The Ice Dance that Conquered the World | The Olympics on the Record

The Ice Dance that Conquered the World | The Olympics on the Record

Nottingham, England. Home of Robin Hood… ..Raleigh bicycles… and writer DH Lawrence. A city not commonly associated
with the Olympic Winter Games – until a trainee policeman
called Christopher Dean met an insurance clerk named
Jane Torvill… ..and they combined to become one of the greatest Olympic
duos of all time. We often refer to great
sporting moments in artistic terms – “a masterpiece”, “a creative genius”, “a thing of beauty” – raising sport to an art form. There are events
where artistic merit is a key requirement for victory. Some routines demand movement
and inspiration to impress the all-important
judges. The year is 1984. The venue is Sarajevo,
Yugoslavia. The temperature is cold. Torvill and Dean were
overwhelming favourites to win gold
in the Ice Dancing competition. Ice Dancing is a discipline
in figure skating that draws from ballroom dancing…on ice. Unlike pair skating, couples
must perform spins as a team in a dance hold. Throws and jumps are
disallowed. Elegance, grace and beauty are
key, but Torvill and Dean wanted to take the art form
to another level. Basically, it’s ballroom
dancing in boots, with blades… on cold stuff. Already world champions,
the two British skaters wanted to challenge the very
boundaries of their sport. When they took to the ice
on Valentine’s Day, they presented a routine
inspired by Romeo and Juliet – a dance that was risky and
innovative. More than simply sport. Judges assess performance
on two criteria – technical merit
and artistic impression. But this routine was something
different for those used to the ways of ice dance in the
1980s. No bow ties, no show tunes,
no dramatic set pieces, just the haunting beat
of Ravel’s Bolero. They had worked tirelessly on the amateur circuit in
Nottingham for years. But they really picked up
their pursuit of perfection after the Lake Placid Olympic
Winter Games in 1980, where they finished fifth. They then decided to quit their
jobs to concentrate full-time
on their sport. The results were spectacular. With a series of innovative
and dynamic routines, the young British pair won
every event they entered for the next four years. By 1984, Torvill and Dean were
known well beyond Nottingham. They had become
a national obsession. 24 million TV viewers – almost half the population
of Great Britain – tuned in to watch this routine. When the two practised in
an empty hall that morning, the cleaners put down their
brooms to applaud. Now Jayne Torvill
and Christopher Dean had the whole world watching,
and nine judges to impress. Nine judges to decide who would
win the Olympic gold medal. There it is, there it is. You know, really a beautiful
performance that was perhaps not difficult, perhaps no
changes, perhaps nothing. You can criticise it
from here to zero, from here to the end of the
week, but it was a beautiful, emotional experience and that’s all that counts
about this game. Wonderful. The technical scores were
outstanding. None lower than 5.9, with three judges awarding
Torvill and Dean perfect sixes. The gold medal was surely
theirs. The audience awaited
the judges’ scores for artistic merit. ..the marks for artistic
impression and they’ll be in the same
range, and across the board. All the way across –
that is a first. All perfect marks. Oh, we are so lucky
to be here to see this. This is wonderful. Ten perfect sixes. Every judge gave it a perfect
score for artistic impression – the first time ever in
the history of ice dancing. That’s…just so beautiful.

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  1. I love the olympics but you make your videos so boring, it isn't a news cast it needs some excitement and energy. Show the athletes routine and get someone who loves the sport to narrate

  2. I was one of those millions of people watching this live and it stop my husband and I in our tracks, we knew we had seen something truly wonderful. We talked about it often. It was perfection.

  3. Not just all over Britain, they captured the minds, hearts and imagination of the whole viewing world. Every program they did including the exhibitions was thrilling and perfection. Some of their short programs were magnificent. Aside from bolero my all time favourite was Mack and Mabel. I literally stopped breathing. Their scores were record breaking.

  4. 2人の演技が終わった時の


  5. Congratulations on reducing a wonderful story to dross and shite….thank god for the composer and the dancers….

  6. I am from Sarajevo and I live there I am 14 years old, and back in 2014, 30 years after the Olympic Games, they came to Sarajevo to ice skate again to kinda recreate everything and me and my team were ice skating and performing with them, one of my best experiences ever!!!

  7. They still skate to this routine sometimes and every time is just perfect! Regardless of their ages now, they continue to impress.

  8. they will always be my sweethearts on ice and off. I luv skating, and im gona do roller before i die.mmm wishful thinking

  9. Titulan el video en español pero todo el contenido es en inglés. Por favor Olympic Channel, no pueden subtitularlo en español para quienes no comprendemos el inglés???

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