The hardest racing game EVER made… what is it? Yeah, everyone has their own individual answer. Today, you’re gonna find out mine! Welcome back my friends… to Need for Speed: ProStreet! Yes, we’re here… and it’s been bloody ages since we made a video on this game, and it is easily the hardest racing game I have ever played in my life. (Try DiRT Rally ye bellend oh wait you have) It was infuriating… as you can see I’ve been playing through the game. That’s what I’ve been doing all day, just trying to get all these vehicles to make vide- I didn’t actually, I downloaded a save game, because, um… well the PS3 version… I can’t find it anywhe- I spent a bloody hour looking for it, but it’s okay. We’ve got the PC version. It’s gonna look better. It’s going to play- My controller keeps dying. This is going absolutely fantastic. I don’t even know where to begin with this thing, I don’t even rememb- I don’t even remember how to get started in here. Where’s my bloody menu gone? Nevada Highway. I think- I think… this is what we’re looking for. And- cuz tha- it’s a Speed car. Okay, first off. We’re gonna build a Speed car, because I’ve got so much money. Cuz I’ve earned all- I’ve been spending bloody ages trying to earn this money. I did say that I wanted to do extra videos on this game, when I finished the game. I wanted to play with a bit of cars… which I didn’t end up doing NANI? NO DRIFTING? because I then moved on to the next Let’s Play or whatever and then move on to the next game. So we’re gonna try and figure out… w-
wh- what car should we build? I-I mean, I think I’ve built pretty much everything I’ve wanted to build in the actual Let’s Play. Let’s, uh, let’s change to… oh, we can- we can select it by types! Of all wheel, front wheel- There’s a lot of options, they’re all… I don’t think they’re in any order whatsoever… I mean we just got a Ford GT, and we’re on number 23, so they have… make no bloody sense whatsoever. I think… what I want to go with is the GT-R. Now, I could go with the normal GT-R… I can go with an R34 GT-R if I really wanted to, but I actually really want to go… with the Prototype GT-R. Cuz this- I remember this one. This one was on Gran Turismo- Let me be clear. The game isn’t massively hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) until you get into Speed. That’s where the hardness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) properly commences. Not to say the game’s easy at all, but let’s, err, Customized Blueprint… here we go… Quick Upgrade… le-let’s do that, uh, Power Packages. I’m gonna go… [S T A G E 3] It only put Stage 2 NOS on it. Please… are you taking me for a bloody ride? We need… [S T A G E 3] everything. I need to now check everything to make sure that it’s giving me everything… [S T A G E 3] Actually, I just figured out that we can’t use the GT-R, uh, for the reason that it doesn’t have any visual upgra- I guess it kinda makes sense, but it shoulda really had at least [B L O O D Y O N E M A T E]. For idiots like me! I completely forgot that Autosculpt was available in this game… (Christ’s sake Pants please slow down) THANK YOU JEBUS That is an insane body kit, and it is going right on. Let’s make it as big and pointy as possible! Only in Need for Speed. Do we go with a nice, big (Need for Speed) carbon hood? I may do, but are there any options with extra vents because if so… No, there- there isn’t *laughs* any options whatsoever. Let’s go with… [B I G V E N T Y C A R B O N F I B E R]. And let’s make the vent EVEN BIGGER- Time for the spoilers… have we got any big ‘uns? (how the do you even spell that) We can actually rotate the camera forward to ba- but I don’t know what “2” is… It ‘s showing me keyboard controls when I’m using a controller. This is the most useful thing ever. Now these may all look tiny (because they are), but we are gonna change that. We’re gonna make them… BIGGER, we can make them as big as we bloody want to with the Auto- I do miss Autosculpt. ( T ʖ̯ T) I-I do wish that that was one of the features that they do consider bringing back to the game. There’s just something about making it your own, you know? I- uh, it probably takes *laughs* a lot of time to do that. Alright, let’s go with… We’re gonna go with a roof scoop. I know people are gonna scream at me. But it doesn’t matter, cuz… It’s gonna- I- It’s gonna help. It’s gonna… help us breathe when we’re raging inside this cockpit because [r a c e c a r]. We might die. The exhaust is actually changing. I’d like to make you aware. It doesn’t look like it, but it is. I promise. Let’s go with these… and can we make them bigger…? Thank you Lord, because they were- they were like the tiniest tips I’ve seen in my life! Roll cage… we’re gonna need that because we’re… probably gonna be rolling over quite a lot. Seats… let’s make them extra comfy- oh the- the one seat… extra comfy. Sparco (guys he’s not sponsored). What color? Put on that nice blue paint… oh yeah, you can do both separately, just like the new game. This has so many features that the new game added… and we were all like, “Wow, that’s amazing.” I-I… *Theo’s brain dies* Didn’t realize it if I’m telling you about this, and you… and then you can Autosculpt the wheels. Would you look at that. Should we go like Big Pimpin’? Nah. I need to be… around- we’ll make it realistic. We’ll make it about this. Colored window tint. Another… [c l a s s i c] Need for Speed feature. Doesn’t make it hard… that’s the normal point of this video (THEO PLEASE SPEAK UP), but hey… It looks bloody dope! Let’s throw that on. Wheel paint, need to make them black. Another cool feature about this game is the Wind Tunnel. It’s so cool. You can… actually change the aero, and it shows you what it’s actually going to do to the car. Not that I really want this in the next game (to be in Need for Speed now), because the aero parts… I don’t think should have an effect on that kind of thing. If they- if they did… They’d kind of ruin the visual customizations, and people would only have the best options that… for speed, so… 339 kilometers an hour… what is that in real numbers? (Did you seriously just ask what it is in “real numbers” Pants) Please… The GT-R of choice? The prototype’s actually quicker! We’ll choose the prototype as a backup just so we have it at hand in case we do want to use it. ANNOUNCER: Would you look at that, he has got a GT-R! See, what? That’s cool! He recognized that I was in a GT-R! Thank you! Let’s jump in… to… *blackpanthaa.exe has stopped working* I don’t know! We’ll jump into the very first one… this may end very badly. We’ve got the Zonda F at the top there. We’ve got a R34 with 900 horsepower compared to our 600. That’s cool, because this GT-R only came out around this time, really, so it makes sense- oh, the R34 is… it’s being nasty. What’s- why are you showing me that? I don’t want to see that. I want to see my own car, let’s go! Let’s go on this race! Bit of NOS to start us off. Get a- light damage already! Now the problem with this controller on PC… Is that it is bloody twitchy! And if I leave this stick in the wrong place, it will swerve to the side and drive on its own. I am terrified already. We’re going, what, in kilometers? Are we in miles an hour? I don’t know! These events may seem plain sailing so far, but you mess up once… then tha- you’ll- you’ll suffer the consequences, trust me. it’s like you… *stuttering* literally take a little bit of a jump, and sometimes, it wants to flip you and kill you! If I was in a Zonda… I remember so many times on the P- on the console version when I was doing my Let’s Play… how many times I had to restart events and cut them out because it took me so bloody long to complete them. It’s insane. Not that far behind at all, is he? Oh, he just span! Ooooh! No! No! *Pants contemplates his life* You can pause and restart if you want to cheat to do it, but I ain’t doing that! Let’s keep going- quitting the- I don’t want to quit the race, no. *top 10 pictures taken right before disaster* Oh! I had the chance to restart there… But I didn’t- and I didn’t. And I didn’t, and the thing is do you get to- do you get to restart? Yes, but you have to use a total repair marker because you’ve totaled your car. If you run out of total repair markers, that was it for your car. Like, there was all the- You could get some more later and stuff, but it’s… there was so, like- oh my- and you have to pay a lot of money as well if you- if you didn’t have the repair markers. I’m gonna use a marker because it’s not my save game, I don’t really… I mean it is I tried really har- -we go guys and we start the event again. Back in the day, games were harder. Games are easy now! They- Now they forgi- y- you hit the wall… Oh, don’t worry. We’ll slow down the- the cars, and you can catch up. You know, don’t worry about it. We’ll make it all baby fight (?) for you, but this game, you mess up… it’s all over. It’s all over, and there is nothing you can do about it. Take it or leave it. Try again from scratch, and you have to pay to repair your car. Now, did this get people stuck in the game you know, did it get people frustrated at the game, did people want to give up on the game? Maybe. But the people that enjoyed the game… enjoyed it even more so because if you mucked up… You’re gonna pay for it. A good idea is to take it nice and steady… as long as a massive Nobed doesn’t come up behind you… because they will- they will pass you. Listen here Zonda, I’ve got no NOS. But I would rip- I think my car is struggling a little bit… (inaudible) I’ve no NOS, and I really need to get past you. These front cameras are a godsend on this. Full concentration… fo- for- waiting for the right moment to pass someone. It actually still shows me how far the car behind is. Oh, he’s breaking! You didn’t need a break! You didn’t need a- *top 10 anime deaths* No! oof *rip paul walker* This game… The thing is, I like when I fail. I- I- I mean granted by the time I’ve failed about 25 times… I’m not really been loving it that much anymore. But when you- look at that. The car right next to me was passing me. Would I like to restart? Yeah. I want to keep doing this. Now, what we should probably do as well, is… quit this one, do another one so we’re just doing the same event over and over again. Oh my lord… It has a photo mode. …I can’t use it properly, because I’m not using the keyboard and mouse, but that’s crazy. BACK IN DAE LADDIE- Those two events are basically the same, but that’s a Top Speed Run. I love the Top Speed Runs. Let’s do a Top Speed Run, but on a different route… jump in- “FEEL THE POWER” says the sign as we are about to launch off the line. Aw, I forgot. This one’s kind of a staggered launch. (guys i didnt just go to to find the definition of staggered) I- It makes it feel so cool. Imagine if this type of, uh, event was in the next Need for Speed, and where you could crash and mess up- this is what I was saying. This car should be replaced the (nice grammar Theo) Drag spec in the current game. [S P E E D]. This is what we want. Being able to mess up in those cars, and the- the events. Just being able to flip in the air, even if we didn’t, you know, lose… we didn’t lose the car or whatever from crashing it. I- I wouldn’t care. What I do want I- I- wait. I realized something. We’ve actually got some kind of assists on, which DO hinder how we play. I forgot about that. I’m doing it. I need to go quicker. It was slowing me down a little. What did I get, 300 kilometers? What’s that in real? (STOP ASKING THAT) I am an ancient man. And I had some ancient numbers. Went 208 a miles an hour through that. That’s not very quick, is it? Come on GT-R, you can push better than this. What are ya? its faster than you mr speedy black man Old? Yeah, you are, actually. Oooooh ho ho ho! FOR FUCKS SAKE THEO AGAIN And… goes GT-R number three. I mean, it’s the same car, but we have to re-
spend a lot of money to repair this. I don’t even know… How that happened. You have to pay to refill your NOS, I think (no theo thats juiced), as well, which is just like… that’s how it should be! This was so cool. Even if it was just kind of a… endgame feature. The checkpoint’s in half a mile. Can he hold it…? He’s wobbling *laughs*. If you wobble, you lose speed. I have less assists But it doesn’t stop me being a moron. I’m still a massive moron, so if I turn too much… I will lose so much speed. Hold her… gently, gently… There it is! [S P E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E D] And we really need to do the gears. I- I completely forgot abou- oh no *theo loses his sanity* They got me bumper. It’s only light damage, I can still get away. How I’m still alive, I don’t know… this camera shake… this is ridiculous! We’re gonna tune this in a second, and we’re gonna tu- oh my this camera is awful. We’re gonna tune this car, and we’re gonna see how much more we can actually get out of it. Half a mile to the next one. I’m definitely gonna sit in around last place *laughs*. There is no chance that I’m getting any better than this, and I- do I lose speed for being so far behind? I got… I didn’t gain anything. Let’s- let’s leave and let’s upgrade it and try… try again. I think softer suspension… personally… I just- I just want it to be a bit softer, and then I need the ride height all the way down. As far- not too far down actually, because it might might bop a little bit. Okay, gear ratios. Let’s- let’s boost these up a little bit. Let’s- let’s make them a little bit more aggressive than they should- than they actually are, and the final drive is gonna be all the way! GIVE ME MORE [S P E E D] I also just realized- I learned how to launch properly again. Few people are gonna be shouting at me in the comments about how badly I launch. Well now I do it properly. BIT O’ BOOST! I’m ready, and I’m actually gonna change the difficulty a little bit, because, uh… I’m not really that good. uh oh This ti- I JUST DI- *theo finally loses it* No! Oh my God, my GT-R! It’s just been destroyed! It wasn’t even m- can you stop?! Why would you keep going?! At least swerve or something! Look, you’ve ruined it! That’s gonna take 20 markers to make. Jesus… Jesus… we- I’m gonna try and do that bit again. It really threw me- I landed really badly. So it was like… it was like, “Break yo self!” Don’t do it again. Don’t do it a- oh… Ooh! Oh ho ho! Oooh, no! Don’t- don’t touch me! I wanna hold my own, but at the same time, I really need to catch this guy. We’re only going 170. Come on, you can go quicker than this! Get our boost going! We’re gonna smooth this! We’ll be alright. I’m gonna save- I’m gonna save the NOS. Part of me wants to use the NOS, but part of me wants to save it. Hold it, hold it, hold it, careful. This is just because- oh, th- there’s the finish! Come on! No! Don’t… don’t jump me! Don’t jum- what are you doing? how in the actual [f r i c k] That’s the finish. I finished a race… oh my- it’s a mira- I- I feel good because I actually just finished a race. *stutters* I didn’t win, no, but I finished it. I ain’t repairing my car before we jump into the next event. We’re going in with a broken GT-R. A somewhat broken GT-R. Not massively broken. Land it well, land it well. There we go. They’re floating- if we were not using these stability assist stuffs… We would be dying. I would mess it up. I would keep- I’m gonna turn them off again. Let’s have some fun. Wait, traction control is on. Oh… and… then stability is on. That’s gonna make us go quicker! But I think we may muck it up a bit… a bit more than we did before- oh, that’s much better! I feel the car. The car feels me. We are now a teaaaa- someone totaled. I can hear someone behind me… Stay away! Get off me bum! *laughs* I really need to win this. But it’s so cle- they try to gain on me so badly. They’re all just passing me now. (you just had to open your mouth theo) Aw, I just change down instead of looking behind. I’m used to that button being looking behind. Instead the controller is really wibbly! Alright, NOS it, NOS it… goddammit theo theo its not wednesday yet (or is it my dudes) Okay, well… There you go. The hardest racing game ever made. Debatable. I know, it’s debatable. But it- it’s one of the hardest racing games ever made. You can- you can agree with that, okay? You- playing this as a kid… You had no chance. I- I’m glad I didn’t play this when I was younger, cuz I only played it when I first made my Let’s Play on the channel. If I played it as a kid…. I don’t think I’d be playing games… *laughs* anymore. Nah, I would. But let me know what other categories you want to see. Do you want to see other things like the hardest or maybe… The easiest or the stupidest or the- the worst, I guess… that I could do a lot of- *stutters* I kind of already did the worst Need for Speed (lemme guess – NFS MW 2012), so… Maybe they’re the worst racing game. I don’t know, be sure to smash like! Subscribe if you are new, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Till next time guys… peace. (MadLoops – theme music) Captions by that one guy in school that thought JDMs were better than European sports cars ur mum gay lol no u OH SHI-

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  1. This brings back soo many memories, the sound track is so amazing and I feel like a kid watching this

  2. I always freak out when I barely touch a car in them speed races thinking I'm going to crash when most of the time I did lol

  3. Nevada highway was a nightmare for me lol i conquered it with Mitsubishi eclipse cause it was the only Ride that wouldnt take flight lol

  4. Electronic Arts is gonna have to sell out to either Turn 10 or Slightly Mad Studios to remake Prostreet, but they're gonna have to make the voice acting sound sensible. that means no fast and furious BS.

  5. This game isn't hard at all hahah have you ever try one of the F1 ? That is really a pain in the ass ?

  6. LMFAOOOO tbh tho, i have the wii version, and i've never EVER had to change the camera view to the hood/front-view in any racing game until the nevada speed races specifically. everywhere else in the game it's third-person or nothing. doesn't help that the graphics are kinda crap HAHAHAHAHAH

  7. I like wen ur customizing da visual parts it shows da air flow I think nfs pro street is da only game dat does dat

  8. Lol. The scariest racing game I have ever played.

    What gets scarier than zooming down Nevada 200+ mph in a Zanda, with 4 other racers on your ass with an "S" turn that has hills surrounding it? Nothing. Especially when you finally beat the race after losing 5 out of your 20 repair markers that would cost you $50,000 for every total if it weren't for them….and then realizing that you were the only one to cross the finish line on that 5th attempt because not even the cpu could calculate how to work its way through the hell turns.

  9. Omd i just watched this and i realised i used to play this one i didnt even know that it was a nfs when i played it ?

  10. This game was super easy for me because I had the wii version. It used the wii remotes motion like a steering wheel so all my movements were precise as can be.

  11. If we speak abt non-NFS games, I have seen the walkthrough of Midnight Club 2. Honestly, I got goosebumps by the difficulty level.

  12. This was my first racing game…..I was like 8 or 9 and OMG I remember the pain….The worst part was, I started to think that all racing games were like this, cuz I didn’t know any better ?

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