The Outer Worlds – Exclusive Edgewater Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

The Outer Worlds – Exclusive Edgewater Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

TIM: I’m just so
itching to use these — hello! [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] TIM: Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode
of PlayStation Underground. You got Tim and Kristen here. KRISTEN: Hey. TIM: I’m joined by Brian Heins, senior designer of
The Outer Worlds and Matt Singh, producer of The Outer Worlds,
from Obsidian here. We’re gonna be checking out
a new mission of the game. Thanks for joining us guys. BRIAN: Yeah.
Thanks for having us. MATT: Yeah, definitely.
Thank you. KRISTEN: This is a beautiful
view to walk into, Edgewater. TIM: Yes. Under the beautiful
stars and the night sky. We’re only in the
first hour of the game. Can you guys give us a
little bit of insight into what Edgewater’s all about and
where we’re at in the game? BRIAN: Yeah. Definitely. So Edgewater is the first
town you come to in the game. It’s in an area of the main
planet in the Halcyon Colony which is where this game is set. It’s a region
called Emerald Vale. And Edgewater is a corporate
town run by the Spacer’s Choice company, which as
you’re walking around, you’re seeing a ton of the
Spacer’s Choice branding, and people you’re gonna
talk to are gonna mention Spacer’s Choice
and corporate logos. KRISTEN: “Part of the Spacer’s
Choice family of course.” BRIAN: Exactly. So basically this is a town
that’s kind of fallen on a bit of hard times. And you’re here — basically,
when you reach this point, you were recently brought
out of hibernation by a rogue scientist, someone’s who’s
wanted by the corporate board which runs the colony, and he’s
asking you for help to revive your fellow colonists who
were on the Hope Colony ship. And he sent you to meet a
smuggler who you landed on top of rather than helping out. KRISTEN: Mistakes were made. BRIAN: That’s right. TIM: And now we’re
after a power regulator, specifically trying to
bring a ship back online which is exciting. And for some insight, I got a chance to build
my character here, Mina. She is sort of a charming idiot
who is very good at stealth. And I went heavy in the charisma
so we can get — I love having different dialogue
options available. Hello. KRISTEN: So polite. TIM: All right. So one huge thing about The
Outer Worlds that I’m excited about is the branching dialogue and all the
different options here. When I have dumb
options, I usually go for it. But, first of all, I’ll find
out what Reed’s all about here. Yeah.
I don’t know, man. What do you mean? KRISTEN:
Company-approved colors. Oh my goodness. TIM: We got
branding to worry about. Yeah.
I just want the power regulator. KRISTEN: Hope you
don’t mind if I take that. TIM: I like her look. He seems so trustworthy. I’m into it. BRIAN: I mean, absolutely. KRISTEN: Would a man in
a bowler hat lie to you, Tim? TIM: I had a bad
experience with that. Yeah. All right.
Let’s hear it. Had a feeling this would
benefit him in some way. KRISTEN: What? “When you say
mostly abandoned…” TIM: Here it is. All right. KRISTEN: What a surprise. TIM: We saw that coming. Wait.
Are they Marauders? I don’t think people
are gonna like that. Let’s see what he
says about that. Okay. BRIAN: Feel good about yourself. TIM: Yeah. I will. KRISTEN: I love when the
dialogue options really allow you to lean into a character. Do I care about these people? Am I going to advocate for
them or take their power. I don’t care. I can be the
villain if I want to be. TIM: Tell me what to do, Reed. Okay. I love the names,
Parvati, Reed, and Adelaide. All right. I’m trying to really
appraise this dynamic here. KRISTEN: Is this a
companion option? TIM: Yeah.
Let’s do it. BRIAN: What more to you need? KRISTEN: Hairpins are
essential to this operation. TIM: Okay. BRIAN: So I got a new companion. TIM: Excellent.
The more the merrier here. Okay.
So we’re looking at — MATT: One of the
things you’ll notice is they’ll help you out in
conversations as well, so they’ll add
actually to your scores. KRISTEN: Add a
little bit of insight. MATT: Yeah. TIM: Carrying capacity, they
can carry all my goodies for me. That’s great. Okay, Parvati, here we go. BRIAN: We don’t have pack mules,
but we do have companions. KRISTEN: Good job
making friends, Tim. TIM: Thank you. KRISTEN: All right.
we’re heading on down. TIM: Yeah.
The Emerald Vale region. This is a different route from
where we entered the Edgewater. BRIAN: This the
other side of town. KRISTEN: Just a casual
volcano on the side there. TIM: Just chilling
in the distance. KRISTEN: I love it. What went into some of the
design for these environments? Did you guys draw
inspiration from some stuff? Was it just coming
out of your head like, I want a volcano in the back? BRIAN: The volcano came from one
of the aspects of this quest is we’re being asked to go
to the Geothermal Plant. We’re looking for a good visual
indicator of geothermal power, and who doesn’t love a volcano? It’s a great visual draw. These are the Marauders. You’ll learn a bit more as you
go through the quests who they are, but the most important
thing to know about them is they’re unemployed. TIM: Okay. Got it. KRISTEN: The worst
thing you can be. BRIAN: Exactly. MATT: What that prompt
was just showing you, because you put some points
into your leadership abilities, you can now have special
abilities for your companions as well, and so you can
use those in combat. Once we get into
some other ones, you might be able to see
what Parvati can do for you. TIM: Looks like it’s
on the left and right buttons on the directional pad? MATT: Yeah.
So those are the abilities. Right now you got
one on the left. BRIAN: You’re
being spotted there. TIM: Thank you. We got company. I’ll try. Okay.
I’m gonna get some better cover. BRIAN: That was our
medical inhaler you just used. TIM: I love the animation there. Okay. So that’s a heavy there. Let me see what we
can do here about this. I got a little bit more. MATT: You might want to use
that Tactical Time Dilation. KRISTEN: So what is this
mechanic that Tim is using that sort of stops time or
slows it down briefly? BRIAN: So that’s
what we call our Tactical Time Dilation system. Basically because you
were in, basically, hibernation for 70 years,
you got a little bit of brain damage, just a
tiny, tiny amount. The benefit is you can slow
down your perception of time, which in combat
allows you to really aim, focus in on enemies, and learn
their strengths and weaknesses. Gives you some benefits. KRISTEN: And I see it
drains that purple meter up to the left. BRIAN: Yeah. When you’re just standing
still, it drains fairly slowly. But as you’re
moving and attacking, it drains quickly. KRISTEN: Nice. BRIAN: And based on how you
customized your character by putting points into
the right skills, purchasing the right perks, you
can actually increase how long that meter lasts in combat. KRISTEN: Nice. So it’s something you can
really lean into if you want. Just lean into
that brain damage. TIM: I absolutely need to. Well, I mean, maybe
not in real life. But, yeah. I absolutely love being able to
slow time there and target that. I will go all in on that. BRIAN: So you notice
Parvati is low on health. So when you heal, it
heals her as well. TIM: Okay.
We share that. That’s great. So her — she has an ability on
the left D-pad it looks like. So if I target — there we go. KRISTEN: Yeah.
Get it, girl. TIM: You stay away from her. Did she go down? KRISTEN: Yeah.
TIM: No. BRIAN: She was still at no
health when you sent her in. TIM: Oh shoot. Can I revive her?
We’ll find out. BRIAN: She’ll revive at the end
of combat unless you’re playing on our highest difficulty mode. At that point, she
would be gone forever. TIM: That’s just it. Oh wow.
Those are some stakes. KRISTEN: Do you guys have a
fun name for your hard mode? BRIAN: Supernova. KRISTEN: Nice.
TIM: That’s a great name. KRISTEN: I always love hearing
the different names for them. BRIAN: Yes. KRISTEN: You’re doing good, Tim. TIM: Thank you. Thank you. I need all the
positive encouragement. KRISTEN: I believe in you. Take out that hooligan. TIM: All the goons
and hooligans gotta go. KRISTEN: Get out of here. Parvati, I’m so sorry. TIM: Oh my god. Let’s heal. KRISTEN: She’s
like, it’s all good. TIM: So she got a
little bit from that? BRIAN: Yes. And, again, based on how you
put points in various skills, she will get more. TIM: Okay. Great. KRISTEN: Are you able to pass
something onto her so that she can heal herself? BRIAN: She will heal
naturally outside of combat, it just takes longer. One of the archetypes for the
game is the leadership route, which is where you’re putting
points more into improving your companions rather
than to yourself. As you do that, it will improve
how much health they get back as you heal. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Let’s see what
Adelaide has to say. Hello. This is pretty. Wow. KRISTEN: Tim, great job focusing
on the main course here — TIM: Thank you. KRISTEN: — because I very
much would have been like, right away,
let me check her room. TIM: It is taking everything
in me to not just like, oh, what’s this over here. KRISTEN: I am the worst
when it comes to RPGs of, like, I’ll try so hard to
stay on the main quest. And then I’m like,
ooh, a shiny thing, ooh, a new conversation. BRIAN: Well, our entire job is
designing those shiny things. KRISTEN: It’s all
worth exploring. TIM: She’s so friendly. KRISTEN: Oh. TIM: Oh shoot.
I can’t just take their power. Now I like them more. KRISTEN: Ruh-roh.
There’s a dumb option. TIM: “What’s that smell?” Yep. I suppose he
might not be used to it. KRISTEN: Thanks. TIM: I gotta say, I’m impressed
by the pivot between the goofiness back to having
something pretty heartfelt. It’s amazing it’s
not more jarring. You think it would be
jarring, but it works so well. KRISTEN: It’s seamless. TIM: I’m gonna drop Reed’s
name here and see what she says. She doesn’t like me as much now. To the point. But I could try to massage this. KRISTEN: “I wasn’t
really listening.” TIM: Man, I would never
make this choice in my main playthrough probably, so
I’m gonna just go for it. BRIAN: Absolutely. ALL: Ooh. TIM: She’d been working
on that one for a while. I’m just gonna tell
her the whole story. KRISTEN: I have needs, Adelaide. TIM: Yeah.
I just need a power regulator. That’s basically it. I’m feeling convinced. KRISTEN: Oh, what a choice. TIM: I do hate odious canneries. So I don’t
have to actually make the decision, decision here.
It’s just sort of like — KRISTEN: Letting you start to see the feelers of what
you could be choosing soon. BRIAN: Yes. TIM: What is your history? I love if I hadn’t
brought her along, I wouldn’t have seen that. KRISTEN: Yeah. BRIAN: Definitely based on the
companions you bring with you. In addition to
helping with skills, you might have
options for conversations. They’ll interject their own
opinions into the conversation, and occasionally that will
unlock different options for quests for you. TIM: That’s great. We’ll — yeah.
What will happen to Edgewater? Interesting. Yeah.
I will consider this. KRISTEN: That could be a
good thing or a bad thing. TIM: Didn’t know what
to expect coming here, but I didn’t expect that. KRISTEN: Oh, but
you’d have to steal it. TIM: I did steal it. KRISTEN: You just did it.
Not a care in the world. TIM: Don’t tell
anybody, Parvati. KRISTEN: Parvati’s
looking back and forth. TIM: She’s like, okay. All right. So. KRISTEN: Sounds like
we gotta head to the plant and just do the thing. TIM: Yeah.
So head back out. All right.
So we’re back. We did spend some skill points
and get some perks for Mina, the character we’re playing. But, you know, we actually
decided to load up a different character since we’re going into
heavy combat and check out some different weapons, which this is
— there’s a good variety here. So we got this bad boy here
which is an electric — What’s this weapon called? MATT: This is an assault rifle
that’s been modded out so it can actually do shock damage, which is pretty good
against different robots. TIM: Okay. Perfect. And I love the design and
the intricate detail on it. BRIAN: This is actually —
that’s a TNL assault rifle, a different brand in the game. TIM: That’s awesome. This is a ranged weapon here. And you can charge it up, which I love that
animation and sound effect. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: So we’re gonna have
some options here and finally something a little bit
more corrosive here. I’m keeping this one out. KRISTEN: These are all things
that if we took the time to explore more, we
might have stumbled upon. But we’re sort of mainlining it. BRIAN: We would have
found the weapons. For this, we have
weapon modding in the game, so you can find mods that
apply to weapons and armor. So the assault rifle doing shock
damage is one we modified to do a different damage type. KRISTEN: Got it. TIM: I’m just impressed by how much
personality the weapons have. Not just from the design,
but also the way they fire. It just really feels like
a corrosive machine gun. Does this mascot for
Edgewater have a name? BRIAN: Basically, he’s the
Spacer’s Choice mascot. MATT: We call him the
Moon Man right now. TIM: That’s works. If I needed some gear. I’m so itching to
use these — hello. KRISTEN: We’re doing
just fine, Parvati. TIM: I want to
actually try the — BRIAN: Definitely if you switch
to the Shock assault rifle, you’ll see the difference, like using an ammo type
they’re weak against. TIM: Okay. I think that was
this one, right? BRIAN: Yes. Yeah. TIM: Okay. Cool. And maybe this is — terminals. Okay. Great. I can unlock the door. And is this unlocking the door,
it’s not a lockpicking skill? BRIAN: In this case no. If you needed to use a skill,
it would show you the skill requirement before the actual — KRISTEN: This is where we are gonna enter the pass
code that Reed gave us. TIM: Okay. BRIAN: So, of course, at the
very top of the terminal it’s Spacer’s Choice-branded. KRISTEN: “You tried the best.
Now try the rest.” TIM: Okay. So we’re good.
We’re in. Let’s get in there. MATT: We may want to follow
that objective marker first before we get too deep in there. TIM: Okay.
So is that a right in here? MATT: I think it’s
back up those stairs. TIM: Thank you for the warning. I was getting
pretty gung ho there. Oh, man.
Look at that. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: That’s very satisfying. So when we were looking — when
we previously leveled up and we were looking at
the perks, you know, saw things to extend the —
being able to slow down time or increase armor. Do you guys have any favorite
armor perks or perks for your character to level up? BRIAN: I mean, I’m a big fan
of the Tactical Time Dilation system, so I tend to pick
perks that affect that. There’s also ones that generally
improve your movement speed, both running and
walking in general. Since all these areas
I’ve played multiple times, I was like increase the
speed so I can run through them and do my speed runs
through these areas. TIM: Cover a lot of ground. So this is basically what this
guest has been building towards. We’re confronted with the
opportunity to redirect the power from either
the botanical lab or from Edgewater
here basically. BRIAN: Yes. MATT: Yeah. So the thing we’ll see here
is we’re trying to do that, but there’s some
malfunctions here. We gotta fix that first. TIM: We don’t want the moderate
to severe structural damage. All right. Let’s back out.
See what we can do. Yeah.
Good optimism. KRISTEN: That’s
what they all say. TIM: All right. So now we can dive back in to where I was
gearing towards before. I got this. I’m guessing there’s — KRISTEN: It’s so satisfying. TIM: It feels so good. The sound design of these
weapons is just awesome. I’ll stay on task
here with the waypoint. BRIAN: One of the things you’ll
find as you play through the game coming to those terminals,
a lot of times you’ll find entries for logs or messages. If you’re a lore junky like me, that’s a great way to learn a
lot of stuff about the world. Aim for that blue. TIM: Is that another weak point? BRIAN: Yes. TIM: Oh great. KRISTEN: Going after Parvati. TIM: Drawing her fire. I’m gonna go for it. That looked good. KRISTEN: So satisfying. TIM: These things are hardy. KRISTEN: Oh, there’s a new one. TIM: See if I can
zero in on that. KRISTEN: Interception. TIM: Bodyguard bot. KRISTEN: Dang. BRIAN: That secret
service dive in front of you. TIM: I love that sort
of dissolving animation. KRISTEN: He’s literally dust. BRIAN: Yeah.
That was doing plasma damage. So that will consume enemies. TIM: I’m gonna keep mixing it
up here with the corrosive shot. KRISTEN: Uh-oh. TIM: Who is that? KRISTEN: Someone’s
having a rough day. TIM: Hello? Got two more switches here. Branching paths. Stay on target. KRISTEN: Oh. TIM: She knows her stuff. Be careful. Oh yeah. Oh, you got more. Up above. These are beefy weapons, making
very short work of these guys. I’ll have to — when
the game comes out, I’m gonna have to
remember to scour for these. BRIAN: There’s a lot to find. KRISTEN: All right.
You’re nearly there, Tim. TIM: Yeah. Is this — should I continue
this way and loop around? BRIAN: Yeah. TIM: Okay. My bad. KRISTEN: Maybe go the other way. There is no other way. TIM: There is no other way. Continue down here. KRISTEN: A little
bit of exploration. There we go. TIM: So this is a
geothermal plant. So we saw some
volcanic activity. Is that what we are looking at
here as far as how they actually power the area? BRIAN: Yeah. So basically this is — the plant’s been driving energy
from the volcanic activity. TIM: Okay. Switch to this bad boy here. Oh, hello. KRISTEN: Just skated
right past that guy. TIM: We got a melee
too for a quick hit. BRIAN: Yes. TIM: Nice. KRISTEN: And then to your right. TIM: Oh god. I see more blue things too. Perfect. That was really — KRISTEN:
The sound design is great. TIM: Melee not
terrible against him. It worked. Gosh, all the different reload
animations and weapon animations are just awesome. Okay. Up above. I’m going up. Is this it?
Is this what I want? Here we go. Click. It looks like it did something. Cool. God, I just love all the colors. Any given look at the screen is just a total
kaleidoscope of colors. It’s awesome. KRISTEN: You can tell you guys
have put a lot of effort into the world building
and set design. MATT: We actually have a
shortcut if you go back out the way you came. TIM: This way? MATT: No, back out. TIM: In here? MATT: Yep.
TIM: Okay. MATT: Go to that door. It was actually sealed from
the other side when you saw it. TIM: Now I can unbar it. I love that.
Delicious. KRISTEN: Convenient. TIM: Now we can actually
interact with redirecting power which is a big decision. It seems like the
biggest decision early on in The Outer Worlds. BRIAN: One of the things we were
trying to do is we’re Obsidian, we try to make morally
gray, complex quests, and this is your first taste
of it in The Outer Worlds. KRISTEN: Is there an
option where you take it and don’t help anybody? BRIAN: Well, you
can definitely — you always have
a lot of options. After you get the regulator — and Parvati’s got her
opinion on the matter. TIM: Oh, man.
Let’s hear her out you know. It’s a big decision. Oh wow. I would have
thought that would — she would have
been on the other side. That’s her home too. KRISTEN: That’s fair. TIM: Yeah. So here’s the thing,
the other side of it. Poetic. There’s that moral gray
we were talking about. Oh, wow. I just legitimately don’t know. I feel like I was so
convinced going into this, and now that I’ve
heard from her — BRIAN: Again, at this point
you’ve gone through the planet. You’re at the point where
you can make the choice, but you can always go back and
talk to Reed and Adelaide more. TIM: Get to know them more. BRIAN: And there are other
options available for resolving this beyond what
you’ve seen so far. TIM: Oh really?
BRIAN: Yes. TIM: Really?
That’s super exciting. KRISTEN: You deserve it. TIM: You know, I think,
just as you were saying, I need to do some more soul
searching and digging around in the world to figure out what
my decision is going to be. But for now, I think we’ll leave
it to everybody else to look forward to making that decision. BRIAN: Absolutely. TIM: So that’s The Outer Worlds. It’s gonna be out on PlayStation
4 October 25th of this year. Brian, Matt, thank you
so much for joining us. KRISTEN: Thanks, guys. BRIAN: Thanks for having us.
MATT: It’s been great. TIM: I’m so excited. And thanks everyone for watching
another episode of PlayStation Underground. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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