The New Cole Field House | Advancing the Science of Sport

The New Cole Field House | Advancing the Science of Sport

– [Narrator] Welcome to our house, the historic Cole Field House, transformed, reenvisioned, a Cole Field House for what comes next. Steps away from the new purple line, Cole Field House will be the nerve center of the University of Maryland. It will be a proud testament to our rich history. Because this house belongs
to those that built it. Here, we will pay tribute
to our traditions. And never forget those who came before us. This house is our future, where the very future of the
science of sport is born. It starts here on the
pride-draped indoor field, the pulsing heart of the
Terrapin Performance Center, where every single day
student athletes get faster, quicker, stronger. Where coaches inspire and develop the next generation of Terrapin champions. With it’s soaring roof and view to Maryland Stadium, the indoor practice field
gives Maryland football unprecedented, year-round,
all-weather training advantages. The stunning office suites
for Maryland football offers expansive views of the stadium and outdoor practice fields, a place where recruits can
experience that moment, that moment when they
know choosing Maryland will change their lives forever. (cheers) The locker room is a show-stopper, as is the massive tech-enabled strength and conditioning facility. This is where steel builds muscle, But muscle alone is not enough. Championships are won with
both strength and strategy. And here’s where study and
preparation come together. Just outside, two regulation fields complement the interior facilities, giving the Terps an
athletic training facility unmatched in Division I sports. But our house is not content
to merely build great athletes, we want to build great leaders too. (cheers) At Maryland, we’re redefining elite. First-class support services guaranteed. And then there’s this, the Academy of Innovation
and Entrepreneurship, where fearless ideas become game-changers, where notes on the back
of a Bentley’s napkin transform into something
you can hold in your hands. Where students become entrepreneurs, developing skills not just
for the next four years but for the next forty. And all this just steps away from where one of our very own took a sweaty t-shirt and transformed it into a global empire. – Traditionally, University of Maryland has had a 25 year rich history in innovation entrepreneurship. What we really lack to
date is a central resource and a central location that engages all students of all majors, from all schools and colleges. Cole is going to play
a really important role in preparing our students to have an impact on the
world when they graduate. – [Narrator] Our house
will also be the epicenter for the science of sport, the Center for Sports Medicine, Health and Human Performance, a living laboratory for advanced training and rehabilitation. 42,000 square feet of research space for the study of biomechanics, concussion and traumatic brain injuries and exoskeleton robotics. – It’s very important for
us to be able to interact with the scientists in
the various disciplines. As surgeons and doctors
who take care of athletes, we’re obviously clinically applying what they’re learning and
what they’re studying. For us to bring the relevance
of the patients to them and for them to bring the
basic science discipline to us allows the two of us to
work together in a way that develops the best possible science. – The initial focus is going to be on nervous system injury and neuroscience. Understanding how the brain responds to trauma, what the risk factors are for the response to trauma, and then also what can we do to really optimize, enhance, promote recovery from brain trauma. – [Narrator] You see, in our house we will bring together the
best scientists and doctors from the University of
Maryland School of Medicine to deliver cutting-edge orthopedic care, serving student-athletes,
veterans, and the community. You want a fearless idea? I’ve got a fearless idea. Transform an iconic landmark into a dynamic intersection of
innovation, health and sport where technology and sweat
and invention and science collide to do something
nobody’s ever done before. Because we’re the University of Maryland and that’s what we do. – [Announcer] It is caught. And a touchdown Maryland! – [Narrator] The inspiring
words of the coaches echo into the electric air, – [Coach] We will win here. We will win with numbing repetition and bow to no one, no program. We’re gonna come out swinging. – [Announcer] To the ten, to the five, touchdown! – [Narrator] The new Cole Field House, more than a building, a revolution, allowing the University of Maryland to stand proudly as a
championship program on the field and as a national leader
for the relentless pursuit of science, innovation and sport. Fear the Turtle. “Let’s Go Maryland! Let’s Go Maryland!” “Let’s Go Maryland! Let’s Go Maryland!”

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  1. Terps will be good in a few…. good recruiting class for 2017… the'll need the facilities and blue chips in order to compete with B1G East division like Ohio St., Michigan, Penn State, and MSU…. good luck maryland….

  2. Nice facility but I got to wonder if the general population student will be able to workout there? Back in my day we could go to Cole and run the stairs, swim in the pool, and soak in the aurora of the building. Will it just be for the elite only now? If yes than that suckS!

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