The Insane Sport Of Mountain Unicycling

The Insane Sport Of Mountain Unicycling

always this association between the unicycle
and the circus. And I couldn’t be farther
from being a performer. I like to pursuit it for sport. We started trail riding because
once you get the hang of riding on the road it gets monotonous. You get on the trail and it’s
just so much more satisfying. ROSS BRADLEY: We’re just a bunch
of guys that really enjoyed mountain it’s a very,
very inefficient way to get around the woods. JACK OLSEN: You’re
working for every inch. You have to continuously
be aware of every bump so that you can account for it. After a while you get
a sense of what rocks you can actually ride over. You start pushing that
further and further. ROSS BRADLEY: So Bryce
is a big strong guy and rides big strong ways. It’s a big chunk of meat
running down the road. Jack is amazingly fast,
flies all over the place. JACK OLSEN: I think
I like to push myself by committing to speed. So it can go poorly
very quickly. But more often than
not it works out. ROSS BRADLEY: Monty, he actually
hasn’t been riding that long. We called him Superman for a
while because of the way he would fall, which was all out. CHAD RAMBERG: I was close
to being on my face. ROSS BRADLEY: And then me. I like going random
ways off-road. I love going down steep things. I like going through
stuff that doesn’t look like you can ride through it. BRYCE JACOBSON: It’s like the
sound of 10,000 knuckles being cracked at the same time. You’ve got it, Russ. You’ve got it buddy. ROSS BRADLEY: This
is a unicycle. It’s special because
of the size of the tire and the amount of air
that can be put into that. Fat tire is nice. It goes over rocks,
sticks, mud, goo, sand. The handle is very important. It helps to anchor your
feet into the petals. It’s got brakes. These are hydraulic. So unicycles do not coast. When you stop pedaling
the wheel stops. BRYCE JACOBSON: OK, so
mounting a mountain unicycle you want to make sure that your
pedals are in the right spot. So you want to give
yourself a pedal that when you push down on
it pushes the unicycle back underneath you. JACK OLSEN: When
I was in college a group of us all
kind of learned how to unicycle together. We did get to the point where
we were riding all over campus. We’d ride to class. We got a lot of attention, maybe
not what we were looking for. ROSS BRADLEY: I could
ride a unicycle since I was 12, 40 years from today. I was ridiculed as a kid. Because kids find different
things to pick on other kids about. And I didn’t care. It was my thing. I go to work on my unicycle. I work at a federal facility. And I park it right out front. Everybody knows who I am. CHAD RAMBERG: I
learned later in life. The hardest thing is
10 hours of failure, of falling on your face
literally for 10 hours. It’s a challenge. ROSS BRADLEY: On a unicycle
at the very last minute you might get turned
the wrong direction, or worse yet your pedal
is not in the right spot. All of those things
have to come together. And when they do it’s great. And when they don’t you fall. If you’re not falling
you’re not doing it right. [MUSIC PLAYING] CHAD RAMBERG: It’s a
certain type of person that tends to ride
a unicycle You’ve got to be not afraid to look
stupid and not worry about what people think of you. The group that I ride with we
do it just because we love it. It’s the thrill and excitement
of doing something that you didn’t know you could do. BRYCE JACOBSON: But you
know, once you kind of get the hang of it it’s really
not a whole lot harder than riding a bike. NARRATOR: All Points
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through traffic. This car was right
in front of me. It had a metal cage around it. My head went right onto
the cage, like bonk. NARRATOR: New episodes
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100 Replies to “The Insane Sport Of Mountain Unicycling”

  1. let us take all the fun and speed of Mountain Biking and make it boring, and you have Mountain Unicycling, but who am i to judge, if you like it go for it…

  2. Riding a unicycle is physical demanding, if you are not strong enough forget about it. I just ride mine at the parking lot occassionally. But now I got an electric unicycle ( the airwheel) so now I just
    Ride the new one only.

  3. Awesome video! Check out this short film about unicycling from 1st-Take Philosophy Films!

  4. not spectacular, and not interesting, sometimes even it looks shabby, it is only in the circus ride, and want to surprise people in the bath down the mountain

  5. I would never think riding a unicycle looks funny or ridiculous. Who would, to be honest? It's so cool! Definitely something I'd want to learn soon.

  6. I went out to some easier trails near where I live this morning and had a blast! It was so much fun, and since it was my first time on a mountain bike trail, yes, I fell… A lot. But it was so worth it! Would recommend to anyone wanting to try it!

  7. Great video! Hey, are there any other Muni riders out there in northern Michigan? I'm on the west side below the bridge. There are a lot of good trails around here and it would be nice to find other riders.

  8. It's obvious that some of the wheels are larger like 29's maybe but there are several riders that have smaller wheels that look like they're the same size.  Are the smaller ones 24" ??Great video by the way, loved it!

  9. I love this video.
    I am  54 and first learned to ride when I was 14. I want to get a MUNI. What kinds of MUNIs are you guys riding?

  10. cool Munis. What brand are thoses? I only see Nimbus, Kris Holm, QuAx and some less rated brand that I cant remember. I want to get one but have been waiting. Your help would be great. Love the video, by the way

  11. it should be UCI regulation that every unicycle handle be skin colored and the brake lever be covered with a crinkley textured soft rubber for grip

  12. U fucking idiots I'm 13 and have a peice of shit unicycle and that course looks and most likely is a peice of pie

  13. It sure looks fun. I love hiking on a mountain and biking, but it does look a lot harder than riding a bicycle. It seems like it has more falls, or maybe that is just the mountain terrain.

  14. It's hard not to laugh at a bunch of guys riding in the woods together, holding something that looks like a dick on the end of a wheel.

  15. Man, it is hard for a beginner!…but I'm determined no matter what to learn how to ride one.
    I can't jog anymore because my knees and feet can't take impact.

  16. This looks great. just learned how to unicycle and im pretty much confident i can ride indefinitely, at least on semi consistent surfaces and if i concentrate. you work up more sweat than you think. Ive been riding up and down my street on the sidewalk and have gotten some diverse reactions for passers by, but its great fun, and very satisfying once you get to that point where you can go as long as you want without falling off. this is definitely where im aiming. looks so much fun.

    ps this is the longest youtube comment ive ever written xD

  17. I’ve been riding Muni for ages, but I’ve never seen one of those small handles – is it custom made or can you buy them?

  18. I See the handle….at this moment i know if this should be one of the coolest things u do with a unicycle i never wanna do it…i have one but wow this guys know what they do and it still looks like circus shit…ty i will burn my unicycle.

  19. What size Muni’s are being ridden in this great, short insight into the world of Mountain Unicycling?

  20. once i saw the handle and it looked like a dick, i cancelled my unicycle order on amazon………………….yuk yuk

  21. Ayyyyy 14 been riding for 3 years got myself a Nimbus II road that I threw on a mountain tire took it on my first trail at camp and loved it.

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