The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | MOVIE 2 | Minecraft Animation

Steve: I’m just saying I find it crazy how you say that ghosts aren’t real! Alex: Heh, heh. Yeah, and I’m just saying that I’ve never seen something that can’t be explained by, like: “That was just the wind.” or “Someone must’ve moved that there! Steve: Pssht. Okay. I think you’re just too scared to admit it. *door slams* Steve: Doesn’t believe in ghosts. “Ooh, look at me! My name’s Alex and I’m too big and brave!” TV: Welcome to, uh, Potion Events! You wanna come get a potion and, uh, not be visible? We got invisible potions, can’t be seen! Look… (Background chatter) Steve: (Gasp) What? (Background chatter) Ohhh, don’t believe in ghosts, do you, Alex? We’ll see about THAT. Ahahahahaha! Steve: Psst… *yeet* Alex: Oh, I thought I just put all these away…? Oh well, no biggy. Alex: Huh, we should really get that light fixed. Alex: Huh… Guess we… redecorated. Alex: Uh-huh… I guess he was warm? Alex: Huh?! I must have caught it so quickly, it didn’t have time to fall! Eh, yes… That… Heh… Steve: Aw, come on! Nothing I’m doing is working! I need to think of something SO scary, that the only possible thing it could be IS a ghost! Steve: So, to set the mood, I need thunder! But not JUST thunder… LIGHTNING! Steve: And now, for some creaking on the roof. You think you could do that? Skeleton: (Creak) Steve: And you, you need to bang on the door as hard as you can. Got it? Baby Zombie: (Growl) Steve: And now… We wait to strike. Steve: Creeeeeeeeaaaak… Skeleton: (Creak) Alex: Huh? (Banging) Alex: Uh… Uh… Who’s there?! (Intense creaking and banging) Steve: Aaaaalleeeeexx… Aaaaaaaaallleeeeex! (More intense creaking and banging) Steve: Ooooooohh! Alex: Hey, Steve. Steve: Oooooohhh! Who is this “Ste–“? Alex: You know I can see you, right? Steve: Ugh, I’m sorry, Alex. I just thought that if I scared you enough, you would believe that ghosts are real. Alex: Well, there is nothing you could do that would possibly change my mind- Ooooooohhhhh… Steve: Well, that’s not me doing that, because I’m right here. Ooooooohhhh! Both: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Villager: Ahem… Does anybody have a cup of sugar? We’ve run out, and I’m making a ca- Awww, they’re gone. Steve: Alex, are you in here? Helloooooo? Huh, guess she’s not in. Huh, well, this looks strangely familiar… *Gasp!* Steve: It was just a PRAAAAAAAAAAAANK! Steve: Oh, Oh, Oh! It’s the map of where we live! Ehem, *sniff* I mean, uh… I’m sure she wouldn’t notice if I borrowed this for a while. And by a while, I mean uh… Forever. 🙂 0o0 Hmm… I wonder what this could be used for? Alex: HEY! Steve: WHA-JEEZ-DA! (Deep Breath) Don’t scare me like that! Alex: Yeah, being scared isn’t very nice, is it? Hint hint… So, um… what’cha workin’ on? Steve: Oh, hehe… oh, you know, just… regular old Steve stuff! Hehe… Heh… Alex: Well, since you’re not busy, why don’t you help me make a cake? Steve: Uh, yeah! Sure. What do you need? Alex: Hmm… It says “Three parts wheat…” Which I think I saw a field of it just over that hill! Steve: Uhh… Are you sure it’s THAT hill, and not THIS one instead? Alex: Huh? Steve: Pshh, Why travel all that way, when I just happen to have some already? Alex: Oh, Perfect! Okay, so, now for… Ah! Two parts sugar. Steve: Uhhh… does it say anything about “three”? Alex:The book is very specific on it being only TWO parts sugar. Steve: *gulp* Steve: ALEX I HAVE YOUR SUGAR AND YOUR SUGAR FOR YOU, AND YOUR SUGAR RIGHT HERE!! I’M PUTTING IT RIGHT HERE, ALEX, RIGHT HERE! WHAT NEXT, WHA’S NEXT, WH’Z N’XT?! Alex: Ahahahaha, calm down there, kiddo! Next up is an egg– Steve: ONE PERFECT EGG COMING RIGHT UP! Chicken: *bAwk* Steve: Dee dee… A little bit of THIS, and a little bit of
T H I S, gives me one of THEEESE!! DONE!! Now, what, Alex? Now what? Now what? Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tELL ME. Alex: Aaand lastly, 3 buckets of milk! Steve: Ah’kay, that’s three deLICIOUS buckets of milk coming RIGHT UP! *whack, whack* Steve: *pained* Yyyep… *whack* Three very hard buckets of milk as rEqUEsTed… Alex: Aaaaaaand that’s it! We’ve got everything we need to make the perfect cake! I’ll put all of this together and shout for you when it’s ready. Steve: Ahh… I’m such a good friend to her. Maybe I should give myself a little reward for being so nice… Maybe it should be, uhhh… oh, I dunno… a bunch’a diamonds! Creeper: Tsss… Steve: Wuh-oh. Alex: Hmmm… I’ll just leave this here to cool down for a while. Steve: WaaaaAaAaaAAAAAAAAAAAAhH! AAAAAAA– *bOOM* Steve: oooooh, no. Alex: Eh? OwO Hmm. Steve! Have you seen my map? I can’t find it anywhere… wHoa. Steve: Ohhh, hey, Alex! Didn’t see you from all the way down there. Soooo, uh… remember a few weeks ago when I maybe… sorta… lost unfairly at a building contest? Alex: You mean when you CHEATED? Steve: Yeah, well if you could… best to just forget about it wELL! Let me show you the new – and improved – House of Steve! Alex: Ehh… Is “improved” the word to use for a house made out of nothing but wood? Steve: AHA! But YOU know it’s a house, so I’m onto winner here! But don’t let looks deceive you, Alex. You haven’t even seen the inside yet! Let me show you. It’s got a: *gaAaaAASp* kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a balcony, a cloakroom, a pantry, a landing(?) and library! An office, a toilet, a conservatory, an attic, a dining room, fireplace, shower AND– Alex: Wait, w-w-w-wait, wait. What did you just say? Steve: Oooh! I see. Realizing how much better MY house is than yours, you stopped me before I could finish as to not rub it in. Pshht! So transparent. Oh, and if you were paying attention? It was a SHOWER, Alex. C’mon. Keep up. Alex: Uh huh, sure. But before that, did you say “fireplace”? Steve: Uh huh, Alex, okay. I think I know what I said. Alex: Okay. Okay, so, to be clear: you built a fireplace. Steve: Uh huh. Alex: In a house… Steve: Uh huh… Alex: Made of wood? Steve: … …Yes! HONESTLY, Alex, I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about building a little fireplace… …in my little house… …made of woooOOouUUhduuuh. Oooh, I get it now. *le fire* Steve: EAAAAAAAAAAUGH!! CATCH ME!! CATCH ME, CATCH ME, CATCH ME!!! Alex: Don’t worry, Steve! I’ve got– Steve: UNH!! Alex: Oh… Steve: UuUgh… It’s so sad to… *sniff* see something you worked SO HARD on go up in flames… Alex: I’m sorry to hear that, Steve… How long DID you spend on it? Steve: Like, a whole… *gaAusp*…*sniff*… Thirty seconds… *u wOT m8* Alex: You stole my map, didn’t you? Steve: I may have stolen your map, yes. Steve: Oh, Alex! I’ve got a present for you! Alex: *gASP!* Oh, Steve, you shouldn’t have! What it it? Steve: It’s a seasonal gift. Typically wrapped in paper with a bow on top. But that’s not important right now. Well, go on! Open it and find out! *hALLeluJaH* Steve: It’s me. I’m the gift. Alex: Aww! Such a cute kitty! Cat: bOrk *what the actual heck is this nightmare fuel i’ll never look at cats the same way again why is it looking at me like that oh gosh* Alex: Oh, Steve! It’s so wonderful to see our village covered in all this snow! Steve: Look! Even the villagers are making the most of it! *both villagers laughing* *oof* *laughing* *uNH* *laughing* *UUUUNH* Steve: Awwwww, that looks like fun. Alex: UuUUH? Steve: What the…? Steve: Whoa!
Alex: Uuh! Both: WooOOAH! Steve: What’s happening?? Alex: There! Up in the sky! Is that… …YOU?! Steve: Huh? That’s weird. Alex: Hm? Steve: It’s almost like… they MOVED. Alex: “Moved”? As in, like, they’re alive? Ha! Next you’ll be saying, like, “Ooooh! We’re in a snow globe, too! Whoooo!” Ha, ha! Steve: *gasp!* Alex! You don’t think that– Alex: No, Steve. Of course we’re not. Don’t be ridiculous. Steve: I’m telling you, they spoke!! Alex: Wait, you don’t think this torch is their sun, do you? Steve: Turn it off and find out. *click* *cricket noises* Small Steve: Hey! Who turned out the lights? Steve/Alex: AAAAAAAAAAUGH!!! Steve: They’re screaming, they’re screaming! E-deugh! I’M screaming! What do we do, wHAT DO WE DO?! Alex: STEVE! Calm down! The key is not to panic. Uh, you don’t think there’s somebody controlling us, heh… do you? Iiiii take it back. Now’s the perfect time to panic. Both: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! BlueMonkey: Oooooh, if only they knew! Heheh. Alien: Villager: AAAAAAAAAAAH! Alex: *snores adorably* Steve: *whispering* Psst. Alex. Alex… Hey! *normal voice tone* Alex. Alex. *a bit louder* Alex! *inhaLE…* *screaming* AAAAALEEEEEEXX!!! Alex: Whe, wha….? Steve: Oh, good, you’re awake! Okay, so uh, I found something super duper cool I wanna show you. But, y’know, whenever you’re ready! I’ll be out here waiting. Alex: *yawn* Okaaay… Steve: Anytime! No rush! Alex: I said I GOT IT. Steve: …you ready? Alex: RRRRGH!! THAT’S IT!! Unh! Oww… What the…? Steve: *clears throat* Looking for someone? Alex: How did you–? Steve: “–get all the way over here?” Heh. Alex, let me introduce you to the Ender Pearl! With this, I can throw it as far as I want, and… *poof* …BWOOSH! I’m there. Alex: Oooooh! Steve: Hand-sized teleportation. How cool is that? Alex: Oh, oh, oh! Can I have a go? Steve: *scoffs* And let you BREAK it? Okay, Alex, like that’s gonna ha– *whispering* Tsss! Ohhh, it cracked… Alex: *obviously blind* What was that…? Steve: What was it…? OH! *stammering* Nothing! Nothing. Look! See? Everything’s compLETELY fine, and definitely… not cracked. Heh, heh! See? Look! *poof* Alex: *snickers* Steve: …Okay. Before you say anything… Alex: Pffft… hee… phf. Steve: I need to make clear that I PLANNED THIS!! Alex: *inhaaaale…* AHAHAHA!… Steve: This is all part of the… *poof* plan…
*Alex laughing in the background* That I made, *poof* tha– that is going *poof* perfectly *poof* to plan. Alex: *dying*
Steve: It’s not– it’s not dumb! Steve: It’s– it’s all really *poof* smart, and if you don’t get it– Alex: Hey, Steve! Have you done something with your hair? You look different! *continues laughing* Steve: Oh-ho my gosh, Alex, you’re so funny. No. Go on. *poof* I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Alex: Stee-heeve! Watch out for the chicken–
Steve: *intense poofing* *bAWK* *confusion* Alex: *inHaLEEEE* Sticken(haha): DON’T YOU DARE. *Alex died laughing. Score: 147* Sticken: This really cracks you up, doesn’t it? *ding dong* Villager: Hello! Uh, don’t want to be a bother, But there’s a funny looking bird flying around, and… we don’t know what to do! 🙁 Alex: “Funny looking”? Steve: Whoosh! Whishh! Villager: Aaah! Here it comes! Steve: Hi there. Villager: Aaah! The bird! It talks!! Alex: Sooo… mind telling me what THOSE are? Steve: Oooh, you mean the, uh… Eh– eh- ehlllli-turr… what? El-two– ugh. Why did they have to pick a hard name for it? Okay. You know what? They’re wings. That’s what we’re going with. Wings. Alex: Why do you have them? Steve: ExCUSE me? Did you SEE what I just DID? I can fly anywhere I want! As far as the eye can see. Waaaaaah! Just talking about it makes me want to do it again!! Steve: *gaAaAAaAsP* *intense climbing noises* Alex: You’re going… all the way… to the top of that thing…? Steve: Yeah. What’s the big deal– oooooh. That’s right. You’re scared of heights, aren’t you? Alex: I wouldn’t say “scared”, heheh… More like, um… Rationally TERRIFIED?! Steve: Ha! What’s there to be worried about? Alex: How about the fact if it goes wrong you can be SQUISHED in an INSTANT?! Steve: “Goes wrong”? A-heh. Okay. And when has that ever happened before? Steve: I’ll take your silence as “never”. *resumes intense climbing* Alex: Uuuugh. Since I seem to be the only sensible one here, I’m going to build a little pool of water so you can land safely. Steve: Yeah yeah yeah, yada yada yada. You do you, Alex. Oh hey, look! Flies! Villager: Hello, Alex! Alex: Oh! Hey. Villager: Would you like some cheese? I must warn you: it tastes pretty weird. Alex: You… You know that’s sponge, right? Villager: nOm Steve: Huhh… Okay. Wow. I need to really start working out more. Oww… got a stitch! Agh! Okay it’s gone. Whooo!! Alex! Alex, look at me go!! Alex: Aaaand done! *sigh* My perfect little pond! Complete with flowers! Villager: nOM Alex: *frustrated* Would you stop that? Steve: YEEAAAAAAAAAAHH!! THIS IS GOING REALLY WELL SO FAR! *nyoom* Steve: AAAAAHH! NOW IT’S NOT!! *intense spittiNg* Villager: Aaah! I’m so full. Well, I don’t need this anymore! how dare sLurp Alex: …Wuh-oh. Alex: Steve! PULL UP!! Steve: AAAAAAAAAAAAHH– OOF!! ooOoOWwwch… Villager: Whoa-ho! That cheese is thirsty! Steve: Reeeeal great job on building that hole, by the way. Maybe next time, filling it with water would’ve been the smart thing to do. Alex: *le slap* Steve: EEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Alex: Hey there! Hope’d you all like the video. If you enjoyed it, just click that like button for us. Thanks so much for watching, and we can’t wait to show you more soon.

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