The Home of Japan’s Karate Future Olympic Stars | Going Olympic

The Home of Japan’s Karate Future Olympic Stars | Going Olympic

TOKYO, JAPAN) More! Karate originated
for self-defence purposes for when you
encounter a battle. In this modern world,
karate is a tool to grow as a human being. Come on, come on. You still don’t do it properly. Yes, sir! (KARATE WILL BE INTRODUCED (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER
when I was in the first grade. My brother
started karate first. When I saw him fighting,
I thought it was really cool. So I asked my
parents for permission, and I started myself. My name is Miho Miyahara, I’m 20 years old
from Fukuoka, Japan. I’m a university student
with a major in karate. My dream is to become the
world champion in karate as well as winning
the gold medal in the light-weight
class at Tokyo Olympics. My best achievements so far are finishing second at World
Karate Championships in 2016. This is her first world title,
which she won in 2017. My biggest recent success was
winning the gold medal at the Open de Paris in 2017
for the first time. It’s been 60 years since
this dojo opened. I’m the monk of this temple as well as teacher
of karate to students. At this dojo,
we learn Goju-ryu karate. The basic disciplines
of Buddhism are being positive, rightful,
and friendly to others. Based on these principles, I teach karate to kids
and adults in this community. That is our main
focus in this dojo. Basically, kids who
come to this dojo are either naughty kids or
kids who get bullied at school. Usually parents
bring their kids here. The practice is hard
for them in the beginning, but they gradually
overcome the hardship, and learn to get along
at school and in society through their karate practice. Speaking as a monk, peace is the most important
thing in our society. Through the hard training,
I am communicating the importance of
peace to my students. We will train to foster
the heart of gratitude. We will train to foster
the heart of humbleness. We will do our best
at all times. Bow. Miho has practised karate here since the first grade
until junior high. Later, she moved to
Tokyo on her own. Currently, she is practising
karate under the coaching of the chief instructor Mr Kagawa
at Teikyo University. When she comes back to
her hometown here, she is humble, courteous,
and well-mannered. I could see that. She is in the good
hands of Mr Kagawa, who is famous for his tough
coaching style. Knowing she is in good
hands with Kagawa Sensei, my mind is at peace. So you are going back
to Tokyo tomorrow. Be well and remember that your life was passed on
to you from your ancestors. So, go on and live
venerably and righteously. The karate programme has a long
history at Teikyo University and our karate team is one of
the strongest in the country. Usually, I wake up at 6am and the practice
starts at 6.30am. After morning practice, I eat breakfast
and go to school. After school, practice
starts again at 4.30pm. I come home around 9pm after
another free practice session. Afterwards, I do my laundry and
spend my free time at the dorm. I go to bed around midnight. If it wasn’t for
the karate scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able
to go to university. The principle of Budo is that everything is based on manners. You learn karate from a master. You can’t just start
doing it all by yourself. You need to be courteous. This is the tombstone
for Master Shuno. Mr Michiyasu Shuno was
the first chief instructor of Teikyo University’s
karate club. We visit three times a year
to pay respect to our Master. We just prayed to our Master
for a victory at the national tournament. Karate students are provided with a dormitory at Teikyo
University. All men and women live
under the same roof. Since we spend
most of the time together, we are all cooperative
and friendly to each other. It is important for
all juniors and seniors to clean up, cook and
live together as a team. That’s unique about our karate
programme. You won’t find that anywhere
karate is not for an attack. So you are not supposed to
attack first. Karate’s purpose is to foster
you mentally as you train. (THE OLYMPIC PROGRAMME WILL
TEIKYO UNIVERSITY) This is my room. I share the room with
two other room-mates. – We weren’t rivals.
– That’s right. My first impression of her was
that she was small and fast. – Really?
– Yes, you were fast. How about you? She was small and
looked empty-minded, but she was actually really
strong. You’re aiming for
the Olympics, right? Yes, that’s my plan for now. Any thoughts? There’s a chance. You’ll be 24. I see… Three and a half years? Yes. Time flies, you know. – It’ll be quick.
TEIKYO UNIVERSITY KARATE DOJO) Keep your body straight. Again. Yes, sir. Keep your leg up. Yes, sir! I’ve thought about quitting
karate a few times before. I thought about quitting
for the first time when I was in junior high
school. I was avoiding practices
at that time. So my mother and dojo master
scolded me. And people at the dojo
treated me the same as before. Then I realised that karate was
an important part of my life, so I didn’t quit and
continued my path in karate. My coach often scolds me
during practice. But I realise he only does this
because he loves his students. He never gives up on me
until I can do it. He is a great master. Miho. Yes, sir! Miho is one of the best
out of our 55 athletes. She is the top female
athlete in our club. There are several other
Olympic candidates here. There are about
five to six athletes aiming for the Olympics. I’ll make sure they’ll be ready
to compete at the Olympics in three years. Within these Olympic
candidates, Miho is at the very top
of my list. I wouldn’t be who I am now
if it wasn’t for karate. I’m grateful for everything karate has contributed to
my life. We have a word – Ichigeki –
which means one deadly blow. Despite having this power,
you control yourself. Once you master Ichigeki you can defeat your opponent by showing him this feat
of self-control. Hatred can turn into respect. That’s one of the most
important points of Budo. Come on, Miho, come on!

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  1. If you think this is bad then look up freestyle kickboxing; that combines the punches of karate with the kicks of taekwondo but they score stupid techniques like the lead leg side kick, hopping roundhouse kick or backfist-reverse punch combo

  2. Really sad seeing that this will be the representative for karate. Although all karate styles are important but the whole wkf is so Waterdown it’s sad to see. Should have put kyokushin. What can you do I guess…

  3. Originally karate was a system for self preservation…it has not lost that ….I study Wado the name Wadō-ryū has three parts:

    Wa, dō, and ryū. (1)Wa means "harmony,
    (2)dō means"way and (3)ryū means "school" or
    "style". Harmony should not be
    interpreted as pacifism; it is simply
    the acknowledgment that yielding is
    sometimes more effective than brute
    strength. Founded by sensei otsuka…..who was a master of masters created the system from Shindō Yōshin-ryū….a Jujutsu system. The Shindō Yōshin-ryū tradition was founded by a Kuroda clan retainer named Katsunosuke Matsuoka….who was a samurai… is not the hammer people it is the one who wealds it……

  4. For me this is a beautiful endorsement for karate …….and people don't listen to westerners ….listen to the Japanese instructors of the system…..they have been doing this for a very long time……

  5. I understand the fear here that the system will be watered down……and I agree it needs to be kept in its purest form as pissible

  6. What I have found using karate Ina self defence situation using Kumite principles….was that I was more quicker ..more efficient and accurate more effective…and way better countering the agressors attack……and executing my own …..

  7. Yo práctico tae kwon do, y quiero decir que, la verdad al ver en el video que el karate va a ser integrado en los juegos olímpicos, la verdad me emocione, ya era hora de que vieran que el karate es tan bueno como el tae kwon do, por que ami me gustan todas las artes marciales, y pues elegí tae kwon do mas que nada por que solo hay este arte marcial en mi ciudad

  8. Really deplorable. My sensei used to say you could judge a black belt by their ankle and wrist. Floppy wrists. No grounding. All bounce. No kime. These are not black belts. So sad to see Kagawa stoop for recognition and money. He has become bloated and all puffed up. This is not karate but a farce like the modern Olympics. I am a Greek karate-ka and this corruption of two great traditions really saddens me deeply.

  9. nothing good ever happens if fighting arts joins the Olympics. its like mobile games disguised as games but its just a cash grab in reality.

  10. Actualización: Miho Miyahara quedó campeona mundial en el campeonato de Madrid en noviembre del 2018. Los sueños se hacen realidad.

  11. What is the deal with all these cry babies in the comments? Can't you people just be happy for us? Jeez. If you don't like it watch something else, onegaishimasu. Wonderful mini doc!

  12. Soy de taekwondo pero me encantó este video, y la verdad me gusta pensar que el karate estará en los juegos olímpicos XD

  13. Actually I'm totally fine they didn't pick Kyokushin rules. Karate has always been about not hitting first and 'not necessarily' heavily injuring your oponent. This style of sports karate is about getting the first effective strike on the opponent, instead of maniacally knocking them out. HOWEVER this doesn't mean that exactly those tournament fighters wouldn't go all-in in a streetfight and break bones. Rafael Aghayev is the prime example. People shouldn't judge the effectivness of Karate on WKF kumite, but rather see this version as a clean modest variation of what karate can offer.

  14. Karate degree > gender studies degree

    Edit: now that i think about it, if all gender studies student were to switch their studies to karate they would make themself more powerful in mind and body instead of studying on how to victimized themselves.

  15. I did Karate for some years, reached 6th kyu(green belt) so I was in the middle:ish of the grading system and Im sorry to say but point Karate was the biggest waste of time during my practice.
    It literally feels like whoever shouts higher gets the point.
    Goju Ryu btw.

  16. オリンピンク出場するまで、気合いを入れて頑張ってください。日本のために金メダル?を取ってください。

  17. Their technique is weak. The millennial sissy. Even if Kyokushinkai was in the Olympics, it would turn out like TKD. To much emphasis on scoring single and weak points. Really boring to watch.

  18. i think we'll see karate way more in mma after tokyo.. since it will probably become more competitive which will force progress in its effectiveness

  19. I like to see karate in the olympics… but i hate it when one country or only few countries will dominate the sports…

  20. How the FOOK they gonna put some unrealistic b.s. in the Olympics but not include mma or muaythai
    .. smh what a joke

  21. Прочему то думаю,что оня получит люлей в Токио 2020,если попадёт туда.

  22. I'm overjoy to find out that karate will be in Olympic. I found out through this video. I'm at my 4th belt right now, yellow one, Kyokushin and I train at my university dojo too but karate as a major don't exist at my university but as a sport in gymnasium it is present

  23. Wing chun is designed for street fighting which is what Bruce Lee said and karate is not designed for street fighting, because its not a straight distance between two points

  24. 안면타격 허용하면 극진 공수도, 대도숙 공도처럼 챔피언 죄다 러시아인이 되버리는 무술ㅇㅇ 동양인으로는 흑인, 백인 못 이기지

  25. I really don't understand why there are so many upset people. Olympics are a good opportunity to make the world more interested in Karate, no matter what style is represented there. What is represented here is karate as a sport more than as a martial art and I think it's a good thing to not have one and only specific way to practice. You people should Just enjoy it, you can't change anything to it anyway.

  26. Una cultura davvero differente dalla nostra, dove al centro di tutto vien posto lo spirito, la nostra anima.. Spettacolare!

  27. I am a Martial Artist,currently training in Goju Ryu Karate. I feel that these fighting Arts should not be used for sporting purposes. The real purpose of Martial Arts is to train the mind, as well as, the body,and to attain maximum health and vitality. Moreover, Martial Arts should teach self defense. A medal or trophy is not the ultimate goal of any of these Arts!!!

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