The most devious cheat in Olympic Games history? | Strangest Moments

The most devious cheat in Olympic Games history? | Strangest Moments

You might not know it
to look at him, but this man has been called
the biggest cheat in the history of
the Olympic Games. Boris Onischenko, or Boris Dis-Onischenko
as he soon became known, earned his place in
the Olympics Hall Of Shame for some innovative skulduggery in Montreal in 1976. Onischenko’s event was
the modern pentathlon, an all-round test of
an athlete’s skills. Pentathletes ride horses and
run gruelling cross-country, they shoot pistols… ..they swim… ..and step up, epee in hand, onto the fencing piste. But Onischenko added a sixth
discipline all of his own – electronic engineering. And this bright spark
from the Soviet Union nearly rewired the entire
integrity of the Olympics. Onischenko was a popular member of the USSR’s
Modern Pentathlon team. He was well liked and well
respected in a close-knit group. He won the team gold
in Munich in 1972 and the individual silver
twice. Here he is on the podium in
1968, receiving a silver medal, behind the Hungarians. But maybe he thought
his powers were on the wane. Away from prying eyes,
Onischenko, or someone he knew, made a few modifications to
the handle of his epee blade. All of a sudden, during a fencing contest against Britain’s
Adrian Parker, held at the Montreal University
sports facility, Onischenko seemed to be a
magician. Despite the Ukrainian’s epee not quite touching
the Briton’s body, the electronic scoring
mechanism recorded a hit. The British thought
it was a malfunction, until it happened again
in another match. Onischenko, a military man
himself, then faced Jim Fox, a 36-year-old sergeant
in the British Army, and the same thing happened
again. Onischenko lunged at Fox. Fox skilfully leapt out of the
way, but the scoreboard lit up
to record a hit. The Brits smelled a rat… but Fox would not be conned. The Britons again complained
and the officials investigated. They seized Onischenko’s epee and found a most curious device
in its handle. Beneath a layer of leather, there was a button
leading to a wiring system. Press the button,
and the sensors in the arena were told there’d been a hit. Onischenko had figured out
a way to hit his opponents without touching them. Suffice to say,
it was not in the rules. The punishment was immediate. Appeals fell on deaf ears. In disgrace, Onischenko
was booted from the Games, reported to have stopped by his old rival Fox
on the way out to say he was sorry. The British went on
to take the gold medal. Back at the Olympic Village, the USSR volleyball team threatened to push Onischenko
out of a window. They believed he’d brought
shame on the entire nation. But some still say
he was a victim himself of the win-at-all-costs
Soviet regime. He went back to Kiev and
was expelled from the Red Army. He got a personal dressing-down from the Soviet leader
Leonid Brezhnev and a 500-rouble fine. Reports say he was last seen driving a taxi in
the Ukrainian capital. Stories of strange wires sticking out of the side of his
meter, however, cannot be confirmed.

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  1. how dumb would you have to be to think you would get away with that for any meaningful amount of time. Or at least save it for the finals.

  2. With epee, the circuit closes on just the weapon (with foil/sabre, it closes with contact to opponent lame), in short the weapon's point is just a switch.

    The wire runs through to the guard. To cheat it, all that's needed is to connect those wires under the guard. You don't even need that small board seen in the video, just a small switch running to the blade's wire. So now, the weapons are inspected and the wire has to be seen until the connecting body wire.

    I'm surprised this happened back then, at an Olympic level even. I'm sure even back then people already understood electronics. That all it needs to close a circuit is to connect the wires.

  3. OK, I know you tried hard to make the visuals interesting. But really, an electronic circuit board under the pad? No, it wasn't nearly that complex. The A and B wires were exposed, not covered by any insulating material. The "button" simply allowed him to push the two exposed wires to the metal guard, closing the circuit and bringing up a light. This is why referees now inspect behind the pad to see if any of the wire is not covered with the insulating target. They don't look for circuit boards.

  4. The most devious cheat in Olympic History was in Sochi 2014 when the judges took Yuna Kim gold medal and gave it to Sotnikova

  5. 02:53 what was the appeal? what could they possibly say!!
    "It wasn't cheating, he accidentally made the device and accidentally pressed the button multiple times at crucial moments in several matches. It's an error anyone could make."

  6. This guy is actually a very good friend of my dad. From his account, KGB approached him before the 1976 Olympics and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. His medals were eventually reinstated by the Olympic committee years later. And I can confirm that he definitely never drove a cab lol.

  7. Well, they were bound to ..foil.. his trickery eventually…So embarrassing that it probably caused him to nearly feint on the spot. Great video, btw. definitely worth a riposte, id say! …(Sorry, i was just leaving now.) 😛

  8. “You might not know it to look at him, but this man has been called the biggest cheat in the history of the Olympic Games”
    How on earth could anyone possibly know that just by looking at someone?

  9. правильно мужик сделал жаль попался все равно спорт продажный и наркоманский.

  10. Are you serious??? What about the hundreds of scumbag Russian athletes who were caught actively use performance enhancing drugs for decades which were allowed to compete in Rio. The Olympic federation is one of the most shadey and corrupt sport groups in the world.

  11. sadly russian sports history has some depressing moments, especially nowadays.
    happy to hear about the reaction of the volleyball team though..

  12. no the biggest cheat was when olympia said that phelps won instead of cavic just because of popularity and money

  13. Most devious cheat? Why? Because he is Eastern European? And Eastern Europeans are devious by definition. While American "Sportsmen" were popping the "Clear" minutes before a race.

  14. If there was 0.2 seconds left and it started at 1.0 second they should just have said if it falls below 0.8 then Shin claims the title

  15. As someone who’s fenced most of my life, this is not the only time someone tried to cheat. A few years ago someone got a black card (disqualification) for there French grip being bent a certain way. The fencer was told the day before by the refs it was to bent, so the refs had bent it back. But, that night they had bent it back. Needles to say, don’t cheat.

  16. The whole olympics is a sham. It is just who does it better whether it is performance enhancing drugs, steroids etc. So many documentaries have been made on them. It has become the arena of best cheaters in sports in world.

  17. Fencing is all about chivalry. Only thing you can get black carded for (disqualified) is being impolite. I.e. swearing, shouting while looking at your opponent, leaving without a handshake, throwing gear etc. ive even seen tournament winners get black carded by throwing their mask in excitement and then first place going to the person who should’ve been second.

  18. I'm a fencer and a scientist/engineer and I've noticed 2 things:

    1. The breadboard (electronic device) used in the video makes no sense whatsoever and is utterly useless.

    2. Fencing back then must've been the worst without replays

  19. Why was the device under the pad a breadboard, LED, wires, and a few buttons with no battery and no source of power

  20. The thing is he won against the British man even without cheating so if he never cheated then he would have got gold

  21. 3:36 In Kiev drivers sit on the left side of the car. Or is it another cheat? 🙂 Janusz Peciak won the event for Poland, it would be great to address that.

  22. Why don't they just use some sort of highly pigmented chalk that indicates a hit? That at ;east can easily be washed right off so they cant cheat by leaving the mark on it

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