The Greatest Comeback In The History Of Sports – Tiger Woods Motivation Tribute 2019 Masters

The Greatest Comeback In The History Of Sports – Tiger Woods Motivation Tribute 2019 Masters

I knew it when I saw Tiger when he was 6 months
old, that he had it. The X factor, the competitive, abilities, the ability to focus and concentrate,
strive for excellence, all these things. There it is, a win for the ages. Did you expect
anything different? I was living a life of a lie. I really was and you start coming to
the truth of who you really are and that can be very ugly. Tiger Woods addressing his DUI
arrest, the latest entanglement in his remarkable fall from grace. Tiger Woods grimacing in
pain, limping. Golf caused me a lot of pain and if I try to swing a club I’d be end
up on the ground. Oh he’s hurting. There is something wrong. Something is wrong with
Tiger Woods. I had serious doubts after you know what transpired a couple years ago. I
could barely walk, I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t lay down, I really couldn’t do much of anything.
Time isn’t the issue here, his body is. You know I was going through a tough time
physically and there was a lot of times when I really couldn’t move and so, that in itself
is difficult. In recent years, Woods has struggled with back pain, undergoing 4 surgeries including
one last month. All eyes will be on the return of Tiger Woods. One of if not the greatest
comeback in modern sports history. I don’t believe in him anymore. I stopped believing
in him years ago. My expectations are so high, no matter what anybody else expects, it’s
gonna be lesser than what I expect of myself. This was the first major he’s won in 11
years. Okay. 11 years and he didn’t stop working. He just went to work and went to
work. Many doubted we’d ever see it, but here it is. The return to glory. Just keep
fighting. That’s just part of the deal. We wake up every morning and there’s always
challenges in front of us and keep fighting, keep getting through them. You never give
up. That’s a given. You always fight and just giving up is never in an equation.

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  1. Never EVER quit. You don't know when will be your big break. It might be next tomorrow, next month or next year. For Tiger it was 11 years. Keep going & have a lovely day!

  2. Tiger 🐯 Woods. Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉 great. You’re awesome and amazing inspiration to all. 👀

  3. When everyone counts you out, you gotta prove everyone else wrong for you, achieve success for you even if people count you out.

  4. Thanks for the video… I'm currently going through the wilderness and isolation…it's been 13 years of financial and health issues….no friends to speak of.. family members turned their backs on me… I know now that God is allowing these things to happen…. I have more time to focus on God and doing his will not mine.. letting HIM work on my life….with less distractions…. I have more peace in my life…and that alone is a huge blessing…God is in control.. and HE will bring me out of the wilderness in due time…love the video and encouragement…. Tiger Woods is definitely a fine example of perseverance and dedication…. I will hold on to God's unchanging hand…. Hallelujah and Amen🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Whatever your opinions on tiger woods, how could you not be inspired by this? The entire world tells you day in and day out that you cant do something, its hard to not believe that yourself…but tiger never did that…he never let it break him…his mental toughness is more incredible than anything I've ever seen in any sport…nobody and I mean NOBODY should ever ever doubt this man again…when you have someone who has either talent or they have a work ethic you see a great athlete…you cant doubt someone with talent, work ethic, and a chip on their shoulder, they will prove you wrong everytime

  6. just imagine yourself being under 40 times surgery, 12 years of nothing. not being able to sit up nor walk and so on. yet he came from all these and proved the world nothing is impossible. I will be so crying when he finally breaks Jack's major record. he is still chasing the dream as 3 year old.

  7. I remember when he posted the video in 2017 where he was hitting driver and showing his new swing…….a lot of the comments were saying hed never win again with that swing and it wasnt good enough to compete at the tour level anymore and win……hmmm, oh really huh.

  8. The greatest athlete that ever lived. That is a huge statement to make but I truly believe tiger woods is. mentally he is on a different level

  9. I watched Tiger win the Masters by 12 shots at the age of 21. The only thing to compare that to was Secretariat winning the Belmont by 31 lengths, only the horses were all about the same age. When Tiger went 11 years without a win in a major I figured he would never win another one. He was over 40 and his body was a wreck. He couldn't hit the ball as far as he used to which gave him an advantage over the other golfers when he was dominating. What he accomplished in rebuilding his body and his game to win another Masters was every bit as phenomenal as his first win in 1997. Congrats to him.

  10. As awful as some of the personal things tiger did were…you really cant throw a stone at him, nobody is perfect…look how he handled himself afterwards…no excuses, no blame but himself, just got back to work…that's all you can do to redeem yourself…at this point people that still hold it against him really need to look in the mirror and see nobody is perfect…this guy not only got his game back but from all accounts has become completely humbled (no more swearing in course, no more entitlement, no more drugs, no more womanizing…well hopefully)…what else can you do but accept resppnsbility and then show you've changed through your actions not words…

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