The Maths Teacher Who Ran the Rio 2016 Olympic Marathon | Day Jobs

The Maths Teacher Who Ran the Rio 2016 Olympic Marathon | Day Jobs

leaving your home and coming back to realise how beautiful you have
it around you. All it takes is getting
on a trail next to a lake or getting up
in the mountains for a run. Being out there just me
and the sound of my feet against the gravel. It can remind me that,
this is why I love running. My name is Jared Ward, I teach school
at Brigham University and I am an Olympic marathoner. SALT LAKE CITY, USA It is easier to juggle a lot
of things going on in life when you love all of them. Who is going to
say the prayer today? I couldn’t be more blessed than
to have the family that I have. What do you remember
about the story? His other brothers
don’t even listen to anything. My ecclesiastical life
is very important to me too and I love that
and I am grateful for the spiritual connection that I feel like
I have with my God. I love the academic side
and I love helping students and I love doing research
and I love running. Oftentimes there
is a lot going on. So, sometimes
it feels like a balancing act, sometimes it just feels like
I am blessed with a day full of things that I love. 08.02 I would say I was drawn
to Brigham Young university as an athlete. I wanted to be a part
of an incredible programme that was a national powerhouse. Being realistic, I knew that
I needed to get an education for the future. In my early years I liked maths and so when I went to BYU they required I put down
what my major was going to be as an athlete. I said, “Well,
let’s just put statistics “and see what happens.” It was about a month
after I graduated the statistics department
approached me and said, “Would you be willing to teach
a course or two for us “as part-time faculty?” I said, “Yes, I’d love to,
it sounds amazing.” I liked teaching even more
than I thought I would. All right, so my research
was done on data taken from the
St George marathon and we 09:14 looked at pacing profiles
across a variety of runners. Now my two worlds –
the athletic and the academic have very much combined. And they’re finishing faster
relative to their pace for the average runners. So, these splits are
standardised for each athlete. The decisions that I make,
how I train and race strategies the numbers really play a big
part into the running as well. We are going to get
these post-area distributions that fill out
what is the effect for age and what is the effect
for being male versus female on this four dimensional
response. I can definitely see
how his running STUDENT comes into the classroom. He is all about getting to the
finish, you know, getting an A, finishing strong cos, you know, he likes to finish strong
as well. Ready, go. 11.15 This is a workout
where you need speed and you can kind of raise
that ceiling but you can work the breadth and the efficiency of it
as well. Here we go, guys.
Relax and roll, this is good. I would describe Jared
as someone who is sincere and genuine. Ever since I’ve been
on the team I was freshman, he had just graduated,
he was just starting his professional running career and he made me feel
like I was special. STUDENT I was going to be great
like him. He does look good. 12.36 To have the coaching staff
at BYU has been unbelievable. Having incredible facilities
and resources makes a huge difference and the right people especially
running those facilities. A little bit more force on
the left side than the right. Seems like your left leg
is more powerful. Is that a similar… Where Ian is at,
he has all the resources to analyse our biomechanics
and to help us learn what our body is doing and how we are moving
and maybe give us pointers on different muscle groups
that we can strengthen to potentially make our
movement a little bit more efficient which is critical
as a marathon runner. A little, then you sprint off. When I was an athlete at BYU
running on the track, Coach Eyestone had talked to me about how I looked like
an efficient runner to him. I think Coach Eyestone always
had a vision of the marathon for me in the long run,
long before I did and that was
an intimidating thought to me. The marathon was
four times the distance that I had ever raced. And that first marathon
was hard. I hit the end you know
two miles to go. My peripheral vision
started to go. And I got to the finish line and I remember them putting me
in a wheelchair. I realised
that the marathon is hard. It’s the long ways and I learnt
some things about fuelling, I learnt some things
about pacing, so I could go
into the next marathon and try to learn
a few more things. United States of America. The Olympics was
an incredible experience and I was blessed to be a part
of some awesome scenes. The race morning in Rio was wet
and a little bit chilly. It had been raining through
the night so there were puddles
everywhere and I just remember
more cameras than athletes and the helicopters
in the air, up in front of us
ready to record as soon as the race started, looked like swarm of bees. It was finally go time. RIO 2016 Coach and I really had agreed that we should be very pleased
with a top ten finish. When I came round that corner I knew I was in the top ten and then with about three
or four hundred metres to go I thought I ought to run it
as fast as I can and I dug down and I ran as
fast as I could for that line and when I hit that line
it was incredible. I remember talking to media
shortly after and they were giving me
you know kind of poking fun at me for being the most excited
sixth place finisher they’d seen at the Olympics. Certainly looking forward to vying
for another Olympic team come 2020 in Tokyo. I’d like to have road stops on
the way to help me get there. Hopefully just get better
year after year. So, that come 2020, I am a better marathoner
than I am now and try to do it
all over again. I wake up in the morning
excited, excited to run,
excited to study, excited to teach,
excited for everything.

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  1. The Math's teacher? So instead of teaching Math to students he teaches directly to "math" itself? Besides the typo, great video, thanks for sharing.

  2. My teacher, ran a half nighttime marathon for the cause of cancer. She came back to school and let everyone look at her medal, pretty fun day.

  3. I think everyone already knew who Jared Ward was lol. I didn’t even know he taught math but y’all make it seem like he just randomly started running and placed in the olympics ?

  4. Jared is an elite runner and math teacher. It’s a shame he didn’t a 2nd grade spelling g teacher to let the person who named this video “maths” isn’t a word.

  5. Why all these new olympic 'story' videos have christian undertones ?? it was in 'against all odds' , 'zteam' series & now in 'day jobs ,Subliminal much ..??

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  9. he must be talented though… math can only help you to run smarter not faster! I am a math teacher too and run but not as fast as Jared Ward 2 h 11 min 34 s is crazy fast!! I am hoping to race with him soon

  10. i thought the guy use math to improuv is performance not use the fact that he teach in a school with advance equipment that help to improv his performance…lost 10min here

  11. “I wake up in the morning excited. Excited to run, excited to study, excited to teach, excited for everything.” He finished barely 3 mins behind the Olympic winner. You Sir, are an inspiration!

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