called her a he… Yeah, he’s a black pansexual muslim man. ÒSheÓ played the Caitlyn Jenner card. I’m sorry. You’re not sorry, you’re never sorry, you cis white male scum! And I’m playing my trigger warning card. What? A self-righteous player takes personal
offence to another player’s hate speech Player is forced to move down seven stages. Hate speech? Seven stages? I didn’t know! Welcome to the new world order. Unworthy players can’t empower themselves,
so they just disempower others. Good. Now we’re all where we should be. Everyone wins, nobody loses. Beautiful, wonderful equality. No. I play the Trump card! What? A conservative backlash results in
a new hardline dealer? All social equality cards and preceding
playing cards are… reversed. This can’t be happening… It’s just a game. [Music]

100 Replies to “The Privilege Game”

  1. There's no hard work or perseverance card? I like the premise of the game/video but it looks like it needs to be developed some more.

  2. I like how the one dude is constantly saying to toughen up and I like that in my opinion ‘people should learn to toughen up life is full of hardships people get angry over someone using a wrong pronoun? While people were being lynched before. People don’t wanna work their way up society they focus on getting sympathy from small amounts of inequality instead of working.My mother is a successful black doctor who is a single mother if she can do it others can too and she was also raped so others certainly can work their way up the ladder’

  3. Loved your video! I appreciate your work and your message that you are trying to sent to the people! You have my RESPECT Neel Kolhatkar!

  4. Funny how the extremism in the game is also seen in the comment section of this vid with people spewing both left and right rhetoric. Quite amusing to see ngl.

  5. i wanna fucking beat the shit out the white girl like i want to fucking curb stomp her with my steel toe boots

  6. This randomly showed up in my recommended can somebody explain to me what the hell this is. Is it like a skit or something. I’m very confused ?

  7. This randomly showed up in my recommended can somebody explain to me what the hell this is. Is it like a skit or something. I’m very confused ?

  8. What I like is that this video makes you think about how both sides are equally as bad. What people forget constantly is that not everyone on the left is a sjw that just looks to be self-righteous and bring everyone down, and that not everyone on the right is a racist white male that only cares about money. Every side has issues, and unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever get over them.

  9. This worst part is he predicted this almost exactly. Trump got elected. Billionaires got tax cuts, (which I never really cared if they did or not, they can afford it either way) which is moving center-right back to stage ten, the more…hateful…on the right were able to spread their viewpoints through increased influence, which was far-right being moved back up to stage six, and the cost was the disappearance of aid from both government and rich to the poor. (Moving center left down to stage 1)

    It’s rather intriguing.

  10. if this reflected society, the guy on the right would be a nazi, and the woman on the left would be herself. guess which is better?

  11. I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move.

    I play my Adolf hitler card, anyone I dislike is forced to move down to stage one and then after a few turns no matter what position to be taken out of the game unless they win

  12. Social justice warriors that argue about sexuality are fucking annoying and hilarious. Legit no one gives a fuck about lgbtq

  13. I mean, he wouldn't have to use trump card if the girl on the left wasn't triggering all the time and blaming him for all that bullsh*t

  14. They really need to add Hitler, Stalin, and Mao cards, where Hitler moves all white players to stage 4 and eliminates all others, Stalin moves all to stage 1 and then eliminates half at random, and Mao eliminates every player so no one wins.

  15. They're all great actors
    The girl on the far right is a feminist who hates the men for being lucky and shares the middle girls voice in a wrong way
    The middle girl knows she's screwed and deals with it
    The middle boy just wants to get through with it thinking whatever happens happens
    And the boy on the far right is annoyed at the girl on the end for being unlucky and tells her to toughen up

    Middle girl you want to feel sorry for
    Middle boy you want to be friends with
    Far boy you you don't care about
    Far girl you want to throw of a cliff

  16. U know if i do so happen to see her on the streets, she ginna go straight to the ICU, she deserve a good good slap that dislocates her entire neck, some subatance that disfigure her entire face, and a good beating to beat the retarded previlege ego out of her

  17. I literally played this in a college orientation class my freshman year… the left has literally brainwashed everyone

  18. This is supper aggravating and interesting at the same time it shows how far leftist and far rightest are both wrong and that normal left and normal rightest are not that different and that we all need to stand together for ANY of us to go anywhere

    At least that’s what I got out of it

  19. I like this the ending was perfect it shows moderates being forced to push to the right because of the far left which is what i got from it and it makes a lot of since from what is happening

  20. Bruh this is the dumbest shit….. Everyone is already equal in America….. None of these people in this video would survive in Libya or Afghanistan, but every person from those countries would survive in America….. America is the greatest country in history

    And you can't change my mind

  21. Progressive leftists mess everything up again lol i love this video if she had not been an asshat the only one that ended worse then they started was the far right guy

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