The One Hit Wonder Curse | Fast Life w/ Loic Bruni S1E5

The One Hit Wonder Curse | Fast Life w/ Loic Bruni S1E5

the bands have ID I only had one number one hit fun bettin you nowadays success is a fickle Beast whether it’s the top of the charts all the top of the World Cup results no one sets out to be a one-hit wonder [Music] you know our buddy street in the back [Music] wedged snugly between France and Spain is a landlocked little postage stamp-sized sovereign microstate the people of Andorra have the highest life expectancy in the world the one that we factoid Wikipedia doesn’t mention the race course here in Andorra has never seen a men’s repeat winner something many are looking to change now nerd I got a beef with that place when I first get like a dozen bike at 15 cuz before my dad would just give me like the broken ones than I do right then I just felt like had something special I’ll say and lauren delong was like okay hello to managing Federici and Blenkinsop my all-time Idol was there and I was like eh I would really love to ride with you guys in that woke up with you this is a one shot of the lifetime EULA it’s time for me to try it and if I can see them I’m going to recognize those talisman denim just the dream promotion and I was okay if I can be good in that spot I want to be family [Music] despite what Greg Minnaar Aaron Gwin and Rachel Atherton may lead you to believe it’s actually bloody hard to win one of these things here in Andorra there are eight racers with one fleetingly glorious UCI World Cup wins bene [Music] eight athletes looking to break the blessing and curse of the one who under [Music] the last place you saw tarnish secret like her first-ever World Cup win think she score her second win today then it’s going to be a good run for Seagrove she’s going to go faster 5.6 up pressure is now on those women left of the top can miriam like her first World Cup win since 2011 hold on they don’t last bear commentary back the first World Cup win since 2011 nanda he’s up by one point by night visit a great run from the cow gonna put all the pressure on straight the adder out of dog the crowd the spot becomes closer that I parked at 33 seconds only had an hour left half atop theories leader Oh how’d it goes down Myriam McKeldin wins her second ever World Cup win it’s been a long long time coming that’s for winners it’s for ratings in the women this year unbelievable races are won with 100% commitment the commitment is expensive often times you pay drug and burn so exactly what percentage of controllers of Ryder have to give up in order to win we’re about to find out see the baseline whoa thundering down here there it goes down in the last turn nearly fuck this many times you roll the dice they just doesn’t like that oh wow nasty looking fall there occasionally it does Danny Hart in the star huh he knows what he’s going for here and it’s not a second place he’s going for the win there’s where he’s got a looping well maybe inside there unbelievable he’s up by three points to second Ellen split one why look it’ll only take it card this is an unbelievable run oh I’m gonna cry what I thought he was going out of frost or that Parker Danny goes into the number one spot with improvise I didn’t have no historical TV I know well what’s this mind going to do then loic bruni another rider that needs to turn around his season Neal Ganga had the weirdest injury possible more crash little punching leg and he just ended up with its massive bleeding in the in the lake really who was compressing everything and the risk was compressing the nerve so I had stay in hospital for three days and couldn’t move at home use my neck it’s time for me to wake up I know what to do I know how to write sighs and I want to win [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] coming down the line what’s the time guys down he goes get that done by three hundredths of a second ah so close I was hooked I was happy about the red button I did a big mistake coming in the last section like grab the brake way too hot in the solo speed and then when I saw that I was three cents of any and no three hundredths of a second the difference between dangerously rugged and effectively smooth the difference between first and second for now so then what exactly is the secret winning formula mm-hmm I don’t know I think a lot of people ask me what’s the secret to winning and I think the secret is that there’s no secret there is no like one special magic trick you can do to win races is a lot of things coming together when it counts so I could seriously its Aaron Gwin room at California United States of America faster through the corners that’s it a second bite now can bring do the impossible and pull back a second with anyone else explain over this is the miracle man well he goes into thirty point one applies back for Aaron with the vegetable secret except it’s kind of different you know normally you see someone win the first World Cup and kind of take off a little bit like Aaron’s done you know the last few years so it’s definitely got you know the whole anyone inside the top ten could win a World Cup this year you know in a click of a finger since talking of his first career win nearly three years ago Australia’s Brockman has been second three times but yet the score were keeping it the top step of the podium well there’s no luck it in commitment just point was back that for broke is it going to be another second place for Oakland or is he going to get a second one for a 5-4 second clock process like the way I clicked at that moment that you know my name was on top of the board and that I’ve won and it was more of a I guess the scream of relief and just pure joy that I actually did do it and I’ve wanted it so bad 2014 don’t like the vowel Charis for a really long time no one ever sets out to win just one time but the winning for me is elusive enough that putting it together even once consumed like alchemy speed mixed with perfect timing ideal equipment as great line collection [Music] if you’re already a fan of World Cups eh you know that there’s plenty more of all of this the next stop in Switzerland okay let’s tap YouTube subscribe to red bull for more videos and click here if you want to watch some more action of the UCI monster back walk up and get loose for this and Red Bull TV

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  1. these videos are so SO good. the commentary, the humour, the little features of various riders. absolutely LOVE them.

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