The Moment I Found My Sport

The Moment I Found My Sport

I remember the moment I found my sport.
I was never planning on competing… in that instant I decided to start training.
Running further, faster, faster. Always trying to better my time. I started
measuring heart rate, threshold, power. I spent a lot of Friday nights alone in my
basement. Balance became important. Core strength became important. Heck, I even
started juggling. One thing that never changed was studying. Up late at night
solving math problems, I mean, it helps you understand watts and power, right? What’s unique about my sport? My home field is just a bit bigger. My name is ADA Urist and I’m a high school athlete.

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  1. Thanks a ton to Pearl for featuring a high school athlete, and to NICA and the Colorado High School Cycling League for the awesome opportunities they provide!

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