The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

Scale of 1 to 10… …how would you rate
our kiss from last night? Look who decided to join us. All right.
You-all know the drill. Run your routes… …mark your log books. You run into anything
you can’t handle… Ellie! [HEAVY BREATHING] [CLICKING] …you come back. Dina, where are you! Get off me! Please stop! [BANG] No! Tommy… …I have to finish it. You have no idea what
you’re walking into. What are you doing? You don’t know how
large that group is… …how armed. I don’t care. You can’t stop this. What the hell are
you doing here? You think I’d let
you do this on your own?

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  1. I'm sure this was said before, but those of you who think that Joel is a "ghost" better watch the Behind the Demo video. A game director says Ellie overhears on the radio that the WLF (the militia group Ellie is fighting in Seattle) is honing in on a male trespasser…this is the same area we see Joel grab Ellie from behind in the trailer.

  2. Always wanted to play The Last of Us, I watched gameplay and it looked fun so I got so happy when I saw it was free for this month on ps4, even tho I’m still not done playing the story I can’t wait till this new one comes out.

  3. Watch Joel somehow die right at the end when we are all thinking everything is fine. Imagine him getting bit near the end and Ellie has to kill Joel, sort of like walking dead when Clementine killed Lee.

  4. Joel: ''You think im going to let you do this on your own?''
    Ellie: ''You are now too old to swim.. so we already have a problem.''
    Joel: :0

  5. It was like midnight when I saw this trailer and my bf was telling me about the pre order so I kinda spent $70 for the pre-order… I have no regrets

  6. Every second of this game has beautiful moments.
    Enjoy it bcause every each moments in this game is golden or a piece of art.

  7. I intend to buy a PlayStation 4 Pro. What's the difference between playing on an HD monitor and playing on a 4K monitor?

  8. I'm wondering if they purposefully chose that jacket for Joel for this trailer in order for us not to see if he still wears the watch…

  9. Joel: What you gonna do after taking the group down?
    Ellie: I finally rest
    And watch the sun rise on a grateful universe.

  10. Ellie: is in an apocalyptic world
    Also Ellie: I dont need to repopulate or continue my blood line of immune children

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  12. comments will blow up saying "2020 anyone?" Once the new year arrives… 2026 why is this in my recommendations after 5 years?

    That's how things work in YouTube I guess smh

  13. so does anyone think they killed Joel or Dina in the beginning or it was someone else?

    I feel like it's too predictable of an early setup.

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