The “Jerry Jones” Cameraman | Hardest Jobs in Sports

The “Jerry Jones” Cameraman | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– Jerry Jones. The Cowboys score, there’s
a shot of Jerry Jones. Cowboys’ interception,
shot of Jerry Jones. Win, lose, tie, you need
a shot of Jerry Jones. And I’m the one who gets it. The whole game. Filming Jerry Jones for
three hours is rough. I know him so well. I can tell you that there’s nothing Jerry Jones likes more than giving white guys over 50 high-fives. And I know every inch of his face, the jowls, the flossy eyebrows, he looks like a lightly
toasted crypt keeper. I mean the only thing that
breaks up the monotony is occasionally a more famous
old white guy shows up. Can you imagine a job where you’re excited to see Chris Christie? My dream job was to be a
cameraman on the 50 yard line and I achieved that, but I kept falling for Ben Roethlisberger’s head fakes and they busted me down to the Gollum cam. That’s what we call
the Jerry Jones camera. There’s only two other guys in the world who understand me, and they’re the guys that
film Bob Kraft and Dan Snyder. But, you know we don’t actually hang out. It’s too depressing to talk to each other. I still love photography. That’s my release. It’s good to do something different, get the creative juices flowing. I’ve tried to find other jobs, but it’s hard when this is your reel. I’m sorry, I can’t watch
this outside of work. I don’t hate Jerry Jones, I hate his face. I really hate his face.

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  2. This series is really funny and I like finding the humor in these imaginary jobs, but this one…this one is the best of them all. The guy acts so well that I feel his “pain”

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