The Incredible Gold of Judo Legend Yasuhiro Wamashita | Olympic Rewind

The Incredible Gold of Judo Legend Yasuhiro Wamashita | Olympic Rewind

The Los Angeles Olympics
was the competition where I was the most nervous. It didn’t really matter that
I’d already been World Champion a number of times. I never once lost in an international competition Which means that I was never beaten by an overseas competitor either. Arthur Schnabel of Germany was an opponent I knew well. I tore my right calf muscle when performing a throw called Uchi Mata. To tell you the truth, when I tore the muscle during the move I thought “damn it!”. It’s a world where the winner rules,and where you can’t afford to show any weakness. I somehow managed to get through that match
without letting my opponent know that I was injured but I was depressed for while after we came off. One of my strengths, though, is my grin and bear it attitude and I knew there was no point in dwelling on it. I focussed myself ready for the next match. If my injury became evident, it would make it harder. I was determined not to show any pain in my face and that I would chokehold my opponent to win and that’s how I went into the remaining matches. The Los Angeles Olympics was the first time I’d faced Rashwan, who was from Egypt although I knew him well because he was a competition fighter like me. I was carrying an injury, so I had absolutely no idea what I’d be able to do. In that sense, I had no strategy. When the fight started we came together, gripping one another roughly in the centre of the mat. As we gripped, Rashwan went for a move. I sidestepped his move, and because I’d twisted my body my legs weren’t where they were supposed to be, so he failed to make contact. When he lost his balance I used both hands to take him down. Then I held him down to win by ippon. I don’t know whether I looked at the judge, but I felt like, “I’ve done it! Before I knew it I was standing up celebrating. I’d never shown such emotion at a victory before. I had no time to feel anything like that. My injured leg had been hurting so much. I’d been fighting the pain all the way to victory. I just felt, “yes! I’ve done it!” I don’t think I really knew what was going on around me. I’d been dreaming of victory since I was little. The 1964 games in Tokyo was the first time the Olympics were held in Asia and I followed them on the TV. I was seven at the time. I started judo at the age of ten, when I was at primary school. As I worked hard at it I started to dream of going to the Olympics. So it was an incredibly happy moment when my dream came true.

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  1. why not mention Mohamed Rashwan who is the real reason that made you win? isn't he the one who saw you injured and felt sorry for you so he forced himself to fall down and make you win?

  2. "I trained to the max for 4 years for this opportunity, but I see your leg hurts.. Here I'll lie down for you, so you will feel better!". No Olympic athlete will throw a match because he/she feels sorry for the opponent. Never has, never will.

  3. تحية للبطل محمد رشوان شرفة كل مسلم بااخلاقك النبيله

  4. A true legend. Not many sportsmen can claim to be truly invincible for any length of time, let alone 9 years. Beautiful technique, combined with speed and agility someone that big shouldnt have and a an indomitable will and desire to win.

  5. Yamashita heads the Japan-based nonprofit organization aimed at spreading judo internationally. Yamashita told the children about the time that Egyptian judoka Mohamed Ali Rashwan did not target Yamashita's injured right leg in the final of the men's judo open weight class at the Los Angeles Olympics.

  6. تحيه للبطل المصري محمد رشوان الذي رفض استغلال اصابه الخصم في الفوز بالميداليه الزهبيه ولكنه فضل الهزيمه بشرف

  7. During the match, Muhammad Ali's coach always screamed from the edge "play right to his bosom!", "Hit his right bosom!"
    Indeed, everyone watching the match will see Muhammad`s rival hit his right foot once. But he did not.
    He was defeated and had to settle for the silver medal.
    The question of all the journalists who surrounded it after the match was the same: "Why?" , "why did not you?"
    "My dignity forbids human beings to shoot injured, wounded, and wounded. If I were to load from there and shoot him there, he might have been disabled. I could not do it for the medal. "
    This attitude of Muhammad was applauded in his standing and was awarded the Fairplay Award of the International Fairplay Committee of 1984. In Japan, which he later went to, he welcomed him like a king.
    ATTENTION! that year, thousands of people were affected by this attitude and went to the records of studying Islam and being Muslim!

    Muslims must prove that they are Muslims with the life they lived.

    My dope forbids human beings to shoot injured, wounded, and wounded.




  9. Rashwan knew that you tore your calf and it was obvious that you couldnt use your right leg. Rashwan did not utilize your weakness. It is funny that you tell a success story in front of the cameras. You should tell about rashwan's sportsmanship and morals.

  10. I cannot beleieve that he doesn't know that Rashwan made himself loose delibretly by not misusing hitting the injured leg , which was actually an advicce heared by Rashwans screaming Coach . Rashwan own a Uniseco prise for that .

  11. I am really sorry that you didn't mention Rashwan at all although your country received him as a hero. Even if Rashwan did not aim to lose (as some people claim), it was kind and human enough that he didn't take advantage of your injured leg which was obvious to everyone. The videos are there when his coach urged him to kick you injured leg and he refused. I heard him talking about you as a role model for all judo players including him by that time. Please show some gratitude because you are a great hero.

  12. Mohamed did not want to take advantage of the injury of his pain-distorting opponent and therefore lost. If he had used it to his advantage, his opponent might have suffered serious injuries. Selfless and honorable decision of Mohammed and thus "for" me the real champion.

  13. Verdadeiros grandes atletas! Esses sim deveriam ser modelos para nossos jovens esportistas! Judô, sempre me proporcionando coisas maravilhosas cada dia que passa!

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