The Most Dangerous Sport In The World

The Most Dangerous Sport In The World

If you play sports regularly, it’s more
than likely that at some point you’ll get injured. Basketball players get jammed fingers, sprained
ankles, and black eyes. Soccer players’ knees often grind down after
many years of play, while high-impact sports such as football and rugby will leave most
players feeling bruised and beaten after almost every game. Cricket and baseball players might not suffer
so many injuries, but spectators who are not diehard fans may die of boredom watching a
full game. Obviously, when we talk about dangerous sports,
many of those sports aren’t available to everyone. Kids in England lay down their coats as goal
posts and start playing, but that is not the case everywhere else. Most of us can’t just get on a very fast
motorbike and start racing, nor do we regularly don some boxing gloves and start pulverizing
our friends. Welcome to this episode of The Infographics
Show, Most dangerous sports in the world. First of all, let’s explain what we are
going to do here. When we talk about dangerous sports, we could
be referring to the number of global injuries sustained playing that sport. In that case, you could say soccer would be
high on the list, given that it’s played from amateur to professional level all over
the world. According to Hopkins Medicine, thousands of
kids aged 5 to 14 are hospitalized each year just in the United States after playing American
football. Understanding just how many people are injured
worldwide playing sports professionally, at school, and in the street would be an impossible
task. We can, however, look at deaths related to
sports. And that’s what we’ll do, with the worst
sport being the last on the list. 10. Running
You are thinking, what is running doing on the list! Well, more people than you think die of heart
attacks while running. We are not just talking about the world’s
best runners, but everyday folks who run for fun or take part as amateurs in long runs
such as marathons. You can find statistics out there that will
tell you that your odds of dying while running are 1 in 97,455, but let’s face it — no
one scientific body is able to give an accurate global statistic on just how many people keel
over when running. We do know, though, that it happens quite
a lot. An article in Forbes published in 2014 explained
how three runners died in one week, running in races in London, Raleigh, and North Carolina. “Sudden death while running long distance
races is rare phenomenon but is appearing to be more common due to the sheer number
of runners participating across a racing calendar that continues to expand,” wrote Forbes. In many cases, sudden cardiac death happened
to people who may have had an underlying condition but never experienced any health problems. 9. Cycling
You can find stats out there that tell you that your odds of dying while cycling is about
one in 140,000, but, again, who has a record of every cycling death all over the world? It happens a lot though. As we write this, a professional cyclist was
hit and killed during a race in Thailand. The Thai media has also reported other recent
cycling deaths. An English couple got hit off their bikes
in Thailand and died in 2013 while doing an around the world tour. A Chilean cyclist also recently got hit and
killed in Thailand while he was also doing an around the world tour. “It was an accident caused by the driver’s
recklessness. The road was straight, and the cyclist was
in his own lane,” wrote the Guardian after it happened in 2015. While many people die while just cycling for
fun, serious cyclists get hit and killed all the time. In terms of death toll, cycling could be the
most deadly sport, but because there are so many people doing it, the odds are not so
bad. As you will see, some dangerous sports don’t
have many fans, and one of the reasons is the fact the sport can easily kill you. 8. American Football
This sport is the most dangerous sport in the USA when we look at injuries. But it’s how many blows to the head that
really makes the sport dangerous. One statistic tells us that your odds of dying
while playing this sport are one in 50,000, but we can’t find the source of that number. Nonetheless, the American media has written
numerous reports about people dying while playing football, often from traumatic brain
injuries. “The sport is needlessly and heedlessly
killing athletes with overly intense workouts,” said the story. From the year 2000 to 2016, 33 boys died playing
college football, but only six of those deaths were related to trauma from collisions. The rest were due to intense exercise. So, this sport gets on the list not only for
the incredible number of injuries but also for the fact that it kills players. 7. Scuba Diving
Again, data for diving deaths is all over the place because it’s very hard to know
how many people die all over the planet. Some stats tell us that there are 16.4 deaths
per 100,000 persons while scuba diving, other data tells us different numbers. The website tells us most
deaths occur because of poor diver health, procedural errors such as rapid ascents or
buoyancy control problems, the state of the water people are diving into, and lastly problems
related to the equipment. You should only dive when you know you are
in good physical condition, and, of course, the safety procedures should be followed. Still, going deep down will always pose a
risk. 6. Canoeing/kayaking
As will staying on top of the water, well, trying to stay on top. One stat tells us that one in 10,000 people
die while kayaking, which sounds rather over the top. But we must remember that whitewater kayaking
is certainly an extreme kind of sport. A lot of people come unstuck from not judging
what kind of water they are in, be it fast-flowing or just damned cold. Others think they can get away with not using
a life jacket. The United States Coast Guard tells us that
deaths related to paddle sports were at a decade high in 2015, with experts saying that
a lot of people just go out into the water without being properly trained. Others just don’t read the weather and get
blown away, never to return. We found other reports that mentioned famous
and amateur kayakers dying from being attacked by crocodiles! 5. Boxing
We don’t need to tell you that boxing is dangerous. It’s not often a boxer can go 12 rounds
without sustaining any kind of small injury, but it’s the big ones that count. One major injury is brain trauma after being
hit in the head too many times. Some boxers might die right there in the ring
or die from their injuries some time after. Boxers can also suffer from cognitive defects
or neurodegenerative diseases. Again, do we really know how many boxers die
in fights or in training globally, from big gyms to tiny gyms in the far reaches of the
world? One statistic says boxers have a one in 2,200
chance of dying. We don’t know for sure the dangers of boxing
worldwide, but there’s a reason why the British Medical Association and the American
Medical Association have asked for the sport to be banned. Boxers know they are in a dangerous sport,
and that’s likely part of the reason they do it. 4. Motorbike racing
This is one thrilling sport. Most of the time when you see someone fly
from their motorcycle quite amazingly they just dust themselves off and walk away. But riders, amateur and professional, regularly
suffer fractures and ligament injuries, not to mention cuts and bruises. But the worst is not getting up at all, and
it does happen. While this sport is different in that not
many people can get into bike racing, those who do are taking a risk. Some stats tell us that your chances of dying
while doing this sport are one in 1,000, which is not good odds. If you don’t believe us, just look at one
race alone. That race is the Isle of Man TT, which is
called the world’s deadliest race. The Sun tells us that 270 people have died
in this race since it started, with two competitors dying in 2018, three in 2017, and five in
2016. Boxers could argue that this is a more dangerous
sport. 3. Grand Prix Racing
Sticking to the topic of racing, we have Grand Prix racing. We are told the odds of dying doing this sport
are an amazing one in 100, but we should remember that Grand Prix racing doesn’t have that
many serious competitors. Nonetheless, those who do take part risk life
and limb every time they go out. There are far fewer deaths than the sport
we just talked about, but as we said, there are far fewer competitors. The Brits have lost the most people in Grand
Prix racing followed by the Americans. 2. Base Jumping
You probably have to be half crazy to take part in this sport, and we are told that if
you do, you have about a one in 60 chance of dying. This statistic is backed up and is likely
accurate, given that there just aren’t that many base jumpers out there. If you don’t know what it is, it is just
jumping from a great height, either with a parachute or a wingsuit, and trying to make
your way back to terra firma. It’s regarded as the most extreme of extreme
sports. The base jumping fatality list tells us that
there have been 328 deaths since 1981, but it’s not like base jumping is done in schools. At one jumping site alone, the Kjerag Massif
in Norway, there were nine deaths from 2,317 jumps over a period of ten years starting
in 1995. There were also 254 nonfatal injuries. 1. Extreme Mountain Climbing
Okay, so you might be thinking that this can’t be the most dangerous sport because people
do it all over the world and most folks never have a problem. Well, it just depends where you do your climbing. If you are trying to get to the top of Mount
Everest, and you get past 6,000 meters (19,685 feet), it’s said you have about a 10 percent
chance of dying. That’s one statistic anyway. As of 2016, about 4,000 people had gotten
to the top, but about 280 folks never made it home. In this case, you could say that the most
extreme kind of mountain climbing is more dangerous than base jumping. We are sure you have your own opinions about
dangerous sports, and as we said, some of these statistics we found might not be totally
reliable only because getting the right data is an almost impossible task for some sports. What sport do you think is particularly dangerous? Tell us what you think in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other show
Worst Jobs That Will Literally Kill You. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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  1. Are you a fan of a certain sport? I'm interested in knowing which team/sportsman you're cheering for… Comment below…

  2. There is no way a head to head collition is less deadly than with a helmet. Soccer is way more dangerous than American football

  3. As a boxer myself, I don’t see boxing as a dangerous sport. We know what we are getting ourselves into. Though it is rare to go unharmed during sparring its still not a dangerous sport. If we had enough training then we should be fine, also if we are taking “drugs” then our chances of getting hurt are higher. I personally don’t think boxing should be banned either. It is actually very fun in an odd way. Most injury’s are not from sparring but from training. To people who don’t box, it seems like a very extreme sport and very dangerous. But if you really look at it, it’s not that dangerous. As a matter of fact it’s just like any other sport when it comes to injury’s.
    I hope that someone finds this helpful or something…

  4. I don't agree with GP racing since the middle of 1994 have only one person died whilst racing f1 cars, and there have been a lot of drivers since then

  5. It has to be the Russian roulette. You have a 1 in 6 chance of dying the first try and a 1 in 2 chance of surviving the game with one opponent.

  6. My 3 favorite sports are on here. Motorcycle racing, cycling, kayaking.

    Fun fact about the Isle Of Man TT: the prize for winning is $30,000.
    Not much compared to the risk and you need at least 2 wins just to pay for the cost of racing.
    They basically do it just for fun.

  7. Baseball is a tough as sport go throw 95 for 100 pitches and if u can ACTUALLY EVEN DO IT tell me your arm isn’t hurt or thrown out

  8. Figure skating and ice hockey are very dangerous. They’re both very physical and include flailing yourself into jumps and spins with extremely sharp blades on your feet. Also jumping, figure skaters land with a force of about 3x their own body weight and all on one leg

  9. The whole goal of boxing is to beat your opponent unconscious or so badly hurt he can no longer get off the mat, no wonder it's so dangerous. As for the rest, like base jumping, all I can say is Darwin had a point.

  10. The most dangerous sport in the world according to most sources is horseback riding, why isn't it first or second

  11. First of all baseball players get bad injuries all the time…. 90-100 mph fastball hits u I think your gonna be injured ?

  12. if your going to escape the cops you might need to fight, run, bicycle, motorcycle, race, boat , scuba dive, mountain climb, and base jump. i would say getting away from the police is pretty extreme sport.

  13. Free Solo mountain climbing is the most dangerous as far as I know. Most climbers that specialize in free soloing eventually die from it. The documentary Free Solo is great though. It changed my life. Very inspiring.

  14. "Most of the time when motorcyclist crash they just dust themselves off and run away most of the time when motorcyclist scratched they just dust them self off and run away" infographics show 2019

  15. The tt is knows as the most dangerous sport not just the most dangerous motor sport you think going down a road through the middle of a town at over 190 mph past lamppost kerbs and houses

  16. My stepdad almost was added to the kayaking deaths, my mom and stepdad were kayaking and he got stuck under a tree branch because of the current pulled his kayak under

  17. they just dust themselves off and walk away.
    they just dust themselves off and walk away.
    they just dust themselves off and walk away.

    they just dust themselves off and walk away.

  18. Of "normal" sports that are not motorized and not taking "deaths" in to account, as far as a sport that causes many injuries, I'd think skateboarding should be high up there. Serious skateboarders that jump gaps, stairs, slide/grind rails, these skaters that skate a significant amount of years rack up many, many various injuries. Serious amateur/professional skateboarding is a constant bombardment of minor and serious injuries. It is not a sport for the faint of heart.

  19. yeah American football can be deadly i play highschool leage and on our practice field we have a flag pole for someone who died playing the sport in 1990 at our school

  20. Cycling is def dangerous, I commute everyday and about thrice a week I have a near miss with a reckless driver. Wear a helmet.

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