100 Replies to “The Grand Tour Game Gameplay Trailer”

  1. 4 player split screen , thank you , dunno what other makers are thinking NOBODY wants purely single player , and those that do have baths with their da and are still breastfed

  2. Dangbits, this was on my recommended but i was just going to search up "Barney The Dinosaur Movie" either that or this first…

  3. *Realising you're near the crash site area So you slow down to 5mph*

    *Cutscene loads up and your Rimac flys off the edge*

  4. I like the grand tour but this just looks like it’s not going to be good just kinda cringe but still hyped for season 3 of the grand tour

  5. When James May says; dont just watch us, be us.
    You can hear how little he cares about the line someone gave him to say

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