The Original ‘Dream Team’ Make Their Mark in Barcelona | Olympics On The Record

The Original ‘Dream Team’ Make Their Mark in Barcelona | Olympics On The Record

Summer, 1992. Barcelona was all set. Ready to welcome thousands of
athletes and the world’s media. Ready for the biggest event
it had ever hosted. Ready for three weeks that would ultimately change
the city for ever. Yep, Barcelona was ready for
its very first Olympic Games. But was it ready for the
Dream Team? The Dream Team – the finest collection of
basketball players ever assembled. Superstars and superheroes,
playing together on one team for one reason
and one reason only – payback. You see, despite the USA’s dominance of Olympic
basketball, the Olympic Games in Seoul,
1988 hadn’t exactly gone according to plan. Team America was used
to winning at the Olympics, particularly in basketball. Especially in basketball. Winning an Olympic bronze medal
would represent a landmark achievement
for most athletes. Not for the USA basketball
team. It was time
to call in the cavalry. How are the cavalry going to
help? If anything, they should
call more basketball players. When Team USA decided to get
the NBA professionals involved, it was Magic Johnson… I couldn’t
pass up that opportunity. It was the
greatest moment of my life. ..who sensationally came out
of retirement to answer the call, and Boston Celtics’ legend
Larry Bird got on board first. Other big names
were quick to follow. Scottie Pippen, one of the
toughest defenders in the game. John “The Pastey Gangster”
Stockton – widely regarded as one of the best point guards
of all time. The 14-time NBA all-star,
Karl “Mailman” Malone. New York Knicks’ legend
Patrick “The Warrior” Ewing, who was coming off one of the
best seasons of his career. David “The Admiral” Robinson,
who had played as an amateur in the 1988 Olympics. And the prolific Charles “The Round Mound
of Rebound” Barkley, an 11-time NBA All-Star. But it was one player, the most
successful and gifted of all, who was one of the last
to sign on – Michael “Air” Jordan, at the summit of an
extraordinary career. In 1992, he was working towards
his hat-trick of championships. I never had the opportunity
to play with Larry Bird, never had the opportunity to
play with Magic Johnson, Karl Malone,
Charles Barkley. And while cynics would argue
that a Mongolian fruit bat would have been able to manage
their interstellar collection of talent, Chuck Daly,
who was appointed coach, was no slouch either,
taking the Detroit Pistons to back-to-back NBA titles
a few years prior to Barcelona. The question was not if they were going to win the
Olympic gold, it was more – by how many
points would they crush
the competition on their inevitable swaggering
stomp to victory? It was like
travelling with 12 rock stars. They stayed in a luxury
Barcelona hotel, instead of with the rest of the athletes
in the Olympic Village… to work on their moves. A-list off the court, A-list on the court. First up was Angola. Team USA blew them away,
winning by 68 points. It wasn’t about them
being close. We didn’t want any close games. We wanted to go out and just
put it to them, to really show them that we were the world’s best. Angola don’t stand a chance! He is on fire! Team USA steam-rolled their way
to the gold medal game, beating every team
by over 40 points en route. Spain… Puerto Rico… Lithuania… They scored 100 points
in every game – the first team
in Olympic history to do so. Coach Daly enjoyed
the view from the touchline. He didn’t bother to call
a single time out throughout the competition –
another first. Rival teams had their moments. They were trying,
they really were. But some players were more
concerned about getting their
photos taken with their basketball heroes. The gold medal match
threatened an upset. No, seriously, it really did. Towards the end
of the first quarter, Croatia held a respectable
lead. And then the Dream Team
found its groove. Gotta make it interesting,
right? Jordan piled in with 22 points, his highest score of the
tournament. Seven American players
scoring ten points or more. They won all eight games,
with an average winning margin of 43.8 points. The sporting success was
followed by the commercial success. The 1992 Dream Team
triggered basketball’s switch from American enterprise
to global marketing phenomenon. Across the world,
TV rights exploded. Sneaker sales soared. And international
participation leapt. The presence of these
professional superstars on the Olympic stage
would be a game-changer, bringing other sports
into the Olympic family. The Olympics Games would
never be the same again. And nor would basketball. That’s the highlight of my
career. It always will be.

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  2. Why not add the fact that Russia needed three attempts, thanks to the refs, to win the semi-finals in the Olympics prior.

  3. Sem desmerecer as outras seleções de Basquete dos EUA mas dream time mesmo só teve esse de 1992 simplesmente os melhores de todos os tempos

  4. The "Dream Team" was made to play against Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, the two best national teams in the world. Yugoslavia especially was dominating leading up to the 1992 Olympics, winning the Eurobasket in 1989, World Cup in 1990, and again the Eurobasket in 1991. Also clubs from Yugoslavia were dominating in Euroleague and won it every season 1989-1992. Sadly both of those countries ceased to exist, so we were deprived of games against the USA that could have been competitive.
    Yugoslavia definitely could have competed, probably not win, but keep it close certainly.

  5. Fun fact… If I'm not mistaken, Puerto Rico and Croatia were the only two teams to keep the victory margin against the Dream team under 40 pts. I believe they beat PR by 38 and Croatia by 36

  6. Is this an official Olympic channel? Seriously? Fact check please… When did the Bulls win their first three peat? It's 91-93 not 92-94. Give Rockets some respect, will you? They won the 94 NBA title.

  7. really need to find somebody new @ 2:52 theres a bat used for a transition. come on. that's ridiculous. a 10 year old knows better.

  8. You said that Chicago were the Champs in 1994. Houston won that year and Chicago won in 1991, 1992, 1993.

  9. The reason for the all-stars was not because of 1988 result. It's because  NBA players were not allowed to participate, although professionals from other leagues were allowed to compete, since players from other leagues were still considered amateurs.

  10. This is a very badly produced video / from people who sound like they’ve never watched the NBA …

  11. 30$ Billion? Air jordan roughly makes 3$ Billion per year in 2018 and i think back then it was around 30 million not billion

  12. I don't know who made this video, but there is a blatant mistake. MIchael Jordan was retired in 94. He won his first 3 championships in 91, 92, and 93. In 94 he was retired and came back in 95.

  13. I don't follow basketball much any longer, but that 1992 version of Team USA's men's Olympic basketball team was ridiculous.

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  16. Might be the dream team but this is a nightmare edit… Should have fired every American in this video apart from the team and coach

  17. I just want to know who came up with the ‘nicknames’ for the NBA players. I watched all those players week in, and week out during that time, and the only 3 I ever heard were the Mailman, the Admiral, and Air Jordan. But some of these…What kind of “Gangster’ was John Stockton??? ?

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