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  1. THANK you for stating the fact that a suit jacket is different than a blazer. That is a faux pas that drives me nuts. Absolutely nuts.

  2. I liked that you differentiated a suit jacket and a sportcoat. It is important for men to know that most suit jackets can not be worn as sportcoats. However, a sportcoat doesn't necessarily need to be heavier. One of the more popular materials for summer jackets is a linen/silk/wool blend that is very lightweight. I would say that texture is key, not weight.

    Also, I would say that you missed the navy sportcoat, light grey trousers, and brown suede loafers combination. That's a winner.

    All in all great video. Very informative.

  3. Ashley! I have something amazing to say…
    This was the most amazing video I have ever found regarding blazer/sport coat/ suit jackets! I am pleased to say that I have been searching for a very long time, and I finally found your video; it completely covered everything! I have been sharing it with my peers, friends, and associates. To give you an example of were I stand, I brought together a group of aspiring individuals, which we all highly value the clothes we communicate; in our learning process to better develop ourselves inside and out we have had a hard time finding resources to guide us(especially in clothing). I personally choose my clothes to meet or exceed others' expectations for a given occasion. I do my absoute best to dress my best, but it's very difficult to find the clothes that fit very well and are not very pricy. Watching your videos has really helped myself and my group understand how clothing should look. I take pride in how I dress because I want people to know I have high aspirations and I intend to go above and beyond.
    Haha, I apologize, i'm just typing what comes to my head because I am very excited to tell you how great your videos are! Me writing is just to tell you that as a freshman in college this video in particular helped me so much. Unlike other videos on YouTube, you kept it short, to the point, with great "life size" examples and explanations:) You did an amazing job, and everyone I shared it with told me the same! keep up the great work Ashley! I will look forward to the future videos you upload!

  4. There is a difference between a Blazer and a Sport jacket/coat. It's just that the vast majority of the industry don't know what differences are. So much so that they end up making hybrids of blazers and sport coats. This sort of negligence transfers onto people as well.

  5. Let me put my 2 cents in.  The navy blazer/sport coat is probably the only blazer/sport coat where the buttons should stand out.  I got 7 of them all with different buttons.  I got brass, pewter, white . . . The button list goes on.  Can anybody think of another blazer/ sport coat where the buttons make a difference?

  6. Sports coats are NOT Balzers. Real men real style channel will tell clearly answer that question.

  7. can we wear a sportcoat with polo? because I'm a standup comic and it requires me to dress well which i personally like.. and now its summer here so i cant layer more.. but i really like my polos so was wondering if they would go well? could you help? thank you

  8. how about a double breasted blazer it will be very nice to know how you can wear them and what not to wear them with

  9. Youve got a new sub. also sometimes your voice reminds me of muffy from hey arthur! not a bad thing is since they are my fonded childhood memories

  10. I work in a large retail store in the UK and we sell a complete suit (jacket + pants) but the jacket have metal buttons on it which threw me a little bit when I first saw it as, like you said, I always assumed if it had metal buttons it was a blazer

  11. Hello Ashley, I am larger build guy and trying to get the blazer that has right fit for me. It seems like the most of the recommendation lists are based on slim or regular build. I tried BB Madison fit with 50 but the armhole is still tight. Can you recommend any? Thanks. BTW, I really enjoy your video. I bought a lot of the items from your recommendations, especially I love Tommy John's underwear! The fit is so fantastic.

  12. What would be the best fabric for blazers during warmer months since heavier fabric may not be suitable?

  13. Blazers and Sports Coats are NOT the same. The fact that people, who should know the difference, incorrectly use the terms interchangeably does not make it okay to do so. Reducing our vocabulary only serves to make accurate, succinct communication ever more difficult. I suggest you research the origins of these two distinctly different men's garments. You will discover that they differ in origin, style and function. The terms are definitely NOT interchangeable. Those who intend to educate others, should first educate themselves.

  14. There actually is a difference between a blazer and a sport coat. The difference, is a blazer is thicker and more formal. A sportcoat is more casual, lighter, and has a looser fit. The reason for this, the blazer was orginally designed for Naval use(hence why most have metal buttons and come in a navy color)

  15. Thank you for another informative video. Would you combine a blazer with a sports watch? In this video the suggestion seems to be a dress watch. But I am thinking: sports coat, sports watch. Right?

  16. I have to advise you that you should research your topic before making a video like this. Your video made my brain hurt.

  17. one question though, if i want to wear a blazer in the summer paired with a jeans, ehat fabric to wear?? i mean blazers are heaviee like you said and thin fabric jacket might not go well with a jeans??

  18. A suit jacket just has a matching pair of trousers/slacks to go with it. That's almost all there is to a suit jacket 🙂

    A sports jacket and blazer can be used interchangeably nowadays although I guess a sports jacket is more of an umbrella term. A blazer is a sports jacket, but not all sports jackets are blazers I guess – strictly speaking 🙂

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