THE LEICESTER DREAM – The Greatest Sporting Story Ever

THE LEICESTER DREAM – The Greatest Sporting Story Ever

Dispair, for Leicester city the bottom line is Leicester have lost again they stay bottom and they have an almighty fight on their hands this could be a huge moment VARDY SCORES! it’s a decent ball back as well as a chance for Albrighton Leicester’s incredible comeback goes on One club, fights against all the odds to survive it’s Nigel Pearson engeneering the impossible dream There’s breaking news this hour from Leicester City Claudio Ranieri has been appointed manager And has signed a three year contract They’re 5000 to 1 to win the title And you know what? I don’t think I’d put a dollar on that A change was necessary Ranieri’s got great experience with big clubs but not a situation like this I think he’s gonna struggle right from the start I want to achieve this Maybe 40 points are enough Great exitement at the start of a new season of the Barclays Premier League the most dramatic league in the world In the hardest league in the world the most improbable man found its way to the top And it’s 2-0, Mahrez! What a start of the new season for Leicester! That’s a fabulous ball, MAHREZ! …the deflection, it’s Mahrez again and he’s scored again Drinkwater, great chance IT’S 2-2!!! OH, INCREDIBLE! There is no stopping him at the moment! …he’s good enough to do that good enough to make Chelsea twisting and turning and good enough and great enough to score an outstanding goal! And Vardy goes first time And scores a stunner! Mahrez oh, it’s a brilliant goal it’s that man again Vardyyy! his scoring spree continues! he’s in hereee he’s scored again He’s on fire! and again! Would you believe it? Record-equalling goal 10 games in a row When we are desperate we make more, more and more And the fairytale goes on! It’s eleven it’s heaven for Jamie Vardy A Leicester player has snatched the record STUPENDOUS! Moments like that just make you wonder Could it happen? Could they really last the whole course? And Huth is holding back And he scored! wherever this Leicester city team are going they, are, fearless Huth! Now what about that? It’s Riyad Mahrez, oh what a goal! Robert Huth! Leicester city are in dreamland here Vardy…scores! WALCOTT! WELBECK! Can you believe it? A now-or-never moment for Arsenal! things have just been too simple for Leicester I don’t believe in fairytales this doesn’t normally work like that Vardy inside …and so was Ulloa! Leicester and its title dreams are most certainly alive and kicking Foxes never quit Mahrez… YES! League leaders lead at Watford OKAZAKIII! Spectacular goal! Ball in by Fuchs and Morgaaan! what a moment for Leicester city it’s Vardy! it’s 1-0! (Vardy) goes down inside the area and Jamie Vardy is sent off he’s given the penalty Andy Carroll… West Ham are level Cresswell…OOOH! Schlupp Referee gives a penalty Ulloa It’s a point And arguably that is one point closer to the Premier League title Morgannn Wes Morgan heads it in They’re level Leicester hit back… like champions! What has happened simply to Eden Hazard? I’ve got no simpathy for Hazard Can he go to that next next level? he’s had a dreadful season, there’s no two ways about it it would be foolish to sell him he’s been Player of the Year twelve months ago he was a very good player and they believe he will be a good player again HAZAAARD! He has done it! He won the title for Chelsea a year ago he might just have won the title for Leicester city tonight! Eden Hazaaard…2-2 at the Bridge! Leicester are champions! Leicester city are champions of the Premier League The greatest story ever told has its happy ending Leicester city will be a story told and re-told as long as football is played on this planet! Leicester are champions, LEICESTER, are champions no matter how many times you say it it doesn’t. sound. real. We are a little team but we want to be…bigger we play with our heart If they are gonna win the title that’s the biggest story in football history EVER I don’t want to wake up, no! I want to continue to dream! It’s something magic…Magic! The surge of power at the King Power, goes on! Maybe 40 points are enough we have the climate now it’s the moment to make a dream reality Premier League champions 2016 The Amazing… LEICESTER CITY! Thank you, Foxes

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  1. When People feel lucky to be alive in this era where CR7 & Messi plays, I feel lucky for have witnessed this unbelievable feat by Leicester in 2015…..

  2. I watched the league that season. I watched Hazard destroy Spurs' dreams. I've watched several videos on this epic tale… Somehow I can't get enough of it.

    I can imagine being a Leicester City fan, or just living in the city at the time. Oh! what wondrous, glorious event. I'm in Nigeria and I still get chills whenever I see the videos or remember the season.

    It was a truly great thing to witness.

  3. It’s a shame that they were one hit wonders would be great to see them being able to constantly compete for top spot

  4. Not even a Leicester fan, but i will always be proud to see a team from our region pull of one of the absolute greatest PL titles in history, that's the true effect of The Beautiful Game – what Khun Vichai did for the club and the city is, and always will be a thing of beauty, told through an incredibly well edited video. Thank you for this, Vadym.

  5. the background music, and it can be argued if it's really adding anything to the drama, at times is so loud that you can't even hear the commentary. Bummer, and a real shame because the editing is really good.

  6. Liverpool fan here and this is undoubtedly one of the greatest stories ever told in Football.

    Still loads of respect to Leicester.

  7. I had stopped following football for a while at the time so when my friend told me Leicester won the title I was like ????????

  8. All I thought when this happened is my dad got to see it, he took me to my game, reserve football, then Wembley against Derby and haven't looked back. I love that he got to see this, more than anything

  9. Fuck Leicester for sacking Ranieri…man won them their first Premier League title! So does it really matter that Leicester finished 12th in the next season? What was Leicester's goal before winning the title?

  10. Amazing video guys! Just wondering where you found the beauty shots of Ranieri, the stadium and the trophy for example?

  11. Leicester pretty much took Chelsea’s place in the big 6 but then the next few seasons it was all normal again. Yes I’m a Leicester fan

  12. That day back in 2016 when Hazard won us the League i remember walking to the street where Vardy lived and partying till about 2am. We were all drunk as fuck by the end and the entire road was closed but we didnt care. We had won the fucking league.

  13. I'm a Spurs fan but I'm very happy cuz Leicester won the title cuz if they hadn't,then this wouldn't be the greatest story in football???

  14. 予想通り岡崎のオーバーヘッドのゴールシーンは出るけど少ないやろなーって思ってたらガチで少なかった笑笑

  15. I often revisit this amazingly edited video of my Leicester winning the league but I also love this one made by a Leicester fan, which was the first I saw:

  16. Subscribe to my channel please. YouTube is the one who pays We have to support some of us poor people .. Please

  17. Great video. Im not a Leicester fan but this was my favourite premier league season. I remember watching the big games like when they beat City 3-1 and loving it

  18. Some club who consider themselves as the best team in English football should learn to Leicester city fc, how to win premier league title.

  19. That will never be replicated again what a run from battling relegation to winning the hardest league in the world some crazy stuff you are not a fan of football if you can't tip you're hat to Leicester for that season

  20. They all have forgotten Leicester and Blackburn rovers but they'll never forgot Nottingham forest eh hmm Brian clough the greatest as they say lollll
    Come on
    Come on
    Ok he won 2 European cup
    But Aston villa did too and liverpool 2005 with a no hope team they still remember clough even wen clough's final 13 season at Forrest he won only 1 littlewoods Mickey Mouse cup ???? and they they got relegated …
    Reason why They call clough the greatest>>> its cos of his sheeer entertainment on the television true true true

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