The Media Learning of eSports

The Media Learning of eSports

From the outside it must look absolutely crazy
to you. Right? It’s definitely interesting. Esports or competitive online multiplayer
video games have become big business. The owners of one of the dominate competitions
turned over a billion dollars last year alone. And part of that is driven by spectators not
just players. What we are talking about is professional competitive video gaming. Players
who play 10 or 12 hours a day to become the best in the world. Over 50 000 people are
going to come watch them here this weekend at the Spodek arena and has a predicted audience
who are going to watch online of over 20 million people. And I’m laughing because I can’t think
of anything less interesting. I’m totally in the minority. First of all, explain how
you can make a profession out of this. How do they actually get paid? So ok, obviously
there are different prize pots for different games and they vary in size. So next weekend
is the Call of Duty World Championships. The prize pot for that is 1 million dollars. So
the top team will take away $400 000. Maybe I could get interested. Now you’re interested
right! There’s a lot of money to be had. Have you guys seen esports and the e-league? I
don’t know if that’s sports. I have not seen it Ernest. More than 12 million people attended
live esports events in US and Western Europe in 2014. With 100s of millions of hardcore
gamers and thousands of global tournaments each year, computer games are well on their way to becoming
the worlds biggest sports. And at the center of everything is a whole new breed of celebrity. The esports superstar. But he’s no ordinary sportsman. BigDaddy is one of a new breed.
A professional computer gamer. Just like sports athletes, there guys all strive to be the
best. Describe the game for me cos I have never played it. Well League of Legends is
5 people vs 5 people. 2 teams. Each team has a base and whichever team defeats the base
first wins. Each teammate plays as one hero. Chosen from a roster of over 100. All have
unique abilities so the right mix is crucial if they are to achieve their goal of destroying
the enemies team base. Quick thinking, lightning reaction times and teamwork are the keys to
victory. Man where is my team, holy ducking Man where is my team, holy ducking sh1t. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or
CS:GO for short, is a first-person shooter played between 2 teams of 5 players. One of
them start as the Terrorists and the others are the Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorists
job is to plant the bomb and the Counter-Terrorists job is to stop them. Over a lot of very short
REALLY exciting rounds. And after 15 of them the teams swap sides. It’s a really exciting
game full of strategy and super fast reactions but most of all teamwork is what will win
you the game. Tournaments can have million dollar prize pools with sponsors like Samsung
and telcos. Their teams are run like football franchises, with managers, agents and training
camps. Uhh do you think video games are a sport? I was about to ask that. Yeah, you
know where I stand. With the athletes as professional athletes. I’ll debate that with anybody or
that conversation with anybody. Having been a professional athlete myself. Getting to
know them and watching what they do, how they train. It’s all consuming. Nice, so whose
the ‘Jorden’ of League of Legends? Well I like to think I got, he’s on Echo Fox. Froggen,
that’s my guy, so I’m not gonna promote anybody but him. I had zero knowledge of that the
fact that this exists. You didn’t know there were cyber athletes? My hand to God I didn’t
know there were, but my issue is it’s still not a sport, it’s a game. You follow me what
I’m saying here Bernie? I do. Do you have any statistics on how many of those people
also go to Star Trek conventions? I would guess there is a fair amount of overlap. That
said there is strategy involved, you have to physically be able to do what, they’re
competing, is it a sport or not? I believe it’s a sport. They get sports visas to enter
the country. It’s a game! That’s not a sport. Ayayyeyeyeyyeyyeyyyyeeeeee. I wanna talk about
the 20 million people who are watching the damn thing, they gotta be crazier than the
ones playing. Really, but 8 hours a day, that can’t be good for you. Staring at a screen. Well to honest with you in my job I stare at a screen for pretty much 8 hours a day.
But a computer do you know, we all are pretty sedimentary as it goes. The way you need to
think of it is personally I can’t watch football, I find it incredibly boring. It’s a big green
thing, people running up and down, I find it utterly tedious. Actually watching competitive
esports, you have your favorite team, you watch them just like you watch a football
match and actually let’s be honest it’s going to be a lot more visually interesting than
a football match. There are a lot more fun things going on. That was one of the lines
in the piece we played there, that it’s following in the footsteps of football. But can it truly
be a spectator sport? Um it already is. 71 million watched last year, they reckon by
2017 it will be 145 million people watching it. I have this argument all the time with
people like, ‘ah no one wants to watch people play video games, that’s so boring’. League
of Legends there was 18 000 people in the stadium live and 32 million watching the final.
This is what kids are doing, this is people want to see. And in South Korea e-gaming is
virtually a nation sport. They do watch it there. They have a dedicated TV channel for
it.The people who play the games are bigger than U2, bigger than One Direction. They are
screamed at, they have girls come after them, it’s huge, it’s absolutely massive. It’s basically
unstoppable, I mean you might question it now but but unfortunately in 10 years time
we’re all going to be watching it in one way or another. I know you don’t think so. But it isn’t the beefy football players or the giant basketball players that have got the
most attention at Robert Morris this season. No, that distinction would be for the not-so-big
men on campus. Americas first ever college scholarship team for brace yourselves, video
games. We were able to recruit some very very good players. Some of our top players are
rated in the 0.02% of all players in North America. Yes, athletic scholarships for video
gamers. It’s just the latest signal that so-called esports have arrived. Players are now even
eligible for US P1 visas, normally reserved for touring athletes. What is a P-1A visa?
P-1A visa is a visa which is given for athletes, which means that you are an exceptional athlete
from another country, coming to the United States and you have to prove that your athletic
capabilities are good enough to guarantee you living inside the United States. How important
was it that you were able to get a P-1A visa? It was absolutely huge. Without it I would
not be here. There actually giving college scholarships to for video gaming. You’re kidding!
And it’s even gone to the point that now the government has acknowledged professional video
gamers as athletes. Why! How could that be? First and foremost, I care about my son and
his passion. I’m not here to debate the level at which they fit and slot in between basketball
and whatever. They are digital athletes, they are professional digital athletes. No look,
I think about what it took for me to become a professional athlete. Took a lot of concentration,
a lot of dedication, practice, preparation, stamina and the more I watched my son pursue
this career and the more I watched him introduce me to world as it is, which is professional
video gaming. They’re sponsored, they have careers, they make 100s of thousands of dollars.
I’m just checking that professional athletes such as yourself who’ve worked so hard physically
is ok with that? Are they thinking of it as an intellectual athletics? You have to be
intellectual to be a professional athlete, you have to be sharp intellectually. But is
gaming an intellectual athlete? No, they are considered professional athletes. Do you think
that people don’t respect how difficult it is to play competitive video games? Yeah definitely.
It’s fucking really difficult, like the level of competence, the level of skill, like if
you watch a lot of games online and that’s like a big part of all this now. Which is
really fascinating. Is how many people watch live games, or even with Quake the big thing
was watching demos. I love Quake. Yeah it’s always been fascinating to me how certain
games they get taken seriously. Like certain games garner respect like chess. If you are
a really good chess player, like oh he is a sophisticated gentleman. He is a chess player. What do you do for a living? Oh I play chess. Woah interesting. What do you do for a living?
Oh I play video games. Oh you fucking dork. The surprising power behind esports isn’t
the huge numbers of people who play them, it’s the huge numbers of people who watch
people playing games. Up to 40% of people who watch don’t actually play themselves.
Preferring to clock up something like 16 billion minutes watching others play on platforms
such as Twitch. In the 6 years since it was created, League of Legends was able to fill
a stadium with 40 000 people but there were 27 million more tuning in live from home.
That’s more than the audience of that same years NBA finals. Before it took over the
world’s stadiums esports was already connecting 100s of millions of people across the globe. But it is about community and it does bring people together, you know, in the same way
you would watch a football match, you can hear the crowd, everyone’s cheering the team
on, you make friends, these are people you talk too, you play with online. It’s all about
community. It’s being part of something that you’re incredibly passionate about.

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  1. These adults are to talk about sports they made golf and fishing a sport how is that interesting no offense but why can't fucking porn be a sport? It's more entertaining than a middle age man putting a ball into a ditch or a man sitting on his arse for hours to hook a fish ._. dood if I could get paid 1k for beating my meat let's make this a competition

  2. Quick question to the idiots that say that eSports do not require physical stress/usage… WHY DA FUC EVERYBODY THAT PLAYS PROFESSIONAL VIDEOGAMES, ISN'T FAT LIKE MICHELIN??

  3. I feel like people are disliking the video Becasue they are upset with what the people are saying in the video. PEOPLE the person who made this compilation doesn’t share the same opinion 😂

  4. In 30 years, gamers and esports contestants will be bigger earners and celebraties, than the biggest sport stars on the planet. Its already happening. Ask most teenager in europe who lebron james is 70% maybe more wont know who he is,then ask American teenagers who cristiano ronaldo is and you'd probably get the same numbers.But if you asked both sets of teenagers who ninja was,in europe and America id say 90% plus know who he is

  5. 7:36 Let me explain.
    Athletes comes from the greek world Αθλος
    Which fkin means "something very difficult to accomplish" so yeah THEY ARE ATHLETS

  6. woman-"how could that be!"

    well karen it could be that way more people are changing lives and are more talented than you and also earn millions more than your yearly salary idiot get a brain

  7. 4:41 "8 hours a day, that can't be good for you" whilst they sit on their asses for hours daily bitching about some bullshit thing just so that they can get money.

  8. I don't think competitive video games are technically a sport, but it takes a lot of skill and dedication to be one of the best in the world at anything and its annoying when people act like its so easy

  9. @ me on this! the people who say e sports isnt a real sport are also the people whom say terrorist attacks and shooter attacks are caused by "violent video games " like cs, cod, or even MiNecRaFT……fucking stupid

  10. Title je v aj ale popisek v CZ takže doufám že jsi Čech a že mi něco rozumíš, některá média jsou jako 9. Leté děti co ti dají tvoje máma rekt v argumentu a začnou se smát vlastnímu joku.
    In case you aren't Czech even though I kinda doubt that I said that some media are like 9 year Olds that give you a your mom argument and start laughing at their own jokes.

  11. I like games a lot, I'm playing a fuuking lot, but I don't like where is this going….I feel like we all are going to be fat fuuks in the future.

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    They just sound stupid,look stupid,and u can call them stupid cuz u have all the facts while they only have "guesses".

  13. Worry not GAMERS after about of 30 years all of these normies will either retire or die and the next generation will be better

  14. "Who wants to watch someone playing video games? Its boring"
    Me that dont even care about football, basketball, etc : "I'm about to ask you the same thing about this sports my BOI"
    Why isn't it the same? Why you are watching the football or the basketball, for me those sports are boring.

  15. If you switch places between an nhl player and an e-sports player
    Who tf do you think would do better with lets say a year of training

  16. sports are literally games, why are they still arguing, just respect the generation. Im pretty sure people never understood making profit from sports when it was invented as well.

  17. Gaming is such a good sport and meeting site Also xd ive met so many friends just by playing csgo that its unbeliveable. And people who dont think esports are not a sport go fuck yourself bcs monkeys have more IQ then u

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  20. People see games bad because they affect daily lives, well that's true but it depends on the person on how they use their knowledge on it, on how they going to make games beneficial for them, not like those people who just play games because they just want to have fun, but these professional esport players are here to have fun, make money, and help their family, and you are stupid if you can't see actual skills right there and if you are still continuing the argument but even you know you still lost

  21. esports players: make millions and more than all the talk show and news anchors in a couple of days then they do a year.

    Older People: EsPoRtS iS nOt A rEaL sPoRt

  22. If i could ask everyone who doesn't think esports is a "sport" tell me one thing has any of u actually played video games more then 1 minute at a time

  23. "How is this a profession?"
    The same way for literally any other profession
    People can do it, people are interested in it, and people will pay for it.

  24. mom:Your playing video game again you have no future in that You can't have a good life
    kid:Join esports Won A million
    mom:Wow he earn more money than my job

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    GF has left the chat

    Billy: Win's 3 million dollars from a Fortnite competition

    GF has entered the chat

  26. It is something that surprised me back then, how people can become famous and rich from videogames, but I mean, it's no different than any other sport.

    The player has a very special talent at the specific game he is playing, and so we should broadcast it to the world. I just described football, baseball, videogames, basketball, and much more.

    I think people are taken aback by this because (1) it's been thought of as a lazy activity throughout the years, and (2) it's not that easy for some 50 yearold who has never touched a mouse & keyboard to get some general practice with it to understand how high up in the skill tree people like Shroud and Noted are.

    They have to had played videogames before, to appreciate the talent.

  27. While Playing Games Your brain Need to think Something that will happen 5-10 seconds What will happens in the future…But you can only think about it By a Split second reaction Time….Its like LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE and you need like 0.64 Mili second Reaction timee….If you don't believe download fortnite Csgo And Other competitive games And play for a whole WEEK then you understand

    Even if you Can think 20 Seconds a head you still need god speed reflex, God Hearing abilities,god speed visions

    Oh dont forget to Stay Calm In that Kind Of situations While Being Watch Over THOUSANDS OF THOUSANDS PEOPLE THAT HAVE HIGH EXPECTATION FROM YOU!!

    You people dont like public speaking right? So you Gotta Understand what i mean.

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