The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

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  1. He should park his home down by a river. He could be just like Chris Farley in that skit from Saturday Night Live and live in a van down by the river.

  2. That’s wild I’d lose the Volkswagen and get. A real nice motor home with a kitchen and the works I do agree with what he is doing but I’d get a nicer bigger rig I don’t think he cares about the money I’d get phobia in that little van he can still stole the Volkswagen I’m just saying

  3. Just because you have money doesnt mean you have to spend it. Spend what you need to have a comfortable life the rest is just excess.


  5. People talking shit about dude saying shit like "why would u willingly be a bum if ur a pro ball player with million dollars". And my Answer to that is if/when he throws his arm out of he gets hurt and has to retire prematurely he won't be a broke fuck and he'll be sitting comfortably in his VW van glad he wasn't blowing all his money

  6. I respect and appreciate what he’s doing. I’m only 30 seconds in and my main concern is his safety. If someone recognizes him. I’m glad he’s healthy and happy. Thanks for sharing. Peace and Blessings to all!

  7. You know this is typical of how a certain population can live in economic poverty and have millions of dollars well people go starving in the streets with nothing

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  9. Okay I understand living the wild Gypsy lifestyle and not wanting to have the burden of house and bills Etc however this van is a piece of crap and it has issues.. why not buy new or re-build and make it nice and reliable? If you're a multi-millionaire living in a Volkswagen van that has mechanical issues and you don't use some of that money to fix the problems then that screams volumes about your mental health…

  10. This guy demonstrates how you don't need much to be content. He obviously could have a lot more, but why? Just keep it simple.

  11. I can appreciate Daniel's minimalist/independent lifestyle, but c'mon dude, his career earnings since 2015 are over $3.5 million! Go buy a new LUXURY travel trailer for around $50,000, a truck for around $40,000 to tow it/drive the truck around town, and he'll get to live REALLY well. Living in a very cramped VW van ain't the way to go, especially with the cash he's accumulated while in the bigs.

  12. ever heard the story of the guy who walked out of a casino a millionaire? he walked in a billionaire. money is relative and everyone wants it.. dont let it control you and you are good. the root of all evil is not money.. its the love of money. and I think this shows exactly how powerful that is.

  13. If he meets a great woman that likes him even when he's in the van, then she's a keeper and he can spring it on her….too funny…

  14. I applauded him up to the point he wouldn't fill the gas tank…that's just damn cheap! He's a cheap bastard…sorry….Im not feeling it…

  15. The truth is after he signed that deal he popped 7 hits of acid to commemorate that day and he never did recover so now he lives in a van in front of the Stadium….

  16. I have a 1994 chevy astro awd that I really wanna turn into a liveable van. Gas guzzler like a mofo but it starts every time.

  17. Not everybody is at home there.

    Bruh, at least get a full sized van with a 3L v6 diesel engine. Safer, more reliable and comfortable. This is not normal, although it does make him happy.

  18. alone is awesome. lonely, that's different, i guess. never had that problem. did own a couple of those busses. had a 70 in high school and 5 years later, a 69.

  19. More iodine in his diet, Thyroid will remain healthier. Athletes need key lessons on nutrition as well as finance, one would think. I saw the comment about his surgery and that's he's a Christian, plus very humble person. Never neglect studying one's diet when putting out so much energy playing sports, guys, girls. Essential nutrients insure a totally healthy lifestyle, even if a minimalist like Daniel. Take care everyone. Enjoyed this video BTW. A contrast in choices we can make in our lives, whether getting well paid in sports or even working daily at Walmart. Nutrition makes life better through awareness of what any body requires daily to stay fit and healthy. Not even expensive either. Seaweed is a source as well as shrimp, various species of fish especially Cod, eggs, even prunes on occasion. Vitamins and mineral in balance with moderate exercise do any body a ton of good. First chapter of Book of Daniel says it all and rather well. Vegetables, fruits and add some cod liver oil if you don't like cod generally. Leave the processed stuff well alone. All the best to this young sports star, and long life with happy spirit to you all. Peace…

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