The legendary football match between Faroe Islands and Austria

The legendary football match between Faroe Islands and Austria

80% of the people at home told us that we were crazy to do this. We divided the match into 5 minutes intervals, to help us overcome the competition. We considered it a huge success if we were able to retain the Austrian team to only score 5 goals against us We expected a 10-0 loss unless we broke the match into these smaller intervals. Cut it down to 5 minutes here, and 5 minutes there. But before we know it, we are ahead in the game. This was incredible, maybe due to the Austrian team not taking us seriously. That was our luck. I can for instance mention when I trained with Arsenal for a week just before Christmas There was a light breeze and perhaps a tiny bit of snow, which meant they had to cancel. This is considered good weather at home, and we would probably wear shorts for training. You can see it the way we play. We play hard, are strong and enduring. This is the reason we have been doing so well despite being so small. It is the nature that shapes us and has given us the stubbornness that keeps us going. How can we otherwise challenge nations with 2 million football players, which some of the countries we play against have, and we have only 1.500 footballers? It is because we believe in our own power, which is how we have survived the rough nature for centuries.

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  1. I am from Austria and remember that day very well… It was so embarassing and same time the Faroe Islands became very popular in Austria from that day on … I really wish I can visit those islands one day… the nature looks fantastic
    I had a friend in school who had a similar woolen hat like the Faroese goalkeeper and his nickname from that day in Landskrona on was "Knudsen"… People still use this name for him until now

  2. Your son is a really good football player, I saw him home and away against Hibs. I hope he gets a trial somewhere as he has a really good first touch. You must be very proud of him.

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