The Outer Worlds – E3 Gameplay Demo (with Dev Commentary)

The Outer Worlds – E3 Gameplay Demo (with Dev Commentary)

Hello, my name is Brian Heins, I´m a senior designer at Obsidian Entertainment. Today I’m going to show you a glimpse of The Outer Worlds, showing you the same thing we showed behind closed doors at E3. Hope you enjoy it! We’re starting off here in the town of Fallbrook on the world of Monarch Fallbrook is kind of a haven for illicit activity here in the colony. It’s definitely not a place that has a lot of law and order going on. The town is run by a company called SubLight Salvage and Shipping, this is a totally legitimate business, not at all a front for organized crime, so no need to worry about that as you’re playing through the game. Fallbrook is run by a woman named Catherine Malin, you can see she has a Malin’s House of Hospitality, though hospitality of course is not guaranteed. The build you’re looking at is a work in progress development build, this is close to what the development team is currently working on at Obsidian. We’re here in the town of Fallbrook trying to raise money for some quest run and we’re going to talk to Catherine to see if she has any jobs available for us. Catherine’s great, ain’t she? Shell pull you out of the sulfur so long as you don’t mind being in her debt. Come for vice or virtue? ‘Cause we only sell one here. (Heard you had a job you needed done, quite-like.) I do have a delicate matter what needs attending, since you asked. But how am I to know whether you’re reliable if not fully trustworthy? One of the things at Obsidian that we really care about is player choice and reactivity and basically giving you the tools as a player to play the game the way you want to. In this case, we need to get Catherine to work with us, we don’t have enough skill to intimidate her, but we’re charming bastards so we can use that to get her on our side. ([Charm] You can trust me. Fully.) Against my better judgment, I do believe you. “There’s a boarst factory on up the way, run by a man who calls himself the King. Clive Lumbergh – insufferable prick.” That aside, it’s a business ripe for the plucking. I want it. Clear as that. (I get the feeling this is going to involve murder and mayhem) Stars, I hope so. Clive Lumbergh – the self-proclaimed Boarst King of Monarch – is swimming in profit. And drowning in his ego. He’s making the only meal to be had this side of Monarch and I’m tired of ponying up for my dinner. I want that boarst factory – owner dead or alive. And you’re the soon-to-be-handsomely-paid fucker who’s going to get it for me. (Any tips on how I might get int?) If you got brass knockers, you could shoot your way through the front gate. If you don’t fancy getting shot to shit, you can try asking Duncan for a disguise. Might be another way in assuming you’re courageous enough to trek the sewers. Void if I know. Hit him where it hurts. In his gut or his production lines ought to make do. (Say I jut kill Clive…) Sometimes the simplest solution is the sweetest. I don’t give a whit about the method or the means. Just the end. (Sounds good) It’ll be more than good when you’re finished. Maybe not for Clive, but for me and you, I’m sure. Okay so, Catherine has given us the basic of what we need to do. There’s another business here on Monarch that’s making a profit and she is not getting her cut. And obviously that can’t stand, so she needs us to go to the boarst factory and deal with the owner. She’s giving us a new sidequest. Now there’s a woman who knows what she wants. I like her. And we’re going to make that side quest the active quest so we can track our progress. And we like to use puns on some famous sci-fi titles, so this is the Slaughterhouse Clive quest where we’re on now. Now, in order to reach the boarst factory we have to travel through Monarch overlands which is not a safe location by any means. Luckily, we have a few companions with us, Nyoka and Ellie, two of the possible companions that you can recruit over the course of the game. Nyoka is kind of a big game hunter. She’s a native of Monarch, and Ellie is a former surgeon turn pirate so she’s looking for adventure these days and decided to join your crew. We’re going to show you a few of the weapons we have on this character and some of their capabilities. At Obsidian, we’re looking at player choice, we’re not just talking about what dialogue options you pick, or what quest you take, or how you resolve them. It’s really about how you as a player customize your toolkit through skills, perks, and equipment in order to play the game the way you want to play. And in this case, we’ve focused this character on technology skills, things like engineering and science, which allow us to modify these weapons to do increased damage, greater range and different types of damage entirely. Through our science skill, we tinker with the level of the weapons, allowing them to be more powerful or more deadly over the course of the game. So here we left the town of Fallbrook, and now we’re on the Monarch Wilderness, the over lands. Giving you a little bit of backrgound, this was actually the first planet terraformed to the Halcyon colony. It’s a moon that orbits one of the main gas giants in the colony, which you can see in the sky there. Now the original plan was that the terraforming process would wipe out the native plants and animals and replace them with Earth species. That didn’t quite work out the way they planned, instead the native species grew much bigger, much tougher and a lot more vicious, and this caused the Corporate Board, which runs the Halcyon colony, to decide to abandon the planet and all the colonists who were left behind, except for one corporation, The Monarch Stellar Industries who stayed behind and claimed the planet as their own. We come across a bandit blockade here on the road and we’re going to show you one of the features of the game. This is our Tactical Time Dilation System. Basically, your character is suffering from hibernation sickness because you’ve been travelling from Earth to this colony for 70 years and it slows down your perception of time. It’s brain damage but it’s a positive, effective brain damage. What we just showed you was one of the companion abilities, Nyoka has her machine gun attack, that basically can do a lot of damage against an enemy. For this character we’ve focused on our leadership skills. This skill makes your companions stronger and more durable on combat. Because we’ve focused on those abilities, we were able to control that attack that we’ve just demonstrated before you. Now here’s one of the native species of Monarch I was talking about. This is a Mantisaurus, actually a Mantiqueen, that we are showing you there. Again, before the terraforming process, these were small, insect-like race, now they’re huge, bigger than humans, incredibly territorial and aggressive, and very tough, so we are going to avoid them and try them not get them to attack, we probably wouldn’t survive the encounter.
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We’re coming to another blockade here and it looks like there’s a few more marauders there doing a blockade in the street. For this character, because we’ve invested points into our weapon skills beyond just making our weapons more effective, we have also unlock the ability to do location-based hits and effects, like being able to unarm and maim somebody or shoot them in the head and blind them, it doesn’t kill them outright. This allows us to start combat by weakening our enemies if we’re not killing them directly and allows us to do different effects based on the type of enemy. We can cripple an enemy who would be melee attacker and making them slower to run towards you in an attack. So here, because we’ve been focusing in improving our companions through our leadership skills and raising up our weapon abilities, we’ve really been able to increase the power of our character and our party and be able to deal with this encounter quite handily. So we’re coming up on the boarst factory here, this is where Catherine has sent us to deal with the problem that she’s having, and we’re going to do a little bit of an overlook to show the situation. This is the front gate, is fairly well guarded, this could be definitely a challenge for us to go and just fight directly. If we had been focusing on combat skills it would definitely be an option for us, but when we were talking to Catherine she did mention the possibility of a back entrance, so we’re going to take a look and see if we can find that. We’re going to avoid those Canids, another native species that are fairly aggressive, we want to avoid combat with them if possible. Every gamer knows that the best things are hidden behind waterfalls, so we’ll go looking for that. That’s the sewer entrance that Catherine mentioned, unfortunately that red glow indicates it’s locked and we’re not going to be able to unlock it and go into the sewer because we haven’t been focusing on that skill for this character, so we have to go through the front gate. Again, we could go in guns blazing, but we have other tools at our disposal. On a previous quest we gained a new item, a piece of protector technology we call the Holographic Shroud, this allows us to create a holographic disguise around ourselves and our companions and allows us to enter restricted areas and appeared to be one of the people that work in that area. It allows us to, rather than being attacked outright, be challenged and talk our way out of the situation. Ah, you must be part of the new line shift. Don’t tell me you lost your keycard already. A lost card’s worth two infractions, you know. ([Lie 25] Actually, I haven’t been issued one yet. It’s my first day on the job.) You know, I think I did hear something about that… All right, okay. So here we were been able to talk our way pass the guard, it allows us to bypass a very difficult combat encounter just using our conversation skills. The holographic disguise is generated around ourselves and our party, you can see that meter at the bottom of the screen, that’s the integrity of the disguise. As your moving, your hologram starts to degrade, but you can see it’s covering us, and our companions are now disguised and look like they’re part of the facility. We just have to plan our route carefully and make sure we reach our destination before the disguise degrades entirely. Okay, and we’ve banished into the boarst factory successfully, as you can see up ahead there’s another restricted area. That hologram on the door is our visual cue that our disguise is going to activate automatically. Because we’ve entered a new restricted area it has managed to recover, which allows us to sneak our way past this Mechanical here, and we’re able to make our way into the factory without getting into combat thanks to our Holographic Shroud. One of the things that we at Obsidian think makes The Outer Worlds a very special game, it’s the dark humour and tone that Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky bring to their projects and what you’re seeing here is one of the prime examples of that. These are the cystypigs, so these are animals that had been engineered to produce delicious boarst flavoured tumours, bacon flavoured tumours that when they grow ripe and juicy, fall off the pigs and can be collected and processed for various boarst products. including boarst pockets, boarst and beans and boarst wurst, and you haven’t tried the worst if you haven’t tried boarst wurst. Now that we have our disguise on, we want to try and make our way through here without getting found by any enemies, our disguise has degraded so we want to see if we can make our way through, but it looks like we got caught by this mechanical here. Error: Employee information not found. Identify yourself. It’s not often that you can intimidate a robot, so I’m going to pick that option. ([Intimidate 15] If you’re experiencing errors, I should take you to a mechanical engineer.) Error: This unit is not experiencing errors. (You just said “error” twice.) Error: this unit is functioning correctly. There is no need for the intervention of mechanical engineers. Thank you for your cooperation. So mechanicals don’t like going to the doctor, we were able to bluff our way past that robot sentry and now we’re going to make our way through the boarst factory. We could keep going and rely on our disguise to get us through, but we’re going to see what other options we can find in this area and do a little bit of exploring. Here we found the control room for the canning facility. This is where all those delicious bacon flavoured tumours are processed into various products that you can find throughout the colony. This is a nice overlook, we can see there’s several guards, several robot sentries and some workers down below. Again, we can go in guns blazing but it would be quite a challenge to achieve, and if we’re going to focus in our conversation skills maybe we can talk our way through this, but we’ve been focusing more in our hacking abilities, so we’re going to use this terminal, which are always great options for new hacking potential, and see what happens here. We have activated that “Pink Slip Protocol”, which has reprogrammed the mechanical sentries to now see all the guards and workers as enemies instead of friends, so they’re now going to start attacking the guards and workers out of the boarst factory. Bad day at the office for them, but great opportunity for us. Records indicate you have already been identified as non-standard personnel. State your purpose. So, we’ve been seen by this mechanical. Again, with our disguise we could try and talk our way through but, you know what? We’ve been focusing on weapons skills, se let’s go ahead and attack and see what happens. Alert: intruder on the premises. Instituting correctional behaviour and protocols. That has caused our disguise to end. The weapon we’re using is a heavy machine gun that has actually been modified using our engineering skill and now does shock damage rather than the standard weapon damage type of this weapon, and shock damage is very effective against mechanicals, so that’s a great choice to use here. So this we weren’t expecting, we’ve actually been offered a flaw. This is the system that we have talked about in the past where, based on the actions that you take during the game you might be offered flaws that you can accept that give your character a penalty, but in result you get the option of purchasing a new perk, which can give you ways to get an advantage outside of the normal level-up process. We have made our way through the factory and we’re going to be talking to Clive Lumbergh, this is the guy that Catherine sent us to deal with, the one who’s not giving her her cut of the profits, so let’s talk to Clive and see what he has to say. Whoa, now! And just what do you figure you are doing up here? These are my private quarters, friend. I don’t allow tours up here. Don’t allow tours ever, on deeper consideration. ([Perception] You’ve got blood on your shirt. Right… there. No, lower.) Certain things require a mess to do well. See, I was just killing… some time. I prefer to prepare my dinner by my own hand. Nothing like fresh and bloody… boarst wurst. Clive seems totally sane to me, I don’t know why Catherine has a problem with him. Those parts are from cystypigs? I do own a factory known for specialising in the canning of boarst wurst. On occasion, I like to imbibe other parts of the cystypig. Did you fancy me a cannibal? Perish the thought. No, I don’t eat the bodies I disappear. A joke, that last was. So. What can I do for you? My full attention is at your disposal Uh… I’m not saying you shouldn’t vex this guy, but… if you do, it’s been nice knowing you. While I approve of your associate’s cautious nature, I still teeter on the verge of losing my patience. Let us move forward with the present proceedings. At this point, we could choose to honour the oath to Catherine to attack Clive, alright, but even this far into the quest we’re not locked into any kind of approach, we can still talk to him and see what options he has. By SubLight, you mean Catherine, do you not? That greedy star-crossed sow. Listen friend. The Boarst King of Monarch does not negotiate with coveters. How about you bring me Catherine’s severed head, and I will gift you a lifetime supply of boarst? Now this is a pretty great deal. Catherine is offering us money, which is always useful, but this is a lifetime supply of delicious bacon flavoured tumours, how could you possibly pass that up? Now, at this point we’re going to end our presentation, when the game releases in October of this year you can make a choice in how you want this quest to play out and you can see the consequences of your actions and how those choices are driving the story forward. This is Halcyon: the furthest colony in the galaxy. Proudly owned and operated by corporations. But a stranger has just arrived. Someone who can be… a villain. Or… a hero. Or a psychopath. The colony will never be the same. October 25, 2019

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