The Indoor Playground with Blippi | Learn Colors and more!

Look at where we are at! We are at the Fantastic Playtorium
in Bell View, Washington! Let’s go have some fun! Hey! Wow, look at this place! Look! It’s a trampoline! Uh, what’s this? It’s a piano! Look at this! I just did a full loop de loop. Let’s go check up some more fun stuff
at the Fantastic Playtorium. Come on. Wow, look at this! You put in balls right here. Watch. Put it in there. Stand right here. -Ready?
-Yeah. Ok. What does this thing do? Red button. A blue ball. An orange ball. A purple ball. Orange ball. Another purple ball. And an orange ball. Look at this! Stay right there. It’s a little aerosol gun. This is a big gun! Let’s put a bunch of balls in here. Try it again! Ok, are you ready? Here we go. 3, 2, 1. Yeah! Ok, come on, come this way! Oh, it’s so colorful. Keep coming. This cube is the color blue. This cube is the color yellow. And this cube is the color red. Look at this! I’m going to spin around. I’m sure dizzy. Come. Look, come over here. You’ve got to stay on the logs.
Look. There is alligators and
crocodiles on the bottom. I’ll come back to you. Ok. This cylinder has
a couple of colors on it. It has blue, green, and orange. Blue, green and orange. Wow, there is something
really spiky over here. Look at this! Ok, let’s go above. That way. Oh, look, some stairs. Let’s say the colors. Green, yellow. Green, yellow. It’s really bouncy. Oh, come up here! Look! It’s a slide. Ok, I’ll go down first
and then you follow, ok? Yeah, good job! Ok, stay there,
I’ll do it one more time. That slide is really fun! Let’s go see what else is up here.
Come on. Want to go up? Ok, now we go this way. Oh, look. These are like pyramids, look. It’s a blue pyramid,
yellow pyramid, green pyramid, and orange pyramid. Look at this spiky balloon. What is the color? Pink, and white. This is so cool, we’ll go this way. Oh, look. A red nose and the clown is blue,
just like me. Oh, that’s kind of scary. It’s see through. Wow, more of these cylinders. Look, yellow and red. Yellow, red, yellow, red. Uh, and what’s this in here? Wow, this is like a spider web. My leg’s stuck. I can’t get out. Ok,
I’ll try to get out really hard now. I made it. Go that way!
I’ll meet you oover on the other side. Walk backwards again. This is really colorful! Look. Look, another spiky ball. It hit me! Ok, look at this! Do you want to go first? Yeah, it’s a tunnel,
you can go first. Good job! Ok, here I come. I made it! Look, yeah! There is a bunch
of green straps right here. And then a bunch of colorful lily pads. Stay on the green. I’m stuck. I can’t get out now. Ok, you stay there,
and I’ll take the lead to the slide. There is a slide right here. I’m going to go first, ok? It’s a big blue side, here I go! Ok, your turn, come on! Yeah, good job! Ok, let’s go back to the area
with all the balls. That was really fun. See?
These are the guns right here. See?
You push the button right here. Come out here. We’ve got to put the balls back in. You go right there. And then look up,
I’ll push the balls on you. Come this way. Let the balls strap on you. Yeah! Here we go! Yeah! That was sure fun at the Fantastic Playtorium
in Bell View, Washington! Special thanks to the Fantastic Playtorium
at Bell View, Washington.

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